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how do you get rid of herpes?

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c.p.d.c_777 HB User
how do you get rid of herpes?

I've had herpes for almost 2 weeks, and their not getting better at all, i cant sleep and funtion proper, its seriously the worst pain of my life, and i dont know what to do, please help.

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an85 HB User
Re: how do you get rid of herpes?

you don't get rid of herpes...but to help the outbreak you could ask your doctor for a treatment of anti-virals like alcyclovir or valtrex

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catharine101 HB User
Re: how do you get rid of herpes?

Herpes is a virus that stays in your system permanently. It is "incurable" - although that's putting a very negative spin on it. You will always carry the virus, and so you always need to be aware of the risks of transmission.

You can reduce the number of outbreaks you have in several ways. Some people use suppressive therapy (Valtrex etc.) as a permanent regimen. However, as you say you've only had herpes for 2 weeks, you may find this isn't necessary. Most people only go on this type of therapy if they have more than, say, 5 outbreaks in a year. You can also help hinder outbreaks from occurring by reducing your stress levels, boosting your immune system, eating the right foods etc.

To help your current outbreak - have you seen a doctor?? If you know you have herpes, you probably have. Did he/she prescribe an antiviral?? Valtrex is used short term as well. The anti-virus will help shorten the length of the outbreak. Keep in mind, the first outbreak is usually the longest and the worst. While the outbreak is at it's worst... there are lot's of holistic cures on the site - you might try searching for posts by Oceanus and I think it's Audrey B to get a real good idea of what some people use. Myself, I just used Vagisil cream to numb the area a bit - but I wasn't really all that uncomfortable - I didn't really itch at all. You'll probably get better feedback on this item from others!!

Good luck, eh!! (It's so nice to see other Canuks on the site!!)

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Oceanus HB User
Re: how do you get rid of herpes?

I suggest you use the search engine up above on this website to look for topical and supplemental products people in the past have used that helped heal and lesson the number of outbreaks. I would recommend you look for posters named "JazzyE" and "NonExist" and look at what they've written. Both stemmed their OBs considerabley. NonExist posted many times and eventually said drinking food grade hydrogen peroxide helped him so much that he went without an OB for FOUR years! He may still be OB free for all I know, but that was his last post on this site. I guess he had no reason to return.

I tried food grade H2O2 once and I think I confused "drops" to take with "droppers" and took WAY too much, too much so that I felt VERY nauseous and lots of burping for a few hours. It had such an unpleasant effect on me that I am afraid to try it again.

So anyway, I recently decided to try ozone therapy treatments which I've now done two. I've read a lot about it's benefits for herpes along with other viruses and also even AIDS and cancer. Herpes is a very hard virus to get a control on if you are someone with lots of OBs like myself. I've been dealing with the pain and chronic OBs for TWO years now. And you thought TWO WEEKS was bad! I suggest you do research online about this treatment. The reason why it's not out there in the mainstream is because the government puts strict restrictions on natural therapy doctors from making specific claims about its use for specific ailments. As long as they do not go above the radar and bring attention to themselves by making health claims, the government will leave them alone. There are laws against making such claims in this country. Only FDA approved drugs can do that because the lobbyists make the laws, not our government anymore, but that's another topic.

Anyway, the only way to know for sure if it works for you is to try it. JazzyE bought her own machine and used it on herself many times and claimed out of all the things she tried it by far made the biggest difference. She stopped having any symptoms for ONE whole year. Her last post titled "Negative Test" claimed she had two tests for herpes and they came back negative. Even though she had proven to have HSV-1 and HSV-2 before. I don't know how this is possible, but that is what she claimed.

BTW, once ozone gets into the body it is transformed into hydrogen peroxide, so doing either treatment basically has the same end result. However, I like ozone better because H2O2 tastes awful and can hurt the lining of your stomach! I am already seeing positive results. If a few treatments lesson the number of my OBs, which I normally feel at LEAST some sort of either itching or prodrome tingling every week (the longest I've gone without symptoms has been 3 weeks, and only once did this happen in two years!), then I plan on leasing an ozone generator to do it at home on myself. I've read that doing it every day for 4-6 weeks can stop ALL future OBs. I'm ready to commit to that! I also called a wellness clinic and spoke to a nurse who said their protocol for treating herpes with ozone therapy is for the patient to get treated every time they have an OB and over time they've seen OBs lesson to just ONE MILD OB PER YEAR. I'd be happy with that. BTW, if you were wondering, I've been getting it administered with vaginal insufflucation. But it can be done with injections or rectally as well. But if it's done rectally a colonic must first be done to clean out the lower intestine so that the ozone can be absorbed.

Also, I will argue with people who claim eating well, lessoning my stress levels will all ease the number of OBs I get! That is entirelly NOT true for me. Terri Warren, an expert on herpes who answers question on *****, if you are interested, told me it has more to do with the type of herpes I have. I don't mean in this context type 1 or 2, I mean STRAIN of herpes. There are different types of type 2 herpes, for example and some seem to cause more OBs than others. She says it hasn't been proven to have anything to do with our immune systems. But also, FYI, if you have herpes type 1 genitally, you will have fewer OBs too. For example, I was not working very much, and taking very good care of myself, eating well, sleeping lots, low stress level, and I had one of the WORST OBs I've had in about a year. One sore popped up about every other day and lasted FOUR weeks. The sores were still healing after the four weeks were over because they were so big and caused so much tissue damage. I mean, I am a little on the fence about the claim by Terri Warren that our immune systems don't have an impact, but I think it's probably a combination of things. Many women get an OB when they get their period, raised hand here, but friction from sex can cause an OB, too. Basically, some people can recognize patterns in what precipitates their OBs. I on the other hand cannot. The only thing I noticed was mornings I usually feel great and by afternoon I start feeling discomfort and by nighttime it would get even worse and many times affect my ability to sleep. If I go a night without experiencing any itching or pain, I feel like something I must be taking or doing is finally making an impact. When I went OB free for 3 weeks I attributed it to my taking Colloidal Silver 2x/day for 4 weeks. Maybe that huge 4 week OB was just a detoxing I was going through because shortly after starting the Colloidal Silver I had that awful OB. Then after it was over the great OB-free 3 weeks followed. I stopped taking the colloidal silver during those 3 weeks b/c bottle said not to take more than 10 days at a time. Many people take it daily though. One good name brand is Source Naturals Wellness Colloidal Silver. It's important because some claim to be colloidal silvers, but are not. I have started taking it again. Anyway, I hope you appreciate my words of experience and this helps you and others.

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