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Oceanus 09-02-2007 07:57 AM

What has helped me with my continual daily OBs...
I've been without herpes symptoms for a week now and it's truly felt like a blessing (and I'm not a religious person per se). As many of you know, I've been posting on here for about two years, since I started having OBs. My symptoms truly have been daily for two years now because I refuse to use prescription meds. I'm glad I've refused, just look at that other thread about hair loss due to long term use of Valtrex and Acyclovir! I've tried to go it the natural way even though it's been difficult physically and emotionally having itching and burning and tingling everyday! I haven't necessarily had sores every week, but the other symptoms were there.

So what I have been doing differently for the past 6 weeks is taking Colloidal Silver 2x/day and making zinc gluconate capsules into a wet pasty ointment by mixing with hot water and applying the paste onto sores or irritated areas of skin 1-2 times daily for at least 30 min at a time. Within a few days after starting to take Colloidal Silver I had a massive OB that lasted a full month with a tangible sore popping up every day or so and still a couple of them have not entirely healed, that's how big they were! So during that time I used a lot of zinc gluconate ointments on myself and boy did that sting! So if you apply that stuff make sure you're at home and can run to wash it off after 30 min. It's messy, too because it's a white chaulky mess. If you do decide to follow what I did, make sure to take acidophilus pills daily too because Colloidal Silver is hailed as a natural antibiotic that viruses, bacteria and fungus cannot become immune to. I noticed I got a yeast infection because I was not taking acidophilus pills to protect my natural intestinal flora. It's also important to take a true colloidal silver because there are a lot of imitation ones out there. The one I switched to after doing research and finding out I was taking the wrong one was by Source Naturals called Wellness Colloidal Silver with 30 ppm. I can buy it in my neighborhood nutrition store.

I've truly felt 98% normal for over a whole week now! This is amazing for me! I may have to treat myself with Monistat for a yeast infection, but I've been trying to avoid it by taking acidophilus. Since I continue to take colloidal silver my body is going back and forth with the flora issue, making me imbalanced, so the acidophilus is keeping me for the most part balanced.

I wonder if my history of almost monthly yeast infections has had anything to do with the continual battle I've had with herpes, too? It's very possible that I've had difficulty diagnosing myself with yeast infections because they cause such similar symptoms. So what I thought was herpes many times could have been a yeast infection that went untreated and created a pH imbalance down below that spurred on a herpes OB! I don't know why I have such a bad history with recurring yeast infections, but I have since my teen years! I guess I just may have to live on taking daily acidophilus pills. Maybe simply keeping my yeast problems at a minimal will keep that pesty herpes at bay, too! Anyone else seen a link between the two?

I also take these pills everyday: olive leaf, green tea, Neem Seed, daily multivitamin, melissa leaves, Omega-3-6-9, and of course refrigerated acidophilus pills.

I'd love to hear reactions to my so far success and the possible link between yeast infections allowing a gateway to herpes outbreaks.

catharine101 09-02-2007 08:14 AM

Re: What has helped me with my continual daily OBs...
Hi Oceanus -

I've been waiting for this post!! I've been really curious as to how the colloidal silver worked out for ya!! I'm so happy the initial "cleansing" period seems to have finally run it's course, and you now have some relief. That's great!!

As you know, I don't suffer from this the way you have, so I can't really comment much. I also have only had one yeast infection in my life, and that was before I was diagnosed with herpes, so can't really comment there either. I know that herpes is often misdiagnosed as yeast, but you would already know that as well. I don't have any idea about a link.

But all the power to you for sticking with it, and I'm happy for you that things seem to be improving!!


(FYI - I never treated that last sore I had with the zinc gluconate - went back to the Dr. and he decided it was a herpes sore after all - just an area of "thinner vesicles" or some such thing. He's swabbed it to be sure, but we're both confident that it's not a herpes sore.)

Oceanus 09-02-2007 10:26 PM

Re: What has helped me with my continual daily OBs...
I just wanted to say thanks for your support, Catharine! I appreciate your kind words...even though you have no real insight into my question regarding recurrent herpes and a link to recurrent yeast infections.

