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New to board and really need advice

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New to board and really need advice

I'm sorry my story may be long but i'm trying to put it in detail as much as possible to get direct and healthy advice.

Okay, so it starts off like this . . . I recently went to visit my family out of state and what i thought would be a great visit turned into a complete nightmare might i say. So, i've been with the same guy for almost three years now, he is clear of all STD'S and is completely healthy. Well, we got into a altercation while i was out of town by phone and i just couldn't take it anymore due to our relationship going down hill, even though i love him so much. Well i made a big mistake by sleeping with a really good friend, but might i say he told me and showed me documents of his last testing in June for all STD'S, and he was clean and clear of them all. August 07, i woke up feeing great and started my day as normal, but when 12 pm hit all hell broke loose. I began feeling very dizzy, my neck down was freezing and my head was completely on fire. I figured i would feel better by taking a luke warm shower, and it helped for like 15 minutes. I figured i would just lay down and try to take a nap but the pain of the sickness i was in was so unreal that i got up and rushed to the bathroom and began vomiting multiple times. Finally, my dad showed up from work and i had him rush me to the ER. I checked in and automatically they had me go to a room and began blood work and urine sample's. It didn't hurt to pee but my urine was a horrible smell and it was unreal dark. They began putting a IV on me and hooked me up to fluids, i sat in a check out room and the nurse said that i would be okay as soon as i take in all the fluids from the IV and that i would be released in a hour or so, but little did i know when the doctor came rushing into the door and said im sorry but miss you cant go anywhere and that ill have to be admitted into the hospital for a day or to due to me having a serious kidney infection, he called it Pyelonephritis. Well that night they had me on only fluids nothing else and i rested as usual. August 8, that morning they did more blood work and i had a sonogram on my kidneys and the tech told me that they were looking pretty slimy. That night they began giving me antibiotics through IV including the fluids. August 9, i woke up feeling icky down there, like i was discharging and i was. I had my dad buy me pads but he doesn't know any better and instead of getting the one's i usually use he got a way different brand and pad. I began using them and everything seemed fine but i did notice that it was starting to burn when i would urinate. That night i woke up drenched in sweat my genitals also, and my pad was discharge and sweat. I changed clothes and i felt as if i had a rash on my vagina and around my anus, i didn't think nothing too much of it and went right back to bed. August 10, i woke up feeling better only thing was is that i really noticed the rash was worse. It was so painful for me to urinate that i had to hold the rails to the bathroom and i nearly screamed. I told the doctor about it and he said that is normal so i didn't argue about it. I was released that day and when i went home it was impossible for me to urinate due to the pain so i tried my best not to drink too many fluids even though i was ordered to do so. I stayed a night at my friends house cause its really quiet and peaceful there, unlike my house. That night i was in pain down there, no burning or itching just very irritating due to the discharge. My friend went and bought me Vagisil and Neosporin, figuring it would help my rash. I tried applying it by myself but i was too weak and tired to do so. My friend said that he would do it for me, i insisted he not do it but talked me into it cause it would probably make me sooth. He had me lay on my back and applied the vagisil on me, and said dang look like you got a diaper rash. I tried to sleep that night and i just couldn't, the cream and the discharge was just irritating me to death as it felt as if the cream wasn't working. I woke up 4 different times that night and each time i had to change my maxi pad. Now, the pads that i was wearing weren't the same ones that my dad had got me cause i didn't feel right wearing them so i bought me extra long dry panty liners. August 11, i went to bathroom to urinate and i nearly passed out trying to, so i went back to home and had my step mom take me to the ER. I was checked in and waited for 20 minuets, and then they finally put me in my room. It was a Nurse Practitioner that was at my service and she asked what was wrong, i explained and told her i had just got released from the hospital the day before. It seemed as if she wasn't listening and hearing me out. She immediately said she was going to give me a wet prep, and she looked at the rash and said nothing at all. She