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Aces21 11-26-2001 12:49 AM

Anyone here with Renal Artery Stenosis
I was told that I have Renal Artery Stenosis and that is what's causing my high BP. Has anyone heard of this?


SamQKitty 12-02-2001 06:01 PM

Re: Anyone here with Renal Artery Stenosis
Amanda -
Wow! I've had renal artery stenosis for nearly 25 years and never met anyone else who's had it! Yes, it does cause high blood pressure, and it's usually slightly more difficult to treat than the kind of high BP caused by ageing. It doesn't respond much to weight loss or exercise. I'm on calcium channel blockers (Verapamil), and they work great!

Post back with more details...would love to chat with you.
Sam Q Kitty

SamQKitty 12-11-2001 01:42 AM

Re: Anyone here with Renal Artery Stenosis
Hi Amanda -
I never heard back from you, and wanted to make sure you're okay.

Regarding your renal stenosis, has anyone suggested you have surgery (i.e. to bypass the artery?). Some urologists/nephrologist are very aggressive about treating this kind of high BP, and recommend the surgery; however, the high BP can usually be well treated by medications, and I personally don't think surgery is such a great idea.

Ruth<p>[This message has been edited by moderator3 (edited 04-28-2002).]

ashton 04-28-2002 11:36 AM

Re: Anyone here with Renal Artery Stenosis
Hi Ruth,
I also have what I believe is called Renal Artery Stenosis. In 1999 my BP was 240/140 and so I went to emergency with stroke like symptons. One of the things they found was a blockage in my right renal artery. After a angiogram they dediced to do a angioplasty. The procedure was successfull but the BP continues to be very sporadic. Last month I had a procedure called a Duplex scan which I believe is a new scan that is non invasive and replaces the angiogram. The results showed some blockage but not as bad as before and at this point my nephrologist is not suggesting a angioplasty. After the last procedure I was told to take one aspirin 365mg a day which I did for about a year but because of constant bruising I stopped the aspirin and the bruising stopped. I take vasotec, norvasc and a diuretic. However, I do believe when my BP soars it's due to stress.

SamQKitty 05-06-2002 12:35 AM

Re: Anyone here with Renal Artery Stenosis
Hi Sheila,

What types of antihypertensives are Norvasc and Vasotec? For the first 4-5 years after my diagnosis, my blood pressure was only moderately well controlled. Since I got on calcium channel blockers, my blood pressure has been very well controlled.

This past year a urologist I was sent to for something else did a big number on me...he wanted me to have surgery to put a stent in. Since I've had no trouble with the Renal Artery Stenosis for the past 20 or so years, I got into a big argument with him. Now I hear from you that they can clog up again. I'm sure sorry you had to go through surgery for nothing. Have you tried other medications?

I had the most wonderful nephrologist for many years (he has since retired, and my primary care physician watches it now). He worked very closely with me for about 4 years until we finally found a medication that worked really well and didn't have many side effects. You may want to try different things...everyone responds differently to different meds.

Anyway, it's nice to talk to someone else with this condition...for the past 25 years, I never knew another soul who had it!

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