When I had my first OB of herpes I also had a yeast infection going on. So maybe one can activate the other. I'm thinking the yeast infection when it goes untreated may activate a herpes OB, but I wish I had some real info on this. I've done some reading online, but haven't found anything that useful yet.

catharine101 09-03-2007 07:59 AM

Re: What has helped me with my continual daily OBs...
It's an interesting question, and the answer would be useful for everyone!! You'd think they must be related, what with the high occurrence of mis-diagnoses....

Let us know if you find anything out!

Audrey-B 09-04-2007 04:07 AM

Re: What has helped me with my continual daily OBs...
Hi Oceanus - i can just imagine the sheer relief you must be feeling to go a week in some sort of peace!!

I too was having regular o/b's, not as regular as yours, but mine for some reason seemed to be triggered by ovulation as they would occur within a few days of ovulation. It would occur every single month and sometimes one o/b would finish and then i'd get a 2nd or even 3rd, which would virtually take me to my period.

I experimented with taking echinacea drops prior to ovulation as this gets the lymph moving in the lymph glands and helps the immune system. I did notice a difference and i either didnt get an o/b or it was very minor. Then it got to the point that i would forget to take the drops by the required time and i would get an o/b and then i sort of gave up.

At the same time i was being treated for extremely low iron bordering on anemia. I was seeing a specialist who put me on a high dose iron supplement and this got my iron levels up a bit, but i couldn't get them up higher. In the end we resorted to iron injections.

Oddly enough, since i've been taking the iron supplement and particularly since my series of injections, i haven't had any actual o/b's. There may have been the odd time or two that i felt an irritation in the spot i'd normally get an o/b, but i would apply carmex ointment on it and i wouldnt feel a thing.

I know that very low iron levels (it's the ferretin levels you need to look at on your blood test) can lead to so many things within our bodies to go a bit out of kilter and the longer you are iron deficient the worse damage it can do. I used to think i was simply tired from having a hectic job along with other things which were happening in my life, but now that i've had these iron injections i am beginning to notice the difference between simply being worn out from a days work compared to the constant tiredness and lack of motivation i felt before.

I dont know how else to explain a long year of constant o/b's and then doing such a sudden about face??

As for your yeast infections, it's true that yeast and vaginal herpes can have very similar symptoms. I take a probiotic which has a number of the good bacteria strains in it and not just the acidophilous. They state that a variety of good bacteria is required for varying parts of the stomach/intestine area. I dont know if this is an advertising gimick, but i take it daily and twice daily if i'm on antibiotics and i have never had a yeast infection since, which surprises me as recently i was on two different types of antibiotics at the same time and no yeast infection, which i found incredible. Normally i'd get one at the drop of a hat.

I used to get back to back yeast infections about 10yrs ago. I found a doctor who treated me internally for it with meds and a strict diet for a month to help starve the yeast. Have you ever done anything like that? Did you also know that some foods help to keep our body alkaline, yet some contribute to the acidity. You can look up alkaline and acidic foods on the net and it gives a list of foods to avoid or eat more of. Do you have a good and healthy diet?

Now that i'm feeling better due to my iron improving, i find i can do exercise in the morning before breakfast. The interesting thing i learnt is that jumping up and down on one of those mini trampolines is a natural way of getting your lymph moving without taking the echinacea. I do this morning and night and i find it fun, it's something you can do indoors and you dont just have to jump up and down you can jog or skip on it too. Perhaps the combination of doing this plus the iron has helped.

I also refused to take the drugs. I had enough of my hair constantly shedding due to my low iron. Have you had a full blood test to determine whether you are defficient in anything which could possibly be contributing to your situation?

That's about all the info i can contribute, but i truly hope you find something which works for you long term :)

Oceanus 09-04-2007 09:54 PM

Re: What has helped me with my continual daily OBs...
Thank-you, Audrey for sharing your own experience.

I will be starting a new job soon so will have health insurance again in about two months. At that time I will try to have my total blood work done. Does a regular general practitioner check for all those things? I seem to be someone who lacks energy, too. But I have been attributing it to the fact that living with regular recurrent OBs has put a burden on my immune system and any desire to do much else besides get thru each day. Plus, I too have a physically demanding job which I'm on my feet most of the day.

