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  • weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

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    Old 05-15-2007, 09:16 PM   #1
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    weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

    [ref: [url]][/url]

    My name is Dennis.
    I stumbled across this thread.
    I have been experiencing simmilar symptoms to those described here.
    (Unsteady, Sensations of imbalance, feel terrible almost all the time, tired , nerves are raw and the mostly the strange feelings when coming to stop in a car or sitting at a red light. standing from a chair like I am carrying another person) I probably could list more but as I have experienced thus far (8 mos of this) most people dont know what to relate to or are uninterested .
    I have been to to 1 innere ear specialist 3 MD's, 1 Internist, 1 neurologist, 2 ENT's ,1 Balance specialist and after 4 MRI's, 2 cat scans, 1 vgn, 2 ekg's, the complete blood work 3 times, 1 Sleep disorder study, only to be told by the Neurologist to learn to live with it.
    I have have had 5 jobs during this time and am looking again.
    Is there help???
    Please I dont want to sound like a kook, but I am desperate to return to something close to normal.
    Is there HOPE.

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    Old 05-18-2007, 08:35 AM   #2
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    Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

    I can relate to your symptoms here. I finally found a great Internal/Anti-Aging doctor who has dx me with high BP, adrenal fatigue and low testosterone. Get all these checked. I was having the same symptoms. Go to the World Health Network and find a good anti-aging doctor in your area. Its been 3 weeks since being tx and feel TONS better!!

    Old 05-18-2007, 06:27 PM   #3
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    ahall HB User
    Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

    I agree. I would have a series of blood tests done to make sure everything is ok. I live a similar life, feeling like I'm walking through a swimming pool on a daily basis, and doctors have ruled out everything, its sickening! Last Thursday, I was at the dentist and they took my blood pressure, which was 95 / 56 and it suddenly dawned on me, could it possibly be from low blood pressure. Its generally around 100 / 60, however, thats not to say it couldn't take dives every now and then. I'm going to purchase a monitor at Walmart and take my bp when the dizziness is at its worst and record it for my doctor. Good luck in your findings. Rule out all the bad stuff first. Get an allergy test too (food allergy test), you may be surprized at the findings.

    Old 05-19-2007, 12:20 PM   #4
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    beeatrice HB User
    Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

    I have the same symptoms every single day.. sometimes I have to grab on to walls to stabilize me... I was diagnosed with menieres disease and Posterior orthostatic tachycardia syndrome too where my blood pressure tends to be 90/58 on average...... does your heart rate go up when you stand?

    Old 05-21-2007, 02:13 PM   #5
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    Apostle377 HB User
    Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

    No heart rate increase when standing up.
    I have had my blood (Full Panel) checked 3times and my blood pressure is always around 120/80 which is fine also.
    No vertigo just a nervousness that seems to feed the unsteadiness. And a fatigue that is hard to describe.

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    Old 06-13-2007, 08:25 PM   #6
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    NAT2306 HB User
    Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

    I had similar symptoms as well ( dizziness, slight imbalance, lightheaded).
    I have seen many doctors (eye specialist, TMJ, MRI tests, ENT, Audiologist Otolaryngologist...) no clear answer to the rootcause
    However, after 7 mths or so, the symptoms started to go away and gradually getting I am almost back to normal..

    So there is hope and be patient -- it will go away...

    Old 06-14-2007, 01:43 PM   #7
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    Daisy37 HB User
    Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

    Must be a common problem. I suffer from the same things just describe mine as the entire world is standing at point A and I'm standing a quarter of an inch to the left . Have spent the majority of mature life in this position so I mostly have learned to live with it. My blood pressure is controlled, my potassium leans towards the low and I have to get it jump started back to normal every so often but other than that all my numbers come up in the optium level. Good luck finding what it is & if you do, please share.

    Old 06-14-2007, 07:35 PM   #8
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    Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

    I have some of the same symptoms and I am not sure where to turn. I have been to my PCP many times and he really has been little help. My blood tests have all been normal, my blood pressure is controlled, heart tests all okay, lungs okay and Doc says I don't have sinus infection. I went to an allergist and he says I don't have allergy or asthma.

    From time to time I feel lightheaded and unbalanced. I have only experienced vertigo one time when I jumped out of bed too fast. I am usually okay if I am sitting, laying or walking. My unbalance usually is when I am standing in one place. For instance, if I am standing in a line I begin to feel nervous and off balance. This used to only occur infrequently but has been happening more often. I do have ear ringing that has been going on for many years and recently my ears have felt pressure and some pain. I have also had some sciatic nerve problems which may contribute to a feeling of being unsteady. Should I try an ENT? Will this get better on it's own?

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    Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

    Same for me....I particularly like the "fuzzy" description. This is precisely the feeling, hard to descrbe otherwise unless you have had it. For me it happens when the meds are really working....I'll have a day or a few days when I bottom out at around 100 - 110 over 65 - 75 or so. That does it for me Dr told me unless I am passing out, I shouldnt worry unless it continues without resolving, then it is time for a new med or lower dose.

    Even had the panic that goes with it, and they do tend to feed one another....."what is happening?" "am I dying?" that sort of thing......

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    Old 06-21-2007, 01:52 PM   #10
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    penybobeny HB User
    Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

    Sometimes worse than having these feelings is trying to explain them to a Dr...

    Dr- So, Mr/Mrs Patient, what seems to be going on today? (Looking at your medical file while actually thinking about the dog needing to go to the groomer)

    Patient- It is hard to explain... it is like I am packed in cotton, like I am standing beside myself watching things happen. I feel like I am half a second behind everything else, and I feel dizzy all the time and kinda weak (trying to remember everything and knowing you are forgetting something, not to mention wondering if the Dr thinks you are just a hypochondriac)

    Dr- (Deciding to go for the full summer cut and nail trimming for the dog... hears cotton, dizzy, weak) Well, lets check things out...

    You get your ears and throat looked at, BP stared at, chest listened to... then are told that they do not see anything that seems very serious... lets give it a few weeks (Dr talk for "maybe you will forget about it") and then we will discuss changing meds.

    You leave wondering if you are indeed just crazy and trying to decide if you will actually come back for that follow-up... these visits cost money and if it is really nothing...

    Sometimes we have to change tactics... I have actually written down everything so I remember what I need to bring up, and if it seems that the Dr might be a bit distracted (happens to the best of us) I hand them the list to read themselves. I make it a point to clarify that I *do not feel right* and it is effecting my life... there is no such thing as a silly or stupid question and we have the right to be heard.

    I actually had a visit to the ER a few months ago because I was so weak and dizzy that I could barely sit let alone stand... my BP was sky high my heart rate in the troposphere... the waiting room was empty yet they had me sit and wait after pre-registering then called me to the window to say it would be a few more minutes due to dinner breaks (ok, people have to eat) but things sped up when I fell down on my way back to the chairs.

    In the ER I saw a Dr that after 30 seconds of questioning and looking at my short history declared that it was my thyriod (I have hypothyroid)... they ignored that I was in hypertensive crisis with a BP of 220/135 or that my HR was 130. Before I knew it I was being discharged with a prescription for VICODIN of all things, that I gave back... since I am allergic to it (plainly stated on my records) and the LAST thing I needed was something that would have made me MORE loopy!

    Dr's get busy... they get distracted... in ER's they might be at the end of a marathon shift and barely thinking straight themselves... sometimes we have to screach on the brakes, look them in the eye and state calmly and with conviction that we need to be heard and taken seriously.

    I left that ER without help... and was read the riot act by my Dr for it...

    Just remember that you have the right to question and ask for clear answers in every day speach and not technical terms.

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