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radhakund 01-11-2013 01:38 AM

Tested Negative For HSV2!?
Hello all. i am new here and i would like to know what are your views on my story:

I tested positive Igg antibody test for hsv2 genital jan 2012. Since then I have spent hours on end up every night till morning hours looking for a cure. i 100% belive there is a cure for everything and i know in my heart that i will beat this, that i was just yet to find the remedy. I came across many different natural methods, but I decided to try the Oregano Oil and DMSO rubbing on spinal column and lower back every night and Oregano orally as well.
I have not experienced any outbreaks since, did the treatment for 3 months. I then took a PCR dna test through a blood sample, ( i can not do the swab test because i do not get outbreaks), it came back both not detected for hsv1 and hsv2. Does this mean that I am cured?
I have read contraversial things about the pcr. some say its the gold standard then some say the virus cant be detected throughh blood anyways and its unreliable, it can not be both!!!.
but through my reading i thought that pcr magnifies any little strain of virus there may be so that its obvious to tell if the virus is in your body or not.
and then some say if you dont have any active lessions at the time of blood testing, there could be a false negative result.
I am not experiencing outbreaks at all since ive done the treatment and i have eaten everything under the sun to try and trigger an outbreak hot cheetos, chips ahoy, candy, peanuts, chips, cakes, but still no outbreaks are coming.
have i cured myself? i also took the igg antibody after the treament and it came back positive, but as i was told even if i may have killed the virus from my body it could take several months for the antobodies to die off and that i should be doing a lot of cleanses to help the overall process. I am confused but hopeful and im not giving up either way!

schmeeve 02-23-2013 10:53 PM

Re: Tested Negative For HSV2!?
Hi Radhakund- just wondering how your progress is with this treatment. I just purchased Oil of oregano and DMSO for this same treatment. I have come across many threads on different forums of people saying "ok I just tried this", or " I'm about to try this" but with little or no follow up. I am very interested in where you are today a little over a month from your original post. Please update me or send me an email. Thanks so much.

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