When it comes to iron when I was much younger (teenager) I was told once that I was slightly anemic. But since then no doctor has mentioned it, so I figured I was OK. I will try and remember the importance of knowing the ferritin levels.

Yes, I too have suffered from menstral-related herpes OBs. But for years I've suffered with menstral-related yeast infections, too! So, OMG, it's very hard to know which condition is causing my symptoms...or else BOTH are! UGH! In my relentless attempts to find some relief from herpes I've tried many pills and ointments. During this time I've neglected taking my acidophilus/probiotic pills which I had learned to do in order to stave off a full blown yeast infection when I'd get my period. Taking so many other pills, and since I store the acidophilus in the refrigerator, I would easily forget. In the last week or so I've been taking the acidophilus again daily and bought some Activia (yogart with added extra cultures they advertise as being even better than just yogart). I'm better, but feel some yeast-like discomfort, but again, can't be entirely sure which problem is causing my symptoms. But overall, I'm still feeling great!

I try to eat well, but am not perfect...I like the sweets, but I also like my veggies! I believe staying away from red meat and pork is a healthy lifestyle choice I've made. But maybe it could also be causing me to be anemic/low iron levels. I did do a month long yeast-free diet while taking many (40+) herbal pills daily which my homeopathic doctor put me on a few years back. It did seem to help, but I slowly started getting slight problems again. It was a very difficult diet to stick with since I couldn't eat any sugar or anything yummy, basically, lol. Also, since I don't eat most meats it left me with few options. I remember eating more peanut butter to fill me up and sort of quench my need for something yummy. But I've read since that there are different candida diets, some better than others, and it's important that you follow it to the tee. I read recently one diet that prohibited eating peanut butter, so maybe I shouldn't have been allowed to eat it. Also, some people need to stay on it longer than just one month, ugh!

My OBGYN I used to go to regularly would merely suggest I avoid wearing tight pants, or wet swim suits or synthetic crotched underwear. I did NONE of these things and still she didn't suggest any alternative approach to help me. Was it an OBGYN that helped you with your yeast problems?

So maybe modern medicine can in the end help me with keeping herpes at bay if I fix my yeast infection problem and/or possible iron deficiency, which I could definitely have due to my diet.

Audrey-B 09-06-2007 10:57 PM

Re: What has helped me with my continual daily OBs...
Hi Oceanus - Congratulations on starting a new job soon and if that gives you access to health benefits then that should take some stress off your mind which will be less stress on your body and hopefully even less o/b's.

I have never really found a good gp. I usually have to do all my homework and deliver the results to them on a platter. Some of them aren't helpful and when you mention things you read on the net they tell you not to believe what others say on the net. Yet finding a solution to a couple of my health issues has most definitely gotten the ball rolling more so from my research on the net and this healthboard rather than merely relying on a gp.

The person who has helped me the most is a Trichologist (hair/scalp specialist). I knew my hair was shedding and regrowing, but the regrowth wasn't growing to the full length of the other hair before falling out. Then i was always tired and lacked energy and motivation and it just got worse and worse. Then there were the constant o/b's which never used to happen to me. At the worst i would get an o/b every 4 or 5 months, then likely due to my health declining due to my iron levels falling so low i began getting them every month and sometimes i would get 2 or 3 o/b's back to back over a 2 week period. At one point i just accepted it, it was that or going crazy.

Through a lot of research and posting/reading other people's post on the healthboards i discovered that i could possibly be low in my iron levels. I thought for me it would be as simple as getting an over the counter supplement and all would be fixed within a few months. I was wrong.

In the end, armed with my research, i went shopping for a Trichologist b/c i didn't want to end up with even less hair. After phoning a few i found one who knew a lot, was willing to help and even was able to answer some trick questions i threw in (just to try and catch him out!!). I didn't want somebody giving me the run around and using me for the money they could get from numerous consultations.

