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Ashley9045 06-20-2019 12:09 PM

Is anyone on Amlodipine
I just started taking 5mg of Amlodipine. Has anyone been on this? My doctor said it is a well tolerated BP medication.

rosequartz 06-20-2019 01:27 PM

Re: Is anyone on Amlodipine
my mom is on it and tolerates it well

Ashley9045 06-20-2019 01:59 PM

Re: Is anyone on Amlodipine
Thank you for your response!!

rosequartz 06-21-2019 07:55 AM

Re: Is anyone on Amlodipine
sure anytime! your dose is pretty low.....are you apprehensive about taking it? I wouldn't worry!

Ryche 01-12-2020 05:59 AM

Re: Is anyone on Amlodipine
Hi - I just joined Healthboards, but saw your post/question.

I've been on the same dose of Amlodipine for about 2 months and no major issues. My doctor warned me about some possible minor constipation, but nothing that can't be handled (at least for me). I've also found that it seems to work decent at controlling my BP. Hope it is still working for you!

hunte567 10-01-2020 04:11 PM

Re: Is anyone on Amlodipine
I was on 2.5 mg for 2 months. I lost 20lbs and started having palpitations. My Doc took me off a couple of days ago. We'll see.

Welshroots 12-04-2020 03:42 PM

Re: Is anyone on Amlodipine
I'm presently on amlodipine - have been so for over a year. First 9 mths was good - BP well controlled. Then ringing in ears started, and past several months, I've experienced very sore to at times, painful wrists/lower arms; occasional bouts of not feeling well, tingling/warm sensation in legs. I've learned to live with ringing in ears, and the warm/tingling in legs is fleeting and not bothersome.

However, arms can downright hurt, and interferes with quality of life. Negative for rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel, and lyme. Again, my BP is well controlled, with last reading at dentist office a week ago being 114/72. However, I really believe that the medication is causing the on/off again arm pain.

I have history of problems with BP meds, so hopefully, your situation will be much better. Procardia caused extreme swelling, losartan had BP jumping all over the place and terrible arm pain, became very sick to point of almost passing out when diuretic was added to losartan, itching on face with lisinopril; and now, the amlodipine.

On positive note, the amlodipine has been the best in controlling blood pressure.

Welshroots 01-03-2021 07:02 PM

Re: Is anyone on Amlodipine
How are you doing on the amlodipine? Fine, I hope. Please don't be taken back by my previous post where I listed all things wrong with the med. My body doesn't like any of the meds, while most people that I know that are taking BP meds do just fine with them. Wish you good health.

nugget99 12-30-2021 10:42 AM

Re: Is anyone on Amlodipine
yes im on it and it helps, but diet changes really helped. Have your dr check your glucose readings and AC1 numbers. IF not pick up a meter for 10 pucks and some test strips and alcohol pads and see online to check your glucose readings yourself. High bp puts you at high risk of developing diabetes. Pre diabetes can also be reversed, full diabetes is lifelong and believe me, you dont want it.

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