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strong_one 12-19-2004 07:51 PM

Do Colds cause High BP?
I was doing so well, my BP reading over the past few months have gone down to around 122/85 which is low for me. Anyway, this past 2 weeks I have been battling a cold. My BP is 150/100. Could my cold be causing this?

Palamedes 12-20-2004 04:05 AM

Re: Do Colds cause High BP?
Yep. I wouldn't worry too much about BP while having a cold unless it got too high. It should return to normal when you get over it. Also, you might want to make sure you aren't taking any decongestants. These can raise BP.


strong_one 12-20-2004 07:19 AM

Re: Do Colds cause High BP?
Thank you! It's getting a bit better. It's down to 130/99 and my cold is subsiding. Just have a sore throat!

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