He would give me a letter with a list of things that my gp should get tested and once i got the results he would tell me what was ok and what wasn't and set knew target figures. I learnt a lot from him.

If you are tired and especially as you dont eat red meat, i would most definitely get a full iron test and make sure they include your Ferretin in this. My specialist believes ferretin should be 70+ and that if you can get it even higher then that is even better for your metabolism and liver detoxification. Some dr's will say that being 50+ is fine, but for optimum results higher levels are much better.

You should get your thyroid checked out. They should check your TSH, Free T3 and T4.

In your case it could simply be a dietary thing. There are a number of people on the Anemia board who are vegetarian or simply dont eat red meat. If all else is ok then once you include either iron supplements or red meat in your diet you should find all is ok. But if you do get a blood test then most often iron and thyroid are related to tiredness, among other symptoms.

You say that you take 40+ herbal pills per day? That is an awful lot of tablets. Could there be a chance that so many varying pills, even if they are herbal, could likely cause a problem within your system? If it works for you then that's ok, i just think that it's a lot of pills and maybe some of them might clash.

The probiotic i use has 8 varying strains of the good bacteria as it's said that a certain type of good bacteria will work on one part of the gut/intestine, while a another type will work on another area. I don't know if it's just an advertising gimmick, but i do know when i've had to take antibiotics that i don't get yeast infections any longer so this stuff must be working. It comes in capsule form so no mixing messy powders. The only draw back is that it has to stay in the fridge, so you cant take it with you when going away and the other thing is that it has to be taken on an empty stomach an hour before food.

When i had my bad yeast infections i didn't notice a pattern. I would think they were gone and when my husband and i had sex it would hurt as though there was sand in my vaginal area and it had been rubbed raw. At first i thought i wasnt lubricated sufficient to have sex, we would apply a lubricant and that was even worse, it stung so badly it almost made me cry. I figured out then that i still had a yeast infection, even though there was no itching or discharge or any other yeast infection symptom.

No gp or gyno could help me. They simply told me to use the creams available. Finally a family friend put me onto some guy who specialised with allergies and some other dietary thing (can't recall what he was called). He ran some tests and i came up very high for candida in my stomach. He put me on that special diet, told me to take a quality multivitamin plus acidophilous and he gave me a tablet to help fight the candida internally. I think those tablets were oral nystatin or something like that. After a month i could have done a marathon and have never looked back with the yeast issues. During this time i also discovered and alternative to sugar for tea and cake making. It's called Stevia and you can buy it in liquid form or the dry leaves themselves (which is messy). Apparently even diabetics can use Stevia, it's all natural and doesnt do what sugar does to your body.

Since those days i only eat brown breads, brown sugar, most times i only use wholemeal flour or mix half wholemeal and half white flour for cakes or crepes and i only use brown rice. Now i prefer all the brown stuff. If i'm out and there is only white sugar it makes me feel ill b/c i think of all the bad stuff that all these over processed things do to our body. I still like biscuits and cakes, but i cant stand the sight of white sugar or white bread in particular.

You also said that you liked peanut butter and would use that in place of the bad foods. Peanut butter and peanuts in general are high in arginine which tends to cause oral herpes o/b's on some people. I dont know about genital herpes. I have read on this board that some people claim peanuts or peanut butter gives them instant herpes, including genital and chocolate does the same for others.

At the end of the day, the only doctors who have ever helped me have been doctors who our government medical cover here in Australia does not recognise, meaning you pay the full amount and you dont get any part refund from even your private health insurer. While dr's who are recognised and you would get a part refund or a free visit ends up being of zero help!!

Well i've rambled on long enough, i hope it all makes sense. If you have further queries just ask and by all means let me know how you get on. All the best :)

ps: with the herpes, did i mention in any of my posts that the moment i feel anything which seems as though an o/b might occur i put on some Carmex ointment? It's very soothing, but then again mine are in an area where you can apply an ointment, whereas if yours are in a difficult area to get at it might be a problem. It's worth remembering anyway.

