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airair99 06-14-2018 07:46 AM

Cholesterol Rises Despite Change in Life Style
Good day,

I have been struggling with high cholesterol for years. I do not smoke, I am fit, eat properly, exercise, drink one beer a day (sometimes two).

Since 2016, I have been using RYR Nature Plus extended release 600 mg. Cholesterol went from 6.60 to 4.85.

Since then, it has increased again, as if RYR stopped working. Latest results are as follow:

Chol: 5.73, Trigl: 2.14, HDL: 1.26, LDL: 3.49, NON-HDL Chol: 4.47

It is frustrating. Any suggestion is kindly appreciate.

Thank you.



Machaon 06-14-2018 07:56 AM

Re: Cholesterol Rises Despite Change in Life Style
You might want to have your [U][I]cholesterol particle size[/I][/U] checked to determine the degree of if your cholesterol is actually healthy or unhealthy.

If interested, read my thread: [COLOR="Blue"][B]Cholesterol particle size. The bigger the cell size the better?[/B][/COLOR] at the link: [COLOR="Green"][B][/B][/COLOR]

airair99 06-14-2018 09:05 AM

Re: Cholesterol Rises Despite Change in Life Style
Thank you Machaon. I have read your article. Congratulations for the results. I had no idea it existed. I will try to have it done here in Canada. I addition, I will resume omega3 fish oil. Maybe, you know a brand that works better.

tess201 06-14-2018 06:34 PM

Re: Cholesterol Rises Despite Change in Life Style
I'm not familiar with the values you post but it looks like your HDL is very low. Right? If so, raising your HDL will also help lower your LDL and change your whole lipid profile. I use (and have used for many years) Flush Niacin. If you decide to try it just remember to start very low and ramp up [I]very[/I] slowly to diminish the flush effect. Only the Flush Niacin will help to raise your HDL, not the regular, non-flush.


airair99 06-15-2018 07:37 AM

Re: Cholesterol Rises Despite Change in Life Style
Hello Tess,

Good to hear from you.

US: 2.22, 83, 49, 1.35.

Thank you for the suggestions.

Non-flush has some side effects to consider.

RYR Nature Plus worked for a while. Now, apparently, is not working anymore, although levels are still below those I had before taking it.

Is it a common reaction? Should I stop taking it for a while to see if my body will assimilate it better? What is your opinion?



tess201 06-15-2018 03:32 PM

Re: Cholesterol Rises Despite Change in Life Style

Why do you say RYR isn't working if your numbers are still good? Also, how much do you take? I take 1200mg twice a week and 600mg the other days. One day a week (Sunday) I don't take any supplements to give my system a chance to rest. If you are only taking 600 mg. you might want to try bumping it up a little, at least one or two days a week.

Not sure what you mean about Niacin having side effects to consider. They do produce a flush but that is what you want as it's the flush that elevates HDL, helps decrease LDL and triglycerides and has other benefits as well. The flush side effect can be controlled by ramping up slowly, as I suggested. The then mild flush only lasts a few minutes. But your choice, of course. The contraindications I am aware of are: liver disease, peptic ulcer, or arterial bleeding.

Eating high protein/low carb is another way to aid and maintain your cholesterol levels. Exercise, even just walking, will help as well.

Wishing you well with whatever you decide.


airair99 06-16-2018 05:57 AM

Re: Cholesterol Rises Despite Change in Life Style
Thank you, Tess.

Canada ideal cholesterol levels: < 520

Results since 2016: 660, 485, 556, 516, 573

I will increase RYR a bit, like you wrote.



BC22 07-03-2018 04:02 PM

Re: Cholesterol Rises Despite Change in Life Style
Hi, I am experiencing the same thing! I use to eat all forms of pork and shell fish. Cut all that out and 2 months later my numbers are the worst I have ever seen them.. Doc pushing the statin drugs. I got them but dont want to start that junk. Btw RYR..didnt work for me. :-(

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