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Stumper 07-16-2005 06:22 AM

CardioChek versus Lab results--AMAZING !
Hello all,

I just did a comparison check on my better half here just before she went in to have lab work done. The results are truly close with one exception (due to a bad test on HDL and my lack of test strips to retry). Nonetheless it is still very impressive. I will have mine back this week (if I can get from docs office, gotta call them or wait until Sept.)

O.k. hers are:

Total Cholesetrol--CardioChek-179
Lab -181


(I think Cardiochek shows a 5% difference on triglicerides as compared to the other tests when compared to Lab)

HDL--I botched this test and I knew it. The trouble was is that I only had one set of HDL strips left and I needed it to test myself prior to lab work. I did not get enough blood on the strip apparently as the machine "hesitated" and asked for the sample. Then before I could do anything it picked up what was on the strip. When I got the results I knew it was botched, but alas, Jhewitt could not deliver me more strips in 5 minutes :D So I went with the results. When I had tested her HDL's earlier several weeks ago I had an HDL of 57. So I knew it was more than likely a botch. Nontheless:

HDL-- CardioChek-42 (BOTCHED)

LDL---Is calculated. So my botched HDL affects this reading. BUT if I go with her former reading of 57 they would be only a few points difference!
Nonetheless, the results are:


So even with a botched test these come out quite good. Total was just 2 points difference!

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