Oceanus 09-08-2007 03:58 PM

Re: What has helped me with my continual daily OBs...
You said the "doctors" that were actually able to help you weren't covered by your medical coverage in Australia? Does that mean they weren't really medical doctors? Were they holistic doctors? My sister has problems with her hair falling out, but she eats plenty of red meat, lol. I'll mention she might want to see a Trichologist. There's no way I will eat red meat or pork just to get more iron into my diet. I will visit my local healthfood store and see what they recommend for the best probiotic and iron supplement. I have taken iron pills before, but they tend to cause constipation. I hope there are ones on the market that maybe don't do that anymore, maybe with fiber added.

I no longer take 40+ pills per day. That was years ago, and only for about 2 months during a special treatment my holistic doctor put me on to help my yeast infections and my acne problem. It helped for a while with both, but didn't cure me of either entirely. Acupuncture helped with my skin a lot. Were you not allowed to eat peanut butter on your special candida diet? I thought there wasn't a test you could do to identify candida in the system. I would really love to find out which kind of doctor was able to run a test for that and was it a blood test? From what I've read you just have to look at all the possible symptoms you have from a list and if you have several of them then you could have a candida problem. That's not a simple diagnosis because many of the problems are things that most of us suffer from occasionally. I don't have a problem with losing my hair like you did. My new job will be doing the same thing I do now, just at a new place in a new state. So it will be physically challenging, too. I'm on my feet most of the day and helping patients and lifting things, plus I have a bad knee and some back pain. So by the end of the day my feet hurt and my knee needs rest. So it's not just fatigue, but physical pain, too.

I'm still feeling very good herpes wise, just a little discomfort, so I started treating myself for a yeast infection, just in case. I haven't done the treatment for yeast infections in over a year. Like I said, I just always assumed my symptoms were due to herpes, but I shouldn't have.

Years ago when I tried to get rid of my adult onset acne I went to an endocrinologist who ran blood tests and said my hormone levels were fine. I think that means she tested my thyroid, right? I know the thyroid is part of the endocrine system, so I assume that was included. Everything came back within normal range, she said. I also cannot take birth control pills because any amount of extra estrogen in my system messes me up. I did a month of the lowest estrogen birth control pills and developed constant headaches (possibly migraine) for 2 weeks straight, day and night, until I stopped taking the pill. I also had blurred vision that went away after stopping the Pill. It's the same reason I can't drink coffee or black tea, I get headaches. These both have phytoestrogens in them which is simply a fancy word for plant estrogens. So I hardly drink alcohol, don't smoke, don't drink caffeinated coffee, don't eat what I think is bad for me: red meat and pork...but I do like sweet things, which I know yeast feeds off of. So those are basically all my known health issues.

BTW, I love AUSTRALIA! I studied abroad there during college and traveled all over, but stayed in Sydney. Where do you live?

Audrey-B 09-10-2007 03:10 AM

Re: What has helped me with my continual daily OBs...
Hi Oceanus - glad you enjoyed your stay in Australia. I actually live in Sydney, which you would be familiar with :)

I finally found the professional title for the dr who helped me with the candida. He is called a Biochemical Nutritionist/Allergy Specialist. Dr's like him and the Trichologist (for my hair/low iron) are recognised, but if you wish to see them you must pay out of your own pocket and you dont get any refunds, same goes for Naturopaths etc, but at least now some private health funds will recognise certain medical fields like Naturopaths and even Acupuncturists. Our medical system is a bit different to what you have in the US. Here we have what is called a Medicare card and you can visit most gp's with this card and not get charged, or if you are charged then the Medicare system will give you a part refund. At the end of our financial year anybody putting in their annual tax return is then charged a certain % for the Medicare Levy. This then makes the health system more affordable for low income people and i guess why they dont want everybody and anybody getting free consultations with virtually anybody within the entire medical field as then the government ends up funding too much across too broad a field.

I didn't mind paying to see these dr's as they helped me so much. I even saw a Naturopath to help regulate my monthly cycles. So you can see that all the dr's who have been of benefit are more your 'alternate' ones rather than your typical gp's and gyno's who only ever wanted to put me on birth control or wanted me to take pharmaceutical drugs etc.

