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goldenboys 08-23-2005 12:16 PM

Just Looking For Reassurance
I have posted before about my high BP and Atenolol and 3 months ago I went off of it completely. According to my Ormon BP machine I have been doing great keeping it below 130/65. Today I go for my 6 month checkup at the doctor and the nurse took my BP which was 120/70!!!! I was extremely happy about it. Ten minutes later the doctor comes in and we talk about a book I am reading and then he says I see you went off your BP med and I said yep to which he takes my BP and he says its 170/90. Takes it in the right arm and gets the same reading. I told him he was giving me white coat syndrome and he said how could that be since I don't wear a white coat???? Anyhow now I'm driving myself crazy by letting my mind think that maybe the nurse was wrong and my ormon machine is a piece of crap and only the doctor is right. Could BP spike that much and that fast when I don't think I was feeling anxious at all? NOW I am anxious!!!

GEORGEP 08-23-2005 02:26 PM

Re: Just Looking For Reassurance
I had a similar experience except I take Diovan for my blood pressure. I was at the Mall a few weeks ago and there were people there from some drug company and they were taking people's blood pressure. They approached me to take mine and I told them it was going to be high because I had been walking around. I sat for maybe one minute to fill out a small form and then they checked it. 175/79. I asked the guy how accurate his machine was and he said it was accurate and that EMT'S were now using the type of machine he was using. He checked my right arm and it was 143/80. I walked away thinking what is wrong with me. I had been checking it at home and I had average readings of 115/75 most of the time. I called my doctor and I went their for a bp check. The nurse checked it and it was 132/78. When she checked it I was upset so she left me alone for 5 minutes and came back and checked it again and this time is was 120/74. She asked me how often I checked it home and I said twice every night around 7 and 8 pm. She was laughing and said I was making myself obsessed about it and not to take it all or check it once a month or so. She said it was fine. So I know I have the WHITE COAT myself. I get better readings when I take it myself rather than having some stranger check it. I also recently saw my doctor and he checked it and it was 118/78.

Uff-Da! 08-23-2005 02:26 PM

Re: Just Looking For Reassurance
[QUOTE=goldenboys]Could BP spike that much and that fast when I don't think I was feeling anxious at all? NOW I am anxious!!![/QUOTE]Yep! Join the crowd.

I had stated on this board several times that I was never bothered with white coat syndrome. Then I went back to the doc last month (after having been off the BP meds for six months without her knowing). Though my normal readings at home were in the neighborhood of 126/76, the nurse took my reading before I went in to the doc and systolic was 161. After I got out of the meeting with the doctor, systolic was 181! After a few minutes the nurse took my pressure with my machine and got systolic of 159. Then I went to Wal-Mart, sat down and rested a while and got 137. After that incident, now I think I'll have white coat every time I see the doc.

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