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KrisTsao 04-17-2001 01:56 PM

Do I have high BP?

I'm 32. Recently I went to a clinic, and the nurse read my BP as 145/90. I have been having cold for 2 weeks. I am still coughing a little bit and have a sore throat. But I'm not on any medication yet. Will having cold affect my blood presure? Two years ago, I had high BP readings (140/90), but repeated doc visits didn't confirm that.

I'm just worried. Please let me know if this high BP is related to Cold or not. The doctor asked me to check again if I want. I don't know if I should trust this doctor or not.



JJ 04-17-2001 07:30 PM

Re: Do I have high BP?
How long have U had this dr. and are your previous readings high? I know when I have a cold mine usually will be higher than normal, but I would have it checked again to see if U constantly get this 145/90. It isn't a bad reading, but it is borderline. Is there a pharmacy or clinic near by where you can get it checked. You also could invest in a home monitor, the Omron self inflateable is pretty accurate and check it on a reg. basis. I always had very low BP till a few months ago, where it went to 170/100. The dr. had me come back after 2 months and it was still high, so he put me on Altace 5mgs. Good luck, and do get it checked out again even to satisfy your own mind. JJ

Rebecca492 04-21-2001 11:57 AM

Re: Do I have high BP?
Usually the determination for high blood pressure is anything above 140/90 on three consective measurements. The upper number could be high on three consectuive visits and that would constitute hypertension. conversly the lower number could be high and the upper number normal. Usually the doctors will put you on lifestyle changes with a borderline high blood pressure. The addition of medication for "cold" symptoms CAN increase the blood pressure. This includes ANY of the over the counter medication. Before taking anything over the counter for colds or flu I always read the warning box on the side of the package.

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