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    Unhappy Fluctuating Blood Pressures..hard to control


    I'm new to this board and wanted to share my frustrations and problems about my blood pressure.
    I'm 36 years old and have been dealing with fluctuating blood pressure for several years.
    I was on medicine(Ziac 2.5) for quite a while(approx 4 years) and had to go off of it due to a large amount of weight loss(I did on purpose ) and I started aerobics and eating right, etc. The doctor took me off of it because it dropped on several occasions to 80/40 and I almost fainted.
    I was off the medicine from July of 2002 until June of 2003, when I became pregnant. We were very happy, but from the very first office visit at the OB, my blood pressure was crazy!! It was 190/70 on the first visit. It ran erratic every time and the MD finally put me on Aldomet. I had a bad near fainting spell with that medicine and was taken off it. He then put me on Labatolol 100mg twice a day. I would take my bp at home and it was always around 150/80's to 90's. I would take these readings to him and he took them into consideration, but he still wanted me on the meds. Well, tragedy struck and I went for an appointment in September and my baby was dead
    I had no idea. During that office visit though, before I ever knew she was gone, my blood pressure was dangerously high, 220/126! It had never been that high in my lifetime! I didn't feel any differently , not even lightheaded. When I sat there a while it dropped to 190/100. I never had protein in my urine or swelling and I wasn't overweight.
    WEll, I had to go into the hospital to deliver my stillborn baby girl. My bp was 180/100 when I first went in and my primary care doctor had put me on Benicar 20/12.5(htcz) that next day before I went in to try to lower it down some.
    Anyway, they had to give me IV meds to lower it some more(they got it down to the 140's/90's range which was acceptable).
    SO, I had my babygirl and then that night the doctor gave me by mouth Labatolol (and a nerve pill Xanax)as that was what I had been on (except the nerve pill). Well that combination dropped it to 120/85!
    The next morning before I left the hospital, on its own, my blood pressure was 140/95.
    He let me come home and it really dropped lower down to 90/60 for about two days.
    WEll here is where it gets interesting.

    I'm terrified of doctors. I don't like to go. I get very nervous and clammy and sweaty ,etc. I have a panic attack and have the "flight or fight" syndrome before I get there and while I"m in the office waiting.
    Well, my blood pressure has climbed back up, but so has my weight. I've gained about 40 pounds of the 120 pounds I lost back. I guess due to depression over the loss of my baby.
    I still exercise, but I do have vertigo sometimes and my blood pressure swings around like a see-saw.

    For example: the other day I felt really bad, nausea, h/a(I do have a history of migraines,too) and my blood pressure was 178/106!
    Well, the next morning I had a stomach virus and threw up , bp was already back down to 128/96.
    Then, today it is down to 112/88.
    Now, I'm still on the Labatolol 100mg but only 1/2 pill every morning, which I've read isn't anything.
    I'm terrified to go back to the doctor. I'm not on the Benicar anymore. I was suppose to go back to my PCP and see if that was helping, but I'm too scared to go.
    I had several refills of the Labatolol so I just kept on it.
    I know it doesn't really help me though.

    My blood pressure is mean. It really fluctuates badly and I never know what it's going to do.
    It can go from low to high the next day for no apparent reason.

    My OB doctor did do that urine test where they check for that tumor you can have that starts with a "P" and he did check the creatinine and all that was fine.

    It is VERY hard to treat my blood pressure due to the way it goes up and down....but it's also scary because I don't want it to go so high that I have a stroke or organ damage. I mean, it does go up there sometimes.

    I 'm sorry this is so long but I wish you could give me some suggestions.

    I was thinking about trying the DASH diet and losing the 40 pounds I gained. I'm sure that couldn't hurt

    Thanks for letting me share.

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    Re: Fluctuating Blood Pressures..hard to control

    Hi Ginger,

    I'm so sorry about the loss of your baby. It sounds like you have been through a lot of trauma. SInce your blood pressure was down for a year, maybe if you lost weight, exercised and tried the dash diet you could get it down again to more consistent levels. Maybe if that didn't work you could go back on the Ziac.

    In dealing with my own blood pressure, sometimes it seems to be a mystery as to why it fluctuates. I often don't see a cause/effect relationship between my lifestyle and my readings.

    I can empathize with your fear of doctors. The same thing happens to me. I start to panic a few hours before I go and while I wait in the office. I went to my appt yesterday and my heartrate was up in the 100's. I had to get an stress/echo and my heart was beating around 112 and I was laying down. Maybe you can find an especially compassionate doctor. Hope this helps a little bit. I wish I had more answers. Take care.

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    Buying Time
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    Re: Fluctuating Blood Pressures..hard to control


    I, too, empathize with the loss of your daughter. I am sure this had nothing to do with your blood pressure, it was just one of those mysteries we can't explain. I share your fear of doctors, known as Iatrophobia, which is not the same as a litte White Coat Syndrome but something infinitely more debilitating. My blood pressure rises from the time I set an appointment with any doctor to the time I finish the appointment. I swear that just talking about seeing a doctor is having an affect on me. I believe that you need an especially compassionate doctor, and hope that one does indeed exist. Take care of yourself, and I hope your next pregnancy will be the one.

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    Re: Fluctuating Blood Pressures..hard to control

    As others have commented, maybe try finding a more compassionate doctor would help. People that I know generally feel that "alternative medicine" doctors tend to be a lot more compassionate than your standard MD. I'd be banging down the door at a Traditional Chinese doctor if I wasn't carless, had money(insurance doesn't cover TCM) and wasn't a slave to my graduate studies.

    At my local food co-op the sometimes have regional "yellow pages" of healing practioners, atleast here in Arizona there is a lot of pracitioners of just about any healing art you could wish. If you have a co-op or something like a "Natures Foods" or "Sprouts" or "Whole Foods" etc natural food store, they may have things like this too.

    [url][/url] Allows you to search for practioners of a wide variety of healing arts.

    [url][/url] and click on "find a pracitioner".

    Problem with this route is insurance, you may find yourself quite limited in who you can see due to poor insurance coverage, however I have found a few that are covered by my insurance, so they do exist. But then again price might be worth it, my old boss actually was thrilled when she got to go see her holistic doctor even though her insurance didn't cover him, she really didn't care since he really helped her out a lot with her migraines that had more or less made her a pharma junkie for years and he managed to get her completely off all the drugs in a month or two (and migraine free), and absolutely no problem with white coat

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