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jjhoff 05-14-2001 08:06 AM

Blood pressure and exercise
i just want to see if anyone out there knows anything about the relationships of exercise, losing weight, and blood pressure. let me start by telling u my situation. i'm in the army national guard and i'm tring to go to flight school. when i first entered the process i had a physical, and every thing was good. my bp was 110/70, and i felt i was in decent shape. i could pass the physical fitness test with no problem, but they said i was about 20 lbs. over weight according to the army standards. okay so i started dieting and doing more cardio exercises. Oh by the way i was around 190-195 lbs. at a height of 5'8". now one year later i take the same physical because it is required every year, and i've lost 20-25 lbs, so i'm around 170 lbs., but guess what my bp is 140/90. i feel really good physical and i can run like the wind, but he says i might have hbp.

Connie 05-15-2001 02:38 PM

Re: Blood pressure and exercise
hi jj, it does sound a bit ironic. Before settling with the idea that you have high BP, this needs to be comfirmed with at least another resting measure. A couple questions that came to my mind: Does hypertension run in your family? Were you under any particular stress when the doc measured your BP? Good luck and keep up the exercise. Your body weight by the way is quite good.

Speedgal 05-16-2001 03:45 AM

Re: Blood pressure and exercise
Also are you taking anything to help you lose weight like Ma Huang, Ephedra or any caffeine based products?

In what scenario is your BP being measured - is it a one off in the doctors surgery or is it at home or in a relaxed situation?

jjhoff 05-16-2001 07:19 AM

Re: Blood pressure and exercise
okay let me try and answer all of your questions. i admit there are some stressful things going on in my life. first of all i'm getting married on june 2; i know only a couple weeks left. second, i'm not totally happy about my job right now, but it's not really that bad. now let me add that i don't ever feel like i'm totally stressed out if you know what i mean. i don't loss any sleep at night or sit around worrying about everything, i'm generally quit cool with stressful situations. besides i spent 4 years in Army Infantry and never had a problem with bp, but i realize that i was a little younger. i'm 27 now.
answers to connie
1. family genetics is a hard one because i have never met my real father (that's what really scares me), but it doesn't seem to be on my mother's side.
2. i guess i've kind of answered your second question
answers to speedgal
1. no i have not been taking anything to help weight lose (don't really believe in them)
2. my pressures have been taken in a doctors office, but i never had a problem with that before. note: i tried someone's home electronic device and my blood pressure was good on it, but how can i be sure that it is accurate, and is there any recommendations on a home device that i might want to buy and is it really accurate.

well i know i'm giving you an ear full and i appreciate your time. i just don't want anything to ruin my chances to go to flight school, and according to them your bp should be below 140/90. wouldn't it figure that i'm right on the borderline or slightly above. thanks for the replies, and keep them coming.

i will probably have more questions down the road. i have a doctor's appointment this friday, so we'll see how things are going.<p>[This message has been edited by jjhoff (edited 05-16-2001).]

JJ 05-16-2001 10:21 AM

Re: Blood pressure and exercise
About 6 months ago I was diagnosed with high BP after always having below normal, to normal all my life! Yes I was going through a lot of illness within the family and was also ill myself from taking cholesterol meds. I bought the Omron self inflateable machine, had it to the drs. office to check it out, and it was quite accurate. They put me on Altace, first 2.5 mgs. then 5 mgs. Now that I have been feeling better and things are getting better within the family, I get very low readings at home, like 107-123 over 69-81, but when I went to the dr. last wekk, it was 150/100?? She is a new dr. to me, and she think s it was severe white coat syndrome. I have to see her in a few weeks, so she asked me to bring the machine in and recheck it, and to still closely monitor my home readings. Like I said, I never had a reading even in a drs. office over 130/75 before, so it is a mystery to us all. Good luck. JJ

Speedgal 05-17-2001 04:26 AM

Re: Blood pressure and exercise
I also have an Omron self inflatable, they are good. You should take 3 readings at a time and say 3x day to start with.

Glad your weight loss is drug free! Congratulations! BTW I went with 140/90 BP for about 30 years before the docs decided to do anything about it and I'm still alive. But then I didn't have to have any medicals.

Good luck

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