The dr for the candida problem used a rather unusual method to determine the yeast issue. I knew it had to be yeast related, but i kept my mouth shut to see what he would say. He basically used a metal pen-like object, which was attached to a computer and some other machine. He would dip the pen thing into a wet sponge, then press against certain points of my fingers and my toes on one of my feet (don't know why 1 foot when he did it to 2 hands). At the end of all this the computer gives a reading of things you are allergic too etc. I came up quite high for the candida and it also told me which plants were causing my seasonal allergy, which i had not told him of. As i said before, after doing what he told me to do i felt on top of the world and have since taken care with the foods i eat. I still have sweets and eat breads with yeast etc, but sometimes i'll go off the yeast and i keep sweets to a healthy minimum, not that i ever would go crazy eg: eating an entire pack of biscuits in one hit!! I found out about this particular dr via a family friend as her son was disruptive in class and teachers thought he had ADHD, but after being treated for candida he became a model student and began getting high marks and his teachers loved him. A normal gp would have had him on ADHD drugs i'd say. So go figure!!

The Trichologist guy does all the endocrine stuff too and i ALWAYS make sure that i get a copy of any tests which are done by him or any other doctor. Never let them say all is "ok" and not give you a copy. Years ago i saw another dr for thyroid and he kept saying i was within the range and all was well, but even when you fall within range you can be at the high end of the range which can cause symptoms. The thyroid issue can be brought on by a lengthy period of low iron. Your sister might want to have both areas checked out as both iron and thyroid have similar symptoms and cause hair loss. I also have a healthy diet and i love my red meat, or any meat for that matter, but my levels still steadily fell. Her dr shouldn't only do the TSH test, but T3 and T4 as this gives a truer indication of how things really sit with the thyroid, plus while she's at it her ferretin should get checked and make sure she gets a copy of the results. The people over on the thyroid and anemia section of the boards are great in this department and have helped me out a lot.

I used to take a liquid iron supplement which didn't constipate me and you can also get 'organic' iron supplements which stop any stomach cramping or IBS sysmptoms. You might simply need a bit of a pick up.

You mentioned the acne and visiting an endo, i'm not sure whether they check the thyroid when they are looking at hormonal issues. Hormones are a difficult thing to pinpoint too as they change throughout the day, week and month. I never knew that about the extra estrogen etc. That is very interesting. I once read an article on estrogen and apparently we can get it through pollution, using plastic containers to put hot food in or heat food in, from chemicals in cleaning products and building products. It was quite scary actually.

With the peanut issue, i dont think it is causing the yeast issue, but it wouldn't be helping the herpes issue. Peanuts are high in arginine as is chocolate and they kill off the lysine, which is an essential amino acid which our body doesnt make, but we get it from food and there is little food which contains this eg: meat, fish and eggs. The Lysine also helps transport the iron around the body. So if you arent eating much meat, it wouldn't hurt to take a daily supplement of Lysine. It helps prevent herpes too, but so far i think it helps people mostly with oral herpes. I used to use it for oral herpes, but never found it to help genital herpes, but am now using it to help with my iron so i know i can rule it out as helping my genital herpes as it never did in the past.

In your particular situation i know it's difficult to tell whether it's yeast or herpes, but hopefully if your herpes settles a bit you will be able to determine what is what. The thing to remember is that when you have had constant o/b's or symptoms the skin around the vaginal area becomes very red and tender and you dont know whether it's an o/b start or finishing or whether it's a yeast issue. I'd say it's more to do with the herpes and the skin has been irritated and needs a far longer time than normal to fully repair. I know when i had my few bad vaginal herpes o/b's it would always take a long time for that tender red feeling to fully go away and on occasion i thought it might have been a yeast infection but it wasnt. The best thing i found was finding a soothing cream to apply. I used to use one made from tea tree by a company called Thursday Plantation.

I know the herpes can be kept to a minimum, just a matter of finding out what is the trigger for each of us individually so dont give up!!

