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diamond73 07-05-2019 07:41 AM

Why statins highly recommended?
Iím a 73 y/o non smoking women I got the following blood test results & my doctor immediately wanted me on statins. For the record this is the first time my total has been over 200 and since Iíve used him for years he has these records. But even if it wasnít, do these numbers warrant something as drastic as statins, which sound dangerous to me.

Total Cholesterol - 205
Tri - 76
HDL - 67
LDL - 123
Risk - 1.83

Iím thinking about switching doctors because this just sounds like pill pushing to me.

Titchou 07-05-2019 03:16 PM

Re: Why statins highly recommended?
IT's a quick way to get it down so they grab onto that first- knowing that most people aren't going to stick to a diet. Was this fasting? If not, I'd have a fasting test done. If so, just watch your diet.

MSNik 07-06-2019 06:54 AM

Re: Why statins highly recommended?
Your numbers aren't rediculously high, but statins would get them lower. If you are concerned- go back and ask him what else you can do or why he is suggesting medication right off the bat.
You can always consult a different doctor.

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