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canadian13 01-17-2012 07:04 PM

Lower Cholesterol naturally (cut eggs? increase fish oil?))
I just had my blood work done and cholesterol is a little high.

I eat fairly clean 90% of the time. No processed foods, no white bread, not a tonne of meat, and only a little bit of sugar (in ice-cream or dark chocolate).

I do eat 2-3 eggs a day with lots of scrambled veggies (favourite lunch) but the doctor said I should cut down to 4/week. But I don't eat much red meat so I would really miss the protein. She suggested egg beaters (egg whites) but I like the yolk and have read that's where all the nutrients are.

She recommended increasing fish. But not necessarily fish oil supplements. Studies have shown that eating whole fish helps raise HDL (the good cholesterol), but there's not enough research to prove that fish oil supplements will raise HDL.


I'm Canadian so numbers maybe different than USA but I've indicated normal ranges in brackets:
LDL 3.93 (normal range is 1.5 - 3.39)
HDL 1.01 (should be higher than 0.9)
Total Cholesterol 5.75 (normal range 2 - 5.19)
Total ratio is 5.69 (should be less than 4.9)
I'm 38 yr old.

captjane 01-19-2012 07:07 PM

Re: Lower Cholesterol naturally (cut eggs? increase fish oil?))
2-3 eggs a day is a lot, especially if you have high cholesterol. You could replace the eggs with skinless chicken, low fat cheese, tuna etc to replace the protein, and try to keep the eggs to one or two lunches a week.

yackedar 01-20-2012 11:58 AM

Re: Lower Cholesterol naturally (cut eggs? increase fish oil?))
There are too many contradictory studies on whether eggs, with each egg containing ~210mgs dietary cholesterol on average, do, or do not affect the increase of the body's cholesterol level.

It's a fact that the more dietary cholesterol consumed, the liver produces less to counter balance the dietary intake.

If 'expert' scientists are at odds, who are we and doctors' to advise.


CranberryTea 12-17-2012 05:49 AM

Re: Lower Cholesterol naturally (cut eggs? increase fish oil?))
My cholestgerol was creeping up and four months ago was 232. I did not want to go on statins so I did some reading and changed a few things. Basically I ate healthy but I started eating oatmeal and adding ground flax seed (grind it myself in the morning) and cinnamon plus my blueberries and skim milk. When I don't eat the oatmeal I added the flax seed to low fat Greek yogurt. My new labs just came back this week and I'm down 46 points to 186. I buy the flax seed from the Grain Place in Nebraska (they ship) and use a little coffee grinder. I couldn't be happier !!

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