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Anxiety over Blood Pressure

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Anxiety over Blood Pressure

Hi Everyone,
I haven't posted in a while but I felt I needed some perspective. I have been obsessing over my blood pressue. I have always had really low pressure 110/70 or even lower even though I have had pretty bad anxiety for about 15years. I recently went off birth control pills after ten years and began having a lot of anxiety and depression. At the same time I had a doctor's appt, just a check up and I began worrying my blood pressure was high. Ofcourse since I was worrying it was like 130/100. He checked it again about ten minutes later and it was 124/74 so I relaxed a little but then I just began obsessing over my blood pressure checking it constantly (we have a home monitor) sometimes 20 times in a half an hour, so of course it spikes. I think the hightest was maybe 142/98. I went back to the doctor a few days ago to ask him if he was concerned about my blood pressure and to tell me to quit checking it (It was 120/82) at his office. He told me he was not worried, it was anxiety related and to only check twice a month. Well, I went to the grocery store today and checked it again it was 132/75 I had checked it two days ago as well and it was 124/77. This is a little high for me and I am now depressed and anxious. I just don't know how to get out of this vicious cycle. Anyone gone through this or any advice?

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Re: Anxiety over Blood Pressure

Hi Ivy,

I can relate to the anxiety, as I suffer from chronic anxiety. But please be assured that these numbers are fine. Depending on your age, say if you were under 30, and you had sustained elevated numbers (in the 145+ over 90+) over a several week period af daily monitoring, then it would be safe to say you have hypertension. But, erratic occasional spikes are common to everyone, it's just that, unlike the obsessives in this forum , most people aren't checking their pressures every 15 minutes....

Regards, Brenden.

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Re: Anxiety over Blood Pressure

go out with your friends
go watch a movie
play golf
kick a soccer ball
or perhaps a new hobby

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Re: Anxiety over Blood Pressure

Thank you both for your replies. I have been working my self up about this for some reason. I logically know that these numbers are okay but I am just having OCD about it.
Thanks again.

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Re: Anxiety over Blood Pressure

I totally understand what it's like to be obessed with BP numbers. My parents both had hypertension, my mom died of a stroke. they never could get her numbers real low. lost most of her vision also from the her BP. After my 3rd baby I was getting 191/110 and they couldnt lower it. finally it's within an acceptable range which is 130/80's. I used to have low BP also. So I think it's wise to watch your pressure but try not take it 20 times every day. morning and night is fine.

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Re: Anxiety over Blood Pressure

Hey! I'm in the same boat as you! as you can see in my topic a few down "anxiety and high blood pressure. I too get the spikes like you, but my distolic actully hits ove the 100 mark sometimes. Highest it's ever been is around 150/120. I have become so obsessed with my BP,. that even just thinking about it causes it to go up for no reason. Actually as i'm writing this and thinking about it i just felt myself get the sensation of feeling hot, ( which means my BP just spiked up) But just as fast as it came it's already gone.

Mine too is anxiety related, but i'm in the middle of waiting for test results, cause there is actually a condition known as pheocromacytoma that i'm being tested for, they have the same symptoms as somebody with severe anxiety disorder, which can explain my sudden spikes and feeling hot. I myself am 95% sure though that mine is anxiety related, but i'm no doctor.

So i pretty much had white coat hypertension, but me being a pretty extreme hypochondriac, i feel like i have made myself have hypertension, just from thinking about it all the time. I cannot get it out of my head, cause i know the feeling when it rises and it happens many times daily, i can't just ignore it like everyone says. Easier said then done, but not when you have a chemical imbalance in your brain that causes you to worry and dwell on things.

I'm getting ready to start some anxiety medication after my next visit with my nephrologist and getting the results from my tests. What i find weird is how so many doctors take different approaches to dealing with Blood pressure. I had this doctor that REFUSED to deal with my high BP, said he wont put me on beta blockers causes they will just cause more problems down the road, and said it's my anxiety causing it, and that i need to talk to somebody about the anxiety. But now my new doctor has me on beta blockers, like they are nothing. I'm glad though, cause my heart would race all the time without them cause of my anxiety.

I don't know though why your doctor said the spikes don't worry him though, even if it is cause of anxiety. heck, when i went to the hospital during a panic attack and thought i wasn't able to breathe and that my heart was going to explode, they kept me there for 8 hours until my BP finally went down, even after i told them it was high cause i have anxiety and was scared being in the hospital. Even after all the tests came back fine, they still kept me there. Then once the doctor told me " well anxiety or not, it shouldn't be spiking that high, and the spikes can be just as damaging as sustained high blood pressure. S your doctor is most likely trying to get your mind off it so you don't worry.
They tell me that all the time, but of course i STILL worry about it, cause no matter what they say i can think of many ways to die, and the least way on my list is from a stroke. And i also don't feel like going blind.

Whats weird though is i remember these hot flashes i get of spikes happening to me like all my life! So you'd figure i would have some damage done by now to organs, but all my tests came back fine. But back then i had no clue it was even from my BP and just thought BP spikes caused by anxiety were perfectly safe. Or then again maybe it just takes a while and the damage is already starting All i know is i'll see what happens once i get my anxiety under control. You need to do the same, don't let yourself get as bad as i have! I still THINK i have high BP , even though it spikes and is normal during the day usually. Took it this morning before even taking my beta blocker and it was 115/71. But i bet thats cause it was the morning and my brain didn't have the chance to start worrying about it yet lol.

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Re: Anxiety over Blood Pressure

I know you guys are all right it is just anxiety. I have been dealing with the anxiety for a long time and I think my hormones have contributed to it lately since I had been on birth control pills for ten years and after two months off of them this started. I am also 35 now so maybe some perimenopause. I am going to just try and let my doctor worry about my health, that is his job and worry never prevented any disease right?

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