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pl 02-26-2001 05:08 PM


My previous message discussed my "problem."

Assuming that this is related to circulation problems and not the beta-blockers, does anyone have any thoughts on the use/safety/effectiveness of ginko? Other than a potential reaction with blood thinners (aspirin, cumadin, etc..) it seems safe(?) Does it improve blood flow to the brain (and therefore concentration, etc..)?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thanks in advance and thanks to all those who responded to the last post.

Speedgal 03-06-2001 02:46 AM

Re: Ginko
You do not say what your problem is! Unless you are saying that your high BP is related to circulation problems. Do you feel the cold? That might give an indication. Anyway ginkgo is supposed to help peripheral blood circulation. How effective it is I don't know. And the head is part of the periphery so that's where the brain comes in.

I'd be surprised if it had a noticeable effect. All that aside, there is at least one herbal medication for high BP available on the net. There are also some excellent databases for herb information. Try doing a search on <A HREF="http://www.***********" TARGET=_blank>www.***********</A> (IMHO the best search engine around) for herbs and high blood pressure - I'm sure you'll come up with something.

TrickyDick 03-09-2001 03:35 PM

Re: Ginko
For myself, Potassium has been instrumental in lowering my BP. I take a supplement twice a day after meals. Works for me.

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