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CCMH 02-14-2003 09:38 PM

My 4 yr old has high blood pressure
My 4 yr old has been diagnosed with high blood pressure and has been to specialists, had multiple tests including an angiogram. The cause is still unknown and she was started on medication this week. She has 2 or 3 days of reading that are high for her age then 2 or 3 days of readings that are moderately to severely high. Has anyone else experienced this problem?? We are unsure how long she has had the problem as the first time her blood pressure was checked about 4 months ago it was high. Yesterday it was 150/90 but it fluctuates a lot.

NMc 02-18-2003 07:03 AM

Have the doctors ruled out all secondary causes for your daughter's high BP? Coarctation of the aorta, renal insufficiency (or stenosis), hyperaldosterone ...etc. etc.? Sometimes, the answer can be found in the diet (does she have a sodium sensitivity?). Unfortunately, these things may take time to uncover - but the good news is, the system is able to put up with elevated BP for a while and in your daughter's case, this should be long enough to identify the causes and come up with a treatment plan. Best of luck!

Moxie75 02-18-2003 09:29 AM

I wish you all the best with your child. I can't imagine having to worry about my child with this. Please read the several links i have pasted below I found it on the internet it might help in ruling out what is the cause..Good Luck, Lisa

CCMH 02-18-2003 01:57 PM

Yes, the Dr.'s have ruled out what you mentioned. The poor child has been through more tests than I ever have. Thank you Lisa for listing those sites!

caszlouise 02-27-2003 03:26 AM

i would be aware that although your daughter is only young ,when i was young i had problems and had big problems when i was older and became pregnant no one told my mum about the risks to my health when i became pregnant i was very ill when i had my son and it all could have been avoided if we had known that i needed constant monitoring because of my bp

NewMe 02-27-2003 08:31 AM

So glad to see you post was heard. Ive postd for almost a year about my now 6 yr old. Soooo many issues, rushed to picu from school with possible bijimany, or ventricluar tachacardyia. They say artifact, they explain he wouldve been dead otherwise. Real reassuring there. Mri's, stress test, video electrocardiagrams, ekg, pulmonary tests, cardiac one has an answer.
He will get weak, very tired where he wants to drop wherever he is, sick to stomach, says cant keep up as he is clutching his chest, dizzy, COMPLETELY NOT HIMSELF, and after many episodes of this, he finally collapsed at school without losing conciousness. That is when he was rushed via ambulance to ped intensive care unit where he stayed for 2 wks, leaving with heart monitor, wearing it for 2 months with no episodes. Seems these episodes occur after being out at recess at school. this is right prior to lunch. When the episodes occured at home from the onset of 4, it was after a small stint outside. He also gets clammy. cool sweat. Took him to Ped Card, best in Florida, travel 4hrs round trip to see him. This was after receivng notification via mail that his primary cardiologist terminated his care, due to unable to detect issues and I unfortunatley had to put my foot down. This new doc says to relax, there are three positons to get in when this occurs, no ambulance for him needed and no valium for me , lol. He tends to think it is low blood pressure and palpitation occur when his heart pumps excessively to help elevate his lbp. He is atenolol 12.5 mg per day.. Could this be preventing further episodes? Isnt this for hbp??? any help/suggestions are so greatly appreciated. His blood sugar was good, tho not 3hr fasting, just the quick type at pediatricians office.

caszlouise 03-08-2003 02:57 AM

i am on atenolol too although stronger than you sons mine is for high bp but as a beta blocker i know that it can be used to regulate heart beats beta blockers can be used for a number of things

tosharp 03-11-2003 08:50 AM

just a quick note... my five year old has HYPOPLASTIC/DYSPLASTIC LEFT KIDNEY and is having it removed on the 20th of march. He is taking amlodipine for very high blood pressure which is caused by the kidney! alot of kidney issues effect the blood pressure in children. even some minor kidney issues will effect the blood pressure!

just my 2 cents worth!

CCMH 03-11-2003 02:54 PM


Thanks for your advice. My daughter has had a renal ultrasound, doppler studies, bloodwork, renal arteriogram,EKG, 24 hr urine, and echocardiogram. What test did your son have that revealed his problem? When is he having the kidney removed? I will keep him in my prayers for a quick recovery!

CCMH 03-11-2003 02:56 PM



I see now he is having the surgery on the 20th of March. Let us know how he does!

tosharp 03-12-2003 04:05 PM

ethan had ultrasound, renal scan, creatnine test, several different blood tests, ivp, and one other that i cant remember but what happened is that i took him to a urologist here in town because he is five and still wet the bed really bad. everyone kept blowing me off and finally i just called the urologist myself and told him look im not overreacting... hes five and we limit his drinks and take him to pee before bed and by midnite hes saturated thru a pullup plastic pants and sweatpants... then by 3 hes done that again. and at 6 or 7 he wakes up soaking wet again!!!! that is entirely too much peeing thru the nite. so he looked at him and said that for starters the tip of his penis needed to be opened a little more. so he had that done which is called a meatatonmy. then when they do the normal test that they do after that surgery just to make sure everything is working right they noticed that they couldnt get a good look at his left kidney. Next they sent us to the local hospital where they couldnt find it on ultrasound. then we went to the renal scan and they said there was no kidney there. finally we went back for a followup and the dr. said. basically he only had one functioning kidney and we will just leave it alone and just monitor him every year for the rest of his life. but i knew from reading and researching that people with kidney malformations often have elevated blood pressure and sometimes it can be very bad. so immediately i requested he refer us to a pediatric urologist in the next big town by us. thats when they found the high blood pressure.
the doctor there was SO furious that the doctor here in town had never checked him for high blood pressure. thats the main reason the NUB of a kidney as they call it is coming out. whew! sorry that was so long wanted to make sure I got all the details.
hope you find out what is wrong with your baby. ive learned from experience that you just have to tell them like it is. if you arent getting the answers you want keep asking and keep asking thats your child and its your right!!
take care

CCMH 03-12-2003 04:20 PM


Thanks for the info. We have switched Dr.'s. The pediatric cardiologist locally told me I needed to quit discussing it with my family and friends, just my husband so we all knew he was not the Dr. for us. Currently we are driving 400+ miles round trip to a Dr. that specializes in Pediatric Hypertension. He does a lot of research and I have heard good things about him. I still want to know what is causing it though. As it stands right now we have had to adjust her medicine 6 times in a month. Hope all goes well with your son!

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