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stocklord 11-15-2001 04:49 AM

Diastolic rising to above 110
I am a 38 year old male, fairly active (football), 5 foot eleven and 175 pounds. My bp is 140/100 to 110. What would be causing the high diastolic....i am a very anxious person, but shouldn't that effect the systolic more?
I saw my doc this morning, and am having an ECG and blood test next week.
These readings are sending me into a panic, and obviously making things worse. I have a monitor at home, but I just can't relax, as soon as I press the button, i can feel my head thumping and adrenaline pumping. However, my pulse is always below 70.

Dan K 11-15-2001 09:16 AM

Re: Diastolic rising to above 110
It is possible that you have HBP. However, I can assure you that taking your BP - whether it is at home or at the doctors will in itself cause your BP to rise dramatically. At the doctors office, my BP is always 155/100 first reading. At the end of my appointment, the doctor will take it again and it will be something like 128/93 (still unacceptable by medical standards). At home, my first reading is 140/90. Immediately afterward it is 130/85 or lower. My advice is to purchase an OMRON self-inflatable. Take you BP 2-3 times daily - always around the same time of day. Sit in a chair comfortably with a backing on it and wait 5 minutes. Concentrate on taking DEEP breaths. Measure it once. Measure it twice. Record the reading. Do this for two months. This will give you a fairly accurate indication. Perhaps you can work on controlling anxiety thru therapy or perhaps your doctor can discuss medicating you to control anxiety which may help with your BP. DK

Zack 11-15-2001 08:09 PM

Re: Diastolic rising to above 110
As an 'experiment' you could get a hold of some xanax (choose a day when u don't need to function in case u get spaced out). Then after the xanax kicks in try taking your pressure. Another trick I know is to take in when u r really sleepy. This way your mind won't be so alert.

Many people with early stage hypertension and very variable/labile pressure will benefit tremendously from any relaxation methods.

I know it's scary stuff to think about and that can be half the problem.

SamQKitty 12-02-2001 06:16 PM

Re: Diastolic rising to above 110
Dear Stocklord,
Although it's not uncommon for BP to rise as you get older, especially if you have a family history of high BP, you're right that it's usually the systolic that goes up, while the diastolic doesn't rise that much.

One of the things that can affect blood pressure is a kidney's the kidneys that are largely responsible for regulating blood pressure. Please don't let this scare you, because some kidney problems are, well...not minor, but not that scary. I have a condition called renal stenosis which causes my blood pressure to be high without medications (and it especially caused the diastolic to go up to 110 at rest!). You may want to have your doctor refer you to a nephrologist to be checked out. Also, if doctor recommends an IVP (x-ray of kidneys) it's a good idea, but an IVP won't show renal stenosis. It's usually discovered by a trained nephrologist listening to the arteries near your kidneys (right over the front of your hips) and detecting an anomolay in the sound of the blood going through these arteries.

Of course, just because you have high BP doesn't mean you have renal stenosis or kidney problems, but it should be checked out.

Also, you didn't mention if your BP has been going up gradually over the past few years, or is suddenly elevated. I'd be more suspicious of a kidney link if your BP (especially diastolic) is suddenly elevated, as opposed to gradually going up.

Good luck!

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