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HSV virus...cant live in highly oxygenated area' anaerobic virus...READ PLEEZE!!

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Old 08-02-2001, 02:20 PM   #1
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chyllin_like_a_villian HB User
HSV virus...cant live in highly oxygenated area' anaerobic virus...READ PLEEZE!!

ok for all u ppl who are on the zovirax and other medicine'z and blah blah blah..of course your doc aint gonna recommend a cure he wont make any money...hell jus recomend something to suppress it....check this....ive had hsv-1 for about 2 yrz 2 yrz ive had 3 outbreakz none really bad..jus exteremly mild except the first COLD not on ANY pillz but i am goin to get an std check and im sure theyll give me some kind of pill...i have never been checked but from wat i know and have read i have the normal HSV-1 virus...ive been doin hella research on the net for the past week...3-6 hrz a nite....from wat ive been reading HSV VIRUS cant live in high oxygenated area'z...itz an anaerobic virus or something.....the higher the oxygen in the bloodstream the more chance of the lil itty biittttty virus'z being killed...and the less outbreakz...u mite not get cured....but it will lessen the outbreakz and kill the virus...not jus SUPRESS it..if u can KILL jus ONE virus...why cant u KILL THEM ALL..and maybe be CUREDDDDD....quit looking in to all of these pillz and herbz and cream'z...if it doeznt say ANYTHING about raising the oxygen in your bloodstream then i wouldnt even bother w/ it...raising oxygen in the bloodstream i think iz the main thing to do from wat ive read....i live w/ my mom..grandma and lil bout to go grab my gma'z oxygen tank and turn the thing on full blast and see was look into wayz that u can raise oxygen levelz in your bloodstream.....but dont be stupid and grab a needle and inject AIR into your arm tahtz plain stupidity...if 9-10 ppl allready know this but the 1 person who doeznt know this and i get this info acrosss to them....then my effort to do something haz payed off and i am gratefull....well to u ppl take it eazy....and if u have ANY lil info...POST IT....who knowz u mite know something the next person doeznt...

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Old 08-02-2001, 06:51 PM   #2
Bill Magic
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Bill Magic HB User
Re: HSV virus...cant live in highly oxygenated area' anaerobic virus...READ PLEE

It may work for your Herpes, but it would be horrible for your arteries.. Thats why people take anti-oxidants..Anti oxidants stop the plaque in your blood from hardening and sticking to the walls of your arteries. Its like if you put anything in oxygen, it eventually dries up and gets hard.. Thats why you don't want to oxidize your blood....

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Brad G
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Brad G HB User
Re: HSV virus...cant live in highly oxygenated area' anaerobic virus...READ PLEE

Viruses can't live in areas where high levels of oxygen are present. Yes I have read that statement.
As far as I know researchers and scientist have known that for over a hundred years. Peroxide has been around for over that long I think and they found it would kill viruses and bacteria by just pouring it on them. Peroxide is water with oxygen bonded to it, its more than strong enough to kill any virus- it burns it up I think- like burning up a sheet of paper.
How much oxygen does the body need to operate? The body is made of of cells that require oxygen and by the use of blood veins the oxygen is transported to every living cell in the body. That includes the cells where the virus is hiding a replicating. When someone takes medication to fight the virus it gets to the virus thru the blood veins and then does its thing to the HSV. I'm not sure how much oxygen the body requires to operate but I can tell you it can't go much over a minute without it or the body and the cells began to die starting with the Brain. If a person has a heart atack alot of times the person can suffer from kidney damage or failure because the heart that pumps the blood isn't pumping enough blood and the organs suffer and began to die because they don't have enough oxygen or you might say blood with oxygen in it.
I'm thinking that all the researchers and all the scientist are missing something in a very big way and have been for years. They know that oxygen can and will kill all viruses. It seems simple at first and then you think if they can't kill or cure the wart virus that is located on the surface of the skin how can they kill a virus deep in the body! The wart virus is very near oxygen all the time in the air and in the blood.
All viruses are programed do what they do. Polio criples people, the flu attacks the throat causeing problems to the lungs and kills, HIV attacks the immune system , HPV- wart virus causes wart, HSV causes a person to have painfull outbreaks on the surface of the skin. All viruses that I know of cause pain and death. They are a danger to society and the human population-war should be declared on all viruses.
If it wasn't for Viruses and Bacteria we would never get sick but keep in mind that bacteria and viruses were here before we were. Herpes has been documented in the Bible so its been infecting people for a long time.
The oxygen seems like the answer but its not a simple one like breathing it thru an oxygen tank. If it was it would be known by now. Theres no telling how many people have tried that. I think there is just so much oxygen you can take into the body thru the lungs and that wouldn't be enough, thats why they have tried the Ozone injections into the blood and ozone is oxygen. But I have tried drinking peroxide and Ozonated water and it has made me feel better like more energy and pep but it hasn't scratched the surface of killing or curing me from the herpes virus.I've been taking the Acyclovir for about two months now and it has helped but the virus does not give up or give in it keeps on coming its ****** off for some reason. I think if a person gets this they need to get on the Acyclovir right away the sooner the better, I waited for 4 years before I took anything and this gave the virus time to settle in good, dig in and establish a major colony for it to replicate and live.
You must start fighting it early and I think like you do about the docters not wanting a cure so people will keep paying for the medication but there is no cure that we know of and the Acyclovir can keep it beat down until maybe someone does find one. The Acyclovir does something but I don't know what but I can feel the virus attacking and I can take two or three pills and in an hour or so I can feel it dieing down but then maybe the next day I will feel it attacking again and I will do the same thing so it does do something to the virus I don't know if it kills it or disables it or what but it does do something and anyone who has this should be taking it. It can't help the virus there is anyway, what will help the virus is not taking it. You can take it along with herbs and other things to help the immune sytem or whatever-- anything you can do to help you do it.

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