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mindanalyzer 09-23-2008 06:21 PM

can anybody help me understand these results

I had an initial herpes test 2 weeks after a very dubious sexual encounter. I had a positive result for the test HSV 1/2 IGM (above 1:20)

I got re-tested again 4 months later. My doctor says that these results are positive but i dont undertand it very well.
These are the results from the last test (4 months after the close encounter)

HSV 1/2 IGG, herpes select
Type specific AB
Herpes simplex type 1: 0.30 EIA
Herpes simplex type 2: 0.15 EIA

< 0.90: negative
0.90 - 1.10: equivocal
> 1.10: positive

HSV 1/2 IGM AB, IFA (serum)
- HSV 1 IGM, IFA 1:40
- HSV 2 IGM, IFA 1:40

< 1:20 antibody not detected
> or = 1:20 antibody detected

based on what he says the test detected antibodies 1 and 2 in my blood sample.

Can anybody comment on these results?

PS: I havent had any blister so far. I have been having disconfort in my glan and penis, and red scrotum for 5 months already (not as outbreak but as something permanent). The dermatologist said that it could be a yeast infection and prescribed Nystatin cream, but i have my doubts about these herpes tests and the positive

Truthseek 09-23-2008 07:16 PM

Re: can anybody help me understand these results
The IgM test is not a valid test for herpes. Ignore those results. The IgG tests both show negative for type 1 and type 2 ( < .90 ).
Four months past your exposure is a pretty good time for antibodies to develop but your IgG test is negative at this time.
You can search old posts here for poster OVER21. He has great insight on tests and results and such.

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