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JP99 01-08-2009 08:04 PM

Should I get tested or am I being paranoid???
I need some input from people who remember catching herpes. I had sex this weekend with a woman I've been seeing for a couple months. We've had sex before and no bump like this before. A few days after we'd had sex a few times, I get a sore on the inside of my thigh. Kind of like a pimple, only really sensitive. Didn't really look just like a pimple or ingrown hair or anything I'd had before. I also have felt really tired and achey this week. There's nothing on my penis, and the sensitive sore/boil/whatever is almost completely healed three days after I first saw it. Could it be herpes, or am I just being paranoid?

I read that a person's initial outbreak after catching genital herpes is usually the most severe, but then all the herpes info also states that some people have herpes and don't know it--so they never had any outbreaks? I was wondering if what I'm experiencing is worth going to get tested for herpes, or am I just being overly paranoid about STDs, as I haven't had many partners in my life and I do worry about that stuff. The only photos of herpes blisters I could find online were of the clusters, which I don't have any of that. It was just one sore/blister on my inner thigh up near the underwear region, but I felt like total crap all over this week too. Seems like they list "flu like symptoms" for all these STDs and it freaks you out when you get what might just be the flu. I know that no one can say "no you don't have it" or "you for sure have it", but what I'm asking is if anyone who caught herpes can have just one little bump and not a real outbreak the first time?

I dunno. I did search through the board and found a lady who posted that she'd had herpes for some time and her outbreaks were only one sore now, so that got me wondering if I should get tested. I swear masturbating is so much more safe and worry-free than all this...

Thanks for any input. I'm someone who was married for over a decade and now dating again and scared to death of all the crazy junk out there that I used to never think about or need to worry about.

Lady La La 01-09-2009 01:47 AM

Re: Should I get tested or am I being paranoid???
My first outbreak was just one bump, it looked like a ingrown hair, but a difference was that it itched like crazy and it got real tender and sore. You say that you haven't had many partners, but that really doesnt matter, you could just been with one person and can get it, jus an FYI. That is why it is key to communicate with the person you are with, and even then they can still lie.
If you wanted to have a test done to be sure, go for it. But from personal experience it doesn't sound like herpes to me, but like they say some people who do have it have such mild signs that they don't know it. Oh and the flu like symptoms, well that could just be coincidence. Good luck and be safe!

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