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mjgrabotnik 07-03-2012 09:45 AM

Ether and Herpes
I came across a message where someone tried ether on the sores. She could not get ether and recommended starter fuel. Another person, a doctor, said that diethyl ether is available at pharmacies. I hope so. This person, was greatly chastised for this. I want to redeem her.

40 years ago I had a surgery that nearly killed my immune system. Two years later I broke out with a "pimply" rash on my leg. At Northwestern Medical school, they cultured the rash and discovered it was Herpes Simpex. There was only one type in that day. The way it was treated was by lancing the littler blisters and tabbing it with significant amounts of ether. No one want to prescribe that anymore but I've got herpes up and down both calves and if I can get it from a pharmacy I'm ready to try starter fluid.

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