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Help for people with HSV I genitally.

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Help for people with HSV I genitally.

I searched and searched for advice while I was going through a VERY hard time, and didn't find much. I hope to bring some insight to people searching for the same thing.

Let me start off by saying I was infected with HSV I genitally by my fiancé having a cold sore. There was NO sign of it. He gave me oral pleasures, we noticed the cold sore later that night, and all hell broke lose on my special region.

I had a very severe outbreak. My symptoms started two to three days after this (very great) but unfortunate event. I had just recently shaved in the area, which I think contributed to the bad outbreak, but I can't be sure of that.

It started out with soreness. I thought it was soreness from having sex more than usual. At first... Then it became sore to wipe when I went pee, sore to wipe when I went number two, sore to wash the area in the shower. There were areas that ended up appearing along each lip of my labia that felt rough. I knew at this point that it wasn't soreness from sexual activity.

It just got worse from here. It never tingled, or itched. Just sore. By the fourth or fifth day, this is when the classic symptoms set in. Sores ALL over the place. Tender, swollen, red. Puss filled sores. It didn't look pretty. In fact, it looked down right gnarly.

Right away I started soaking in epsom salt baths until I was able to see my doctor.

Let me stop and say this. If you THINK you have herpes, do not waste time researching things online. Call your doctor right away. The longer you wait, the longer you will suffer through the pain.

It is NOT pretty. Nobody can make you feel better about what will happen to you. I will not sugar coat it.

The good part is, the first outbreak is usually the worst one you will experience. And in my case, having HSV I down below, it is unlikely to have such a bad outbreak like the one I did.

Back on track... I got to day 5 or so, and it was full blown ouchies. Mega sores, mega swelling, mega pain, crawling feelings, itchies, complete and utter uncomfortableness. It was HORRIBLE. I was absolutely beside myself. I didn't know what to do for relief, what to think, what to do...

Fortunately, I caught this from my fiancé. I did not have to deal with the mental aguish that is associated with a single person. For you, I have no advice, but wish you the best of luck. I honestly feel lucky that I do not need to go through that.

I was in hell for days. I couldn't sleep properly, there was nothing I could do. The epsom salt baths helped, but it was temporary. I tried putting cortisone cream on, and PLEASE, DO NOT DO THAT. It felt good at first, and I fell asleep, but then I woke up in excruciating pain and the crawling feeling was OUT OF CONTROL!!! I don't know about you, but the pain I can deal with, the itching and crawling feeling drives me NUTS!!!

I saw my doctor on about day 9. He even said that a type HSV I infection is not usually that bad. He took a culture just to be sure (even though I knew I didn't have type II) and it was confirmed a few days later. He prescribed to me a 2% lidocane cream that didn't do sheeit to help. I put it on, and it helped for about 20 minutes, then I had to wash it off. Not worth it. I also was prescribed a 1 gram pill of valtrex for 20 days to clear what was going on, and then 500 mg to take daily to prevent further outbreaks after the previous was done. He told me to take it for a year, and then after that I can see how it goes. If I have an outbreak or not after stopping it. Fortunately, the people with HSV I in the pubic region tend to have less if at all outbreaks after the first. Here's to hoping.

As for the situation I went through with the initial outbreak... it was terrible. After it went full force, there were a good three days of pure HELL. It was hard to walk, sit, sleep, eat... I couldn't really do any of it. After starting treatment, the symptoms subsided. I would say it is accurate to say that with each pill, I was 5% better. I got to a point where I couldn't see any sores, but I still felt an on and off itching and crawling feeling. I was feeling great comparatively. Two days after feeling that greatness, I started itching like MAD. The crawling feeling came back, too, but there were no other symptoms. I was very discouraged since I was feeling so much better. This lasted for three days, then subsided. Everyone is different, but this is how it went for me. RIght now, I am feeling very good. I went for a walk today, and couldn't go TOO far because I felt my palace region starting to be irritated. I listened and went home, rested, and feel like there is nothing at all wrong right now.

I will mention too, that my bum region was affected as well. This did not do me well with trying to poop, or wiping for that matter. My advice if this is your case, is to get wet wipes that have aloe in them, and use that, and that only.. If you do not like the wet feeling in your cheeks, then rinse in the shower after, and use a blow dryer to dry yourself.

That is another point I forgot to mention. When I was going through REALLY bad times, I would stand in the shower with the shower head pointed directly at my area.. This is great if you have a handheld shower head. It helped itching, and it just plain felt good. After that I would use a blow dryer set to the cool setting, and dry the area with that. I wouldn't dare touch the towel to that area at that point. I didn't want ANYTHING to touch it, in fact.

Nothing helps it except proper medication and time. If you think you have herpes, see your doctor. Do not rely on advice from websites. Everyone is different. The longer you wait, the longer you will suffer if you do in fact have it. Professional treatment is the only way, no matter what you read. Perhaps in the future, you can find natural ways to help your case. But at first, I highly recommend professional treatment.

It saves you a lot of grief.

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herpelow HB User
Re: Help for people with HSV I genitally.

In my case, like yours the lidocaine cream helped for a short period. However it really did help with the "wiping" issue. It numbed it long enough to do an adequate job.

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Truthseek HB UserTruthseek HB UserTruthseek HB UserTruthseek HB User
Re: Help for people with HSV I genitally.

Well done. There is a lot of good advice in there. I actually relived my first full blown outbreak via your post! It was horrible and I thought I would never feel well again. And that skin crawling creepy feeling. Ugh.

We survived. It does get better and yes HSV1 on genitals tends to reoccur less frequently and be less severe. I unfortunately have HSV2 but I've gotten to know the signs and that creepy crawling tingling and then its epsom salt and extra doses of L-lysine for me.
HSV-2 positive. Found out 9-27-07. Flu-like symptom 6-7-07.
Year one outbreaks Sep Oct Nov Dec Apr Jun. Ugh.
Year two outbreaks Dec Apr/May

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Samsonstella HB User
Re: Help for people with HSV I genitally.

Hello...thanks for your post. My boyfriend gave me the hsv1 virus orally. SO, I have some questions about our future sex life. I just got my ob on my anal region. It was also very similiar to your experience in the pain dept. It has been 5 days now and I am seeing an end of this primary, painful outbreak. I went to my Dr right away and she put me on acyclivir and the results did come back as HSV1, which I thought it was since my boyfriend gave me oral a week before. Can you please now tell me about our future sex life and wh** will be safe? Because he gave it to me, does th** mean he already has it so won't get it? I mean, if we have sex, is it possible th** he will get it genitally although my area of my ob was on my anal region? Could he also give it to me again on my vagina area...or is my other area where it is going to set. I am just so new to this. I think condoms will be the best bet so I don't give it to him genitally, but if he gave it to me, doesn't this mean he already has it and can't get it this way since he has it orally? Trying to figure this all out. Thanks.

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djonae HB User
Re: Help for people with HSV I genitally.

I was infected with HSV I in the genital area from my bf. You described exactly what I went through, the whole under region, and I'm still dealing with the itches and crawling, but it's slowly going away. I would like to say that he doesn't get cold sores or anything else you would generally associate with HSV. He was infected with Herpes Gladiatorum while in high school during a wrestling tournament. He occasionally gets a sore or two every 3-5 years and they don't look any different than a zit and didn't think twice about it. We've been together a year and this just happened in the last month, beware that you can get this from more than an oral sore.

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