Rain8910 04-13-2008 11:02 PM

Re: What has helped me with my continual daily OBs...
Hello everyone

Hope everyone is doing well God willing. I just wanted to add a little to the mix of comments / advice, I'm new to this board, had my fisrt GH outbreak last January (2007) and have had back to back symptoms since then. Each OB has consisited of a few tiny white soars - each about the six a of a pin head, redness around the area and swollen glands in my groin. The swollen glands are pretty much constant each day - I don't mean to sound like I am complaining - sorry, just giving a background. I have done absoluntely nothing for a year medication and holistically wise. I can't wear underwear - it - the heat and friction always seems to trigger an OB. I wear shorts or tracksuits bottoms under a long skirt - so the area is verntilated and I'm not exposing myself.

I used to suffer from frequent yeast infections form the age of about 14. My school uniform was lycra tights and a skirt, and I was a real tom-boy at home and on the weekends - always in sports trousers etc. My initial outbreak was misdiagnosed as thrush - like so may others it seems, I had just two white painful soar either side of thebottom of my labis (sorry if these are unwanted details) and it progressively got worse until it was full blown large white blisters over the entire area including inside of labia to the back passage.

Couple weeks back I had to take antibiotics for something - which used to give me a yeast infection - despite drinking copious amounts of water - this time I started drinking between 1-3 glasses of PURE CRANBERRY JUICE everyday - fromthe first day of meds. I didn;t have aven more than about 3 glasses ofwaterper day during the meds - if that even ! I know - lazy girl I am. I finished the antibiotics last week - no yeast infection Praise God! My doctor also told me that the juice is sooooooooooooooo good for us ladies in PREVENTING and fighting off urinary tract infections / bladder infections.

I was applying AQEOUS cream to the usual OB area, and it prevents chafing - the skin - even when not red and soar is very sensitive and quite thinner than it used ot be I think, I was applying every time I went to the bathroom (I wash with a jug of AQEUOUS CREAM and luke warm water mixed together.)_(sorry if I'm not allowed to write that - is that advertising? If its blocked out - its a cream you can buy over the counter, ususally for exzema, its very soothing, a few months ago - I remembered a Dermotologist I used to childmind for as a teenager- and there was no soap in the bathroom. All her daughters bathed in water that this cream had been added to, it suds if you swish it around, it doesn't really smell of anything, its white and is made with purified water amongst other things... I asked her why and she said - regular soaps can cause irrritations to our intimate female areas, and that she just wanted to prevent that for her litle girls, you can actually scoop a little of it and apply it and rinsed - just normally.


In summary - I haven't had a yeat infection for a while - definitiely not right now after antobiotics - I really do think it was the CRANBERRY JUICE but God knows best. It could be that all these months my OB have been thrush as well, but I don't think so. I'm looking into WHAT HERBAL REMEDIES TO TAKE RIGTH NOW, THANK YOU ALL OF YOU FOR SHARING!

I also had a very physically demanding stressful job, I was always carrying heavy things, and racing around. I've left that job and have no stress in my life whatsoever, for me its due to finding my religious faith and praying etc. The change in working enviroment has been significant, but you know what? I
had an event the other day and was helping out in my old role, got home in the evening very tired and VERY dihidrated, I'd felt soar down there but didn't think it was OB - but when I got home I discovered it was - and this was probably the worst after the first OB - of course - I dont think recurrrent OBs are ever worse than the first one for everyone - DID ANYONE ELSE VOMMIT WITH THEIR FIRST OB? I recall every girl who came up to me on that event day kept saying you are rediating heat - you absolutely boiling - just from greeting me with a handshake or hug. Where I was in that hall was really terribly hot and heat is bad for me I realise - I was baking, also I just realised this morning that the antioxident foods I was eating after the antibiotics are really high in Arginine! I wanted to cleanse my system a bit - I felt so toxic after the meds and I read on line that you a healthy colon leads to a healthy immune system which is really important (generally of course) but for all virus sufferers especially. Problem is blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, wheat flakes... etc are great antioxants but high in Arginine - i wonder if the combo of this new temporary meal plan of mine and the excessive heat of that seminar caused the OB, I had about 50 tiny white blisters that evening, and the day before I felt really good and my glands were lower than they had been in longer than I can remeber. I had started the new meal plan the day before

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