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i dunno 01-13-2001 11:28 PM

101 questions, please help
New here, i dunno what to think, let me introduce myself first. Im 26, married with 2 kids, one 3yrs, one 5 months. Married 8 yrs by the way. Im faithful and like to beleive my husband is too. There is a story behind these questions but the story would get kinda long, so ill just shoot with the questions,
1. can an untreated yeast infection, cause external severe itching, cracking,spliting, watery discharge?
Hard itchy bumps, never red, clustered, not pussfiled or blistered.
cause 5 yrs ago, i started out with a real watery discharge, that began itching severely on the inside then progressed to the outer area of my vagina, was too em barrased to go to dr. then cracks, splits, and bumps appeared, i knew i had to go. Yet these bumps and such were never painful as discribed with herpies. Just itched like hell. Well doc did not do a culture, but did prescribe me diflucan and problems went away.
2. Wouldnt a dr. test to make sure it was indeed yeast before giving diflucan?
(looking under the microscope i mean)
3. if he prescribed me diflucan cant i rest assure he confirmed this under microscope?
After this incedence, i was fine got pregnant 4 months later, had my daughter 9 months later, 2 years later my hubby and i were trying to conceive #2, had intercourse 3 days in a row around ovulation time, and then i noticed on the 2nd day of inter course, itching only externally, on the top vulva area, followed by splits,(2) well, on the 3rd day, we had sex again, (by the way, all this loving gave us our wonderful son we now have, as i said he is 5 months), that itching and the splits would not go away, even after confirming the pregnacy, this lasted 4 months, the doc tested for herpies, was neg. but he said if it was in the healing stage then it would not show, he gave steroid cream, it went away for a week, then came right back every week. Till after i had our son. My husband and i continued to have unprotected sex during the wholetime, he dont have any problems at all.
4. can a herpies outbreak last 4 months.
5. would steroid cream make herpies out break go away?
6. repeated intercourse during these times, wouldnt husband have show signs too?
thanks to all who read and respond.
I would appreciate all info on this type of experience.
Dr also said it might have just been sinsitive skin whike pregnant this time.
Or soaps, detergents, bleaching white panties and such.
I have never had one blister.

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