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A hypertension question

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A hypertension question


Does anyone experience dizzy spells with ideal blood pressure readings?

My BP readings have been exceptional these last few days. I should be gratefull. They range from 128-114/78-70 in the mornings. (Higher in the evenings with occassional big spikes). My problem is that I get dizzy spells now. What magnifies their effect is my nausea. It has intensified. I seem to have it all the time now. I used to have nausea for weeks at a time, usually after an addition of a new medication, with breaks in between.
I thought that perhaps I somehow alternate between having a high blood pressure and being hypotensive. While on the beta blockers, I would occassionally get lower BP readings than the ones I do now, with no ill effects. So I doubt that I am hypotensive at these levels. Postural hypotension does not seem to fit the bill, either.
It really bothers me. Being nauseated most of the time is bad enough. Now this. I have been staying home a lot as I don't want to get dizzy when driving. I am wondering if I should cut back on my BP meds to bring my BP to more "normal" levels, such as 140's. I don't usually have the dizzinness at that level. I am afraid to do that knowing it could result in a reduced kidney function.

Any input would be much appreciated.
Needless to say, I am clueless and confused.


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Re: A hypertension question

Flowergirl, aiming for a top number of 140 is the same as wishing for your blood pressure to be high. A normal blood pressure reading should be below 120/80.

It's possible that your symptoms are being caused by your meds, but changing the dose on your own could be very dangerous. The safest thing to do is to let your doctor know about these symptoms.

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Re: A hypertension question

Do you take your meds in the morning or at night? I switched to pm and it helped. Also, are you taking hydrochlorothiazide? If so, check your potassium levels. Mine ended up being low and I felt awful.

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Re: A hypertension question

Hi FG,

Finally got out of the kitchen!!! Been doing peppers for the freezer. Anyhow I usually not get dizzy unless there is a sudden drop in my b/p. If I wake up with a low b/p like the other day (114/55) then I feel fine. You need to get to the bottom of that nausea.

The two times I had what I thought was a low potassium, I had nausea (rare symptom for me), low b/p, & lots of urine production-all symptoms of low potassium. Increasing my food potassium (orange juice, milk, cheese) took away the symptoms. I hadn't been eating much since I had a tooth pulled d& the other time I had a cold/flu.

For those of us with normally very high b/p's, normal b/p's of 120/70 can seem like hypotension. Bet you are counting the days until you see the Dr. this month. Take care. Fam

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Re: A hypertension question

Hello everyone and thank your for your replies!

Hubby wanted beef Stroganoff for dinner so I had to go out & get the ingredients. Was fine coming & going but got dizzy while at the store. I hope I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow.

a very good advice for most. If I mention this to my doctor, I will get one of the following comments:

1/ You should not worry too much about it.
2/ I wouldn't worry too much about it.
3/ I had the exact same symptoms when starting BP meds. (the doc is on two BP meds and no matter what the problem, he's had them all!)

I always get one of the above or a variation, regardless of the nature of my complaint. It's a waste of time. You are right, the meds must be responsible. I am on too many. It's ridiculous.

No one knows what the levels of anything are at the moment. My doctor does not worry about it too much. I got a letter from the nephrologist who is quite angry that the proper testing is not being done on regular basis so was sent for complete workups (blood & urine) to the hospital by him. Got it done on Saturday. The results go directly to the nephrologist, and a decision will be made as to the course of action. (A biopsy was put off once already, I hope I can get it done now). The upside is that I'll know what the labs are showing!
At present time, I don't know my levels of potassium or anything else. I am on two diuretics, Hctz 50g and Spironolactone 25g. I take most meds in the morning with 1/2 dose of Ramipril & 1/2dose of felodipine (plus two other meds, not for BP) at night. That's because my BP is higher in the evenings and most spikes happen then, too. I can't think how I could change that. The diuretics are bad taken at night. You get no sleep. Too busy making trips to the bathroom.

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Re: A hypertension question

Hi Fam,

I had no idea one could freeze peppers. I know they can be pickled. I did not learn any of the preserving/pickling/canning skills from Mom. I am completely ignorant in these matters. Oh well.
I will feel better once I know where I stand with the bloodwork. You know that potassium is a biggie with me. I am curious about my present potassium level. Was told by the GP not to worry about it too much, of course.
I will ask the BP doctor to order any blood tests that might have been missed by the nephrologist when I see him two weeks from now. Boy oh boy, I'll have so many things to discuss with him! I usually get about 1/2 hour of his time. That's generous. I'll try to get him to order a couple of tests, (endo) and maybe a nuclear stress test. Or, he might have some new ideas. I am looking forward to seeing him again! You guessed right!
I have nausea pretty much all the time. I've had it for so long now. I think that might be why the doc put me on Nexium. It's supposed to reduce acid production, not nausea. He did not really say why he wanted me on it. I quit taking it anyway because it was causing me to vomit. Without it I just have plain old nausea. I could bet it's from the meds.
I hope you get all the canning and freezing done!


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