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lette75 02-12-2001 02:41 PM

Mum's high blood pressure
My Mum has extremely high blood pressure 200/130 . She has been going to her Dr for about 6 months and is on the same medication. her blood pressure is getting worse. I think that the Dr should be doing more to help. She has had trouble with her eyes and has had vessel burst in them. Is it normal for a Dr to do this little? What should my Mum be asking for in terms of extra help?
any advise would be appreciated

Ken 02-12-2001 05:12 PM

Re: Mum's high blood pressure
With blood pressure that high, your mother is at risk for heart disease, stroke or possible damage to vital organs such as her kidneys, liver and/or eyes.

There are at least 3 classes of drugs and many medications under those 3 classes so there hopefully is a drug she can be put on which will bring down her pressure to an acceptable level.

I would suggest she find another doctor, preferably a Cardiologist.

Other things that can be done is to limit salt in her diet as well as to exercise on a regular basis. However, if she doesn't already have a regular exercise program, she should clear her exercise with her doctor. Preferably a new doctor.

Another thing that is suggested is what is called the DASH Diet. This consists of at least 8 servings of fruits and vegetables per day plus fat-free or low fat dairy products.



JJ 02-12-2001 05:52 PM

Re: Mum's high blood pressure
I would definitely get a second opinion from another dr. I always had normal BP 130-135 over 70-85 till I was put on cholesterol meds. and got very ill last year. For some reason my BP started rising over the last 4 months. My new dr. watched it very closely plus I bought a home machine, Omron self inflate to monitor it. Three weeks ago I went for another checkup and it was 160 over 100, so the dr. put me on 2.5 mgs. of Altrace. If it doesn't come down then I go to 5 mgs. So far it has been rangeing about 128-135 over 74-81. He wants it below 130, so we will see what happens with my last week of the 2.5 mgs. There are plenty of good meds. out there to help her, as those numbers are VERY high, and I am very surprised her dr. isn't more concerned. Take care, and I hope you find someone to help get those numbers down.

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