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nosredla 08-15-2001 08:25 AM

Drug Resistance
I am 60 year old white male in good shape, good diet, plenty exercise, low stress. Diagnosed months ago with HBP around 180/80. Started on low dose monotherapy, now on max dosage beta blocker, ACE inhibitor & diuretic. Everything works for a while, then BP goes up again. Currently achieving 150/80 for a few hours during day. Then goes up again in evening and is back to 180/80 during night. Ultrasound shows heart in very good shape and other internal organs normal. Getting tired of worrying about this. Any suggestions?

Misty800 09-19-2001 09:50 PM

Re: Drug Resistance
Check the way you are "breathing". You may be a "hidden hyperventilator". Three internist and one cardiologist did not recognize this was a problem for me. Went to a hypertension specialist at a medical school and that was the first thing he noticed. Got a cheap prescription and it has worked.

If you are a hidden hyperventilator or what may be referred to as a "sighing breather" you breathe too shallow and exhale too much carbon dioxide. This causes the vital organs to be deprived of oxygen. Without sufficient amount of carbon dioxide the red carpusles will not be able to release oxygen to vital organs causing body to panic, shooting adrenalin, raising bloodpressure.

There is a simple blood test for CO2 deficiency.

You should breathe with tummy going out and in and not shoulders up and down. Take deep breaths and slow exhales.

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