preformed the wet prep after the third time and it hurt so freaking bad that i nearly broke my step moms wrist, she said that there was alot of discharge in me and began swabbing. Shortly after that she said she was going to put a quick catheter in me, so it took her and her assistants four times until they finally got it, and they emptied all the urine i had at that moment. My heart was racing cause i was so terrified, my dad showed up which made me feel alot better. We waited patiently for at least 45 minutes and she came back in and said out loud well your cultural didn't help me much but i think your having a herpe outbreak. My face turned red, step mom dropped her jaw, and dad said yeah right... Lady your not even a doctor, i had the exact same rash when i had a kidney infection and i sored up, and also that was very unprofessional for you to say it that way in that manner you could have told us to step out. A argument broke out and the Nurse Practitioner looked so confused and dumb. She prescribed me Acyclovir 800MG five times a day daily, 4% Lidocaine Topical cream, and Diflucan one a day for three days. I was so depressed after she told me this news, even though i wasn't tested for it i was so out of order. I went home and took my meds and apllied the cream, the cream felt so good on me even though it still hurt to pee but it wasn't like it was before. August 12th through August 15th, i was doing better and i only took the Acyclovir two days and refused cause i was being ignorant i guess, the rash on my vagina was gone, i didn't have any blisters on my vagina just irritated skin but on around my anus was still bad and it had like cuts and the only thing that bothered me really was my butt, i used baby powder but it seemed like it made it worse, so i began using Neospoirn and it soothed me so much that it began healing. August 18th i returned back home to my boyfriend and had no problems at all through the whole road trip. August 21st, i went to take my puppy for a walk and it was super hot like 102 and i wore a panty liner just in case, i noticed that i felt itchy like i was sweaty so i walked back home and took a shower and seemed fine after words. August 22nd i woke up with a red tender bump on the lower left side of my vagina lip and one In the crease of my labia majora, they didn't hurt when touched. I had gotten orders from the nurse from the ER before to go to the clinic and get checked, i went to the clinic before i left Texas and the nurse had told me that she couldn't test me for any STD'S due to the fact that i was in the hospital and had antibiotics in my system and i would have to wait two weeks, so i was even more depressed. I was so in need of help that i couldn't wait so i went to the clinic that same day August 22nd. The nurse wanted a urine sample and said it's okay just think happy when you pee but i told her my pain went way to urinate 8 days ago. She then had me undress and wanted to swab my bump, she said it would hurt and if it hurt too bad then to tell her but it didn't hurt at all in fact. Later that day i felt as if i was irritated from her swabbing so dang hard. August 23rd i woke up with a sore kind of and it wasn't painful just a little sting and the other one was like that as well, they had like light pale yellow pus, i had wore a pad and had been rubbing up against them with that so i didn't have to scratch when they would sting . August 24th through 25th the sores went away i didn't see any pus or anything but they stung a little in the process but it seems like my butt is more inflammed cause i had started discharging again and it is pretty thick and sticky and white, not foul smelling though. August 26th, i went to the dollar store to buy baby buttpaste due to my butt area itching so bad but little did i know it made it ALOT worse, it infmlammed me like i had a burn or something down there. The rash begins at the botton of my vaginal lips to the crack of my butt. August 27th, and today i've been using my Neospoirn and Lidocaine again mixed together and it seemed like it feels so comforting and so much better. I haven't been itching or stinging at all, thank goodness. Even though i feel better im still pretty scared and stressed at the moment cause i won't have my results unitll another 8 days or so . . .

Anyone think that this rash, bumps, and discharge is due to a allergy reaction of some sort, yeast infection, or herpes virus? Anything would help right now to comfort me. I've accepted it already that if i have it then so be it, it'll only make me a stronger woman but what worried me is knowing that i don't know for sure what's going on even thought im doing alot better now.

Thanks for reading and understanding, Blessed Be

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Re: New to board and really need advice

Are you under alot of stress? It kind of sounds like a herpes ob. It doesnt sound like an allergic reaction....goodluck!

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