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Hurtandmad 12-06-2012 02:08 PM

I am so tired of worrying!!!!
I have posted a few times before. I have had a long distanced relationship with an older guy. He has shown himself to be more then a liar to me. Long story short after telling me that he tested negative for everything... He calls me back a week later and tells me that he has hsv1 & 2.

I was last with him on Aug 12, 2012. My first blood test was Aug 27,2012 and it was neg. I had a pap and she could see nothing.

Sept was uneventful but in Oct I started feeling tingling in my vagina and around my mouth. Honestly I have been really emotional and freaking out about all of it. I must say I have been going through extremes. Douching with rubbing alcohol putting it around my lips all of this on an everyday bases. Taking baths with antibacterial dish wishing liquid. and using dial soap.

So... In Oct I started feeling irritation. I got a mirror and I opened and stretched pulled apart but I did not see anything. But "to me" something felt weird. So Oct. 21 I took another Herpes Igg blood test. Which also came back neg.

Thinking that maybe I have taking the test too early On Nov 17 I took another Igg blood test It also came back Neg.

My Dr. asked me do I have OCD. I have been reading the blogs and it all sound so up in the air that I feel I can never be sure. Some people have outbreaks with neg test. Some no outbreaks with positive test. Some say wait 3wk and some 3/4 months and some 6 months.

He had no signs of the virus and said the DR. told him that he has had it over 40yrs. I don't see anything on me that mirrors the herpes photos but I am still not settled in my mind and body. I have not had sex since and I just want an end to all of this.

Should I try and take the western blot or what should i do? Should I trust that I don't have herpes? I am losing it.:dizzy::eek::dizzy:

Lady La La 12-06-2012 09:45 PM

Re: I am so tired of worrying!!!!
First and for most CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like you don't have herpes, all your test have come back negative, stop worrying or you're going to drive yourself crazy! There is nothing wrong with you, it sounds like you came across a jerk that lied to you and told you his condition after you had sex which isn't cool. BUT now you are over thinking it. Also, don't put rubbing alcohol on you lips, jeeze that is painful, you are making yourself sick thinking about this over an over. Plus all that stuff that you're doing with the soap and anti bacteria this and that would not change a thing if you did have herpes, that is probably what is causing all the irritation on your skin. It's over and done with, be happy that you found out now, be happy that you tested negative and stop worrying :).

Hurtandmad 12-07-2012 10:44 AM

Re: I am so tired of worrying!!!!
Thank so much... I know Its my mind. trying to shut it off but It goes on and on. I am trying, I hope that soon I can breathe the sigh of relief.

FloridaSunrise 12-09-2012 09:06 AM

Re: I am so tired of worrying!!!!
I think if you haven't had an outbreak by now (and you would know because it would blister), you're ok. Stop washing yourself. It's not going to help or prevent anything. Get the Western blot if it will make you feel better.

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