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violet312s 09-18-2006 09:53 PM

International Travel - Tips
For those of us with HBP who travel internationally wanted to give some tips on how to manage dosing. Obviously my only experience is with the meds I take, but hopefully this will help others. Have done three international trips (all Europe) in the past two months.

ToprolXL (Beta-Blockers): Take it at bedtime, regardless of time zone. Yes, this will lead to you taking a dose early if going Eastbound and being really late on a dose Westbound, but seems to work the best. Just be prepared that if you are going Westbound you will start to feel some re-bound/withdrawal effects after you hit the 5 hours past normal dosing time. Frankly, by that point you are so tired the fast heartbeat actually keeps you awake (which is a good thing since you are ridiculously tired).

Diovan (ARB): Take it at normal time, regardless of time zone. My normal time is morning in the US. I took it in the afternoon in Europe. Noticed no interruption in sleep pattern. Yes, I'm sure my BP was running a bit high mid-day. Yup, about 45 minutes after taking a Diovan I craved a nap, but I could deal with it.

Your mileage may vary and I've been on 3mg of Melatonin every night for 10 years so that may influence my experience.

I've very happy to have proved to myself that I can deal with shifting time zone travel schedule and be able to manage my HBP.

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