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  • Alot of questions but please do read if you can help me.

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    Old 05-03-2003, 07:16 PM   #1
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    Question Alot of questions but please do read if you can help me.

    Hi folks! Glad you are here, this board has helped a little with my new misfortune. Here is my story, I am a guy in my 30s and just got the news from my Doc just in time for Valentines day. Yes it was a type spec. blood test. I am here to tell ya no fun since then both emotionally and phsically. I am having many OBs almost one after another despite being on 1gram of Valtrex daily and taking Vitamin C, Zink, B-complelx, and Olive leaf extract. I have and continue to have a fair amount of stress in my life due to a job where peoples lives are often in my hands. However I have always considered myself somewhat laidback and type B personality. I lost my wife to cancer 3 years ago so I do think that has changed me some but I never considered myself a stressed person if you will. I have a girlfriend whom I love dearly and is aware of my condition. She continues to show no symptoms and at this point we are asuming that she is negative at this point though she has yet to get tested. Myself I fail to see the point if we stay together which I am hoping and planning on. I do not want to subject her to the emotional part of this whole mess. And if she has it and dosent know it what difference does it make? I take the Valtrex we use condoms and avoid contact during an OB which has been often. I do worry about passing to her though which if she has it or gave it to me and we knew I supose that would be one less thing to worry about. And I must confess that the lack of sex can put stress on our relationship. It seems like as soon as I start feeling normal about life, sex, ect. I have yet another OB.
    Ok time for my questions if any kind soul out there can help.
    1) I dont get typical blisters just sores that look like bug bytesthat have yet to be in the same place twice.
    Should I be covering them with some sort of dressing or leave them exposed for healing? And if they remain uncovered does that leave more opertunity for spreading? Speaking of spreading I have a number of questions regarding that. First one being sweat? I do sweat a bit at work and I am wondering if that is contributing to new OB sights? And doese the virus really spread or do the sore just pop up in the affected nerve area? I have heard two ways of thought on this regaurding both self spreading and the spreading to like HSV partners. Anyone know? Or is it not really know by anyone. Also reguarding spreading I was wondering if using ointment such as A+D traps the virus to surounding skin where applied. I have used this but have wondered if it was really agood idea even though I think it might help with the healing.


    As I mentioned I am taking the Valtrex 1grm. per day. I was on famvir but it didnt seem to help much but I am now wondering if the Valtrex is doing much either. My questions are theese,, For a while I was taking Valtrex twice a day and it seemed to help with the current OB and poss. a slight delay of the next one. I was however getting many headaches and nausea so I went back to 1 a day and not to long there after I had another OB. Is it safe to take that much in one day? Will my doctor have reservations with that dose? I might mention that the side effects seem to have subsided since I went to 1 per day and took 2 today with no problems so far. Ok next question I hear alot of people say that one should only take antivirals the first year. Why is that? I hear people say things like they want to let there bodys fight it on its own. Does being on antvirals somehow inhibit your body from making antbodies and or fighting the virus? And If my girlfriend continues to hold a neg. diagnosis shouldnt I remain on suppressive thearpy?


    Immune system and antibodies.

    I have read that boosting your immune system with vitiman c and ect. can help. If I am having frequent OB does that mean I have a weaker immune system? In the past I have gotten very few colds and I am sick seldom which makes me wonder why I am having such a hard time with this? Is it because I am getting older? Also when I do feel a cold comming I am usually able to drink large amounts of water and be fine, is this helpfull with this virus?
    Ok my antibody question. When I got tested I had like an 8.5 for hsv 1 and 1.5 for hsv 2 I remeber having feaver blisters as a teen and in my early 20s but have not had one for years. Can I expect the same with hsv or is it all random? Do you start making antibodys starting your first OB or when you contract? Do you make more antibodys each OB??

    The sores and glands

    Why am I getting sores in a different location each time? Can I prevent this? When I first get a sore its like a bug byte red and kind of swollen. When it heals it is no longer swollen and bright red but remains pink, which suppose is a scar. I trouble is that its hard to know when its safe to have sex agian. Are theese areas going to remained scar ed??? I am getting quite a collection and its a bit embarrisng as well as emotionally disturbing. Anything I can do to prevent scaring? And how do I know when its ok to have sex?
    I am having alot of pain in the glands often too any suggestions?? I am becoming immune to motrin i think. I have to take lots of it to help on a bad day.

    SHHHHHHHHHH WOW! thats alot. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it. I espeacially hope to hear from 1in 4 she is a champ! Thank you all sooooo much for helping out. Do pray for me as I will all of you.
    Any new word on the latest as far as vacines and or cures?? Take care all.!!

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    First of all, I can't answer any questions relating to medications cause I'm not familiar with the dosing. I think that should be discussed with your doc. Since you don't have typical OBs I don't know if anything I offer will help. I believe you probably get the OB in defferent areas because of the nerve. I don't think you are being reinfected each time. Though they say you spread them by the fluid inside of the bump. If they are popping and oozing quite a bit then you may be infecting other areas. They say the #1 cause of continuing OB is stress. Sounds like that's why you keep getting them. Some home remedies that may help if you aren't already doing so are long hot bath...however hot you can handle it. Also, if the OBs aren't on the head of your penis, but down lower applying alcohol could help them heal faster. Judging from my own personal experience if you get the itching and tingling sensation prior to an OB start at that time applying alcohol. ONLY if it's not on the head of your penis. You should never apply it to moist sensitive areas. I've noticed that sometimes prevented me from having the actual OB. I don't think ointments are gonna help unless they contain a type of alcohol. I don't believe you are suppose to cover OB up with gauze or anything, but I did when I used the alcohol. That too would have to be discussed with your dr. I do know they say keep loose underwear on so you won't rub up against a partner or other body part and spread the infection. Maybe this will help a little...that's about all the personal advice I can offer. Hope things get better for you soon.

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    rose028 HB User

    Hi i can not answer all your questions but i think you might want to try valtrex 500mg .Do not cover your sores up the more moist the longer they will stay.if you can get as much air on it as possible if you can sleep w/ a fan on and naked but wash your sheets right after .Plus you can use a blow dryer on high but on cold and use that to dry the sores up and it will heal much faster . Do not keep touching them or having sex w/ an ob because that will up set the area more .The rest of your questions i think you should talk more to your doctor about everything because you don't want to up set the area more than it is .I hope this helped and feel better.

    Old 05-06-2003, 10:01 PM   #4
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    Originally posted by rose028:
    if you can get as much air on it as possible if you can sleep w/ a fan on and naked but wash your sheets right after [/B]
    While I agree you should keep the area dry, I really don't think you have go rush and wash your sheets right after you sleep naked! We are not disgusting, sickening people! We have bacteria etc. all over our bodies no matter how clean we are! Herpes is just as microscopic as anything else on our body! Besides, any trace of the virus (if it even did get on your sheets) would be dead by the next night since it can't live long outside the body.

    I am a very clean person, and I sleep naked or partially usually every night...however, I am not going to treat myself like I have some plague and scrub and wash everything I touch...chill with the paranoia and live life as before...just be open with all possible sexual encounters...

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