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atengnr 02-19-2012 06:55 PM

What Non-prescription Drugs Have You Found Effective??
I am curious if people have found any non-prescription drugs that lower their blood pressure, and if so, by how much. Any input is appreciated.

Anyone find success with

- COQ10? What dose?
- Arginine, Citrulline ?
- other supplements?

Thanks alot.

easygoingguy 02-19-2012 08:33 PM

Re: What Non-prescription Drugs Have You Found Effective??
Supplements may or may not work, depending on underlying condition that is causing high BP. But I think it's worth a try anyway. First thing I did was changed my diet from burgers soda ice cream and pizza to whole foods. Lost 30lbs since early Dec.

Dr prescribed low does of lisinopril and amlodipine. Dr said nothing about supplements, just to lower salt and caffeine. I then started researching and found claims that lifestyle and certain foods/supplements have been shown to lower BP. On my own I found a supplement on the shelf at health food store that targeted high BP called FutureBiotics Pressur-Lo. So in Dec I started that, my new diet, plus garlic, fish oil, and vit C.

I did all this at once- meds, my new diet, and the supplements above. My BP came way down. In fact, so low one day it was very low at 90/55! So I thought that indicates I can maybe reduce my meds. So 25 days ago I decided to try and cut my lisinopril in half and see if it stayed in normal range. It did!

Pressure Lo is very similar to the suggested supplements in the book "Amazing Way to Reverse Heart Disease Naturally", and I was basically following the diet + supplement plan in that book.

When my Pressur-Lo tabs ran out this month I decided to switch to Michael's Blood Pressure Factors since it has great reviews. Be sure to read them.

I also recenly read "The Blood Pressure Cure", which lists 4 supplements clinically proven to lower BP: arginine (which is very powerful and may have some risks), grape seed extract, pycnogenal, and Lyc-o-mato tomatoe extract. These must be purchased from certain mfgs, the ones used in the clinical studies.

I also heard a radio show with a Dr that said hibiscus tea lowers BP and so does beet root and pomegranate juice. Pomegranate extract or concentrate is as powerful as an ACE drug! You should not take pomegranate if using an ACE!

I didn't know about any of these when I started on meds. Dr said nothing. But I read about all of these after I started on meds that they have been shown to lower BP in studies. But Dr's do not recommend and I guess he can't because these are not medically reviewed peer-to-peer.

So what I've researched so far, I'm sure there are more, these should lower BP:

arginine (only sustained release)
grape seed extract (only from MegaNatualBP)
tomato extract (only lyc-o-mato brand)
pycnogenal (only French Maritime)
Michael's Blood Pressure factors
hibiscus tea (as powerful as a med! May cause hallucination in some people!)
beet root
pomegranate juice (as powerful as a BP med! Do not take if using an ACE!)
celery (4 stalks a day)
pressur-lo tabs (very similar to book plan mentioned above)

So I'm trying some of these to find if I can lower my meds. It takes a month to find out if these work for me or not. Last month I was pleased to cut my lisinopril in half with healthy diet, and the Pressure-lo tabs, fish oil, and garlic. This month Ive changed to Michaels Blood pressure Factors and added lyc-o-mato, pycnogenal, plus continue garlic, fish oil, coq10, and started a multivitamin as well. If I can't lower meds even more on these I'll add hibiscus tea, beet root. If that doesn't work, I'll add arginine, and if that doesn't work Ill add pomegranate.

Once I started on meds I have to taper off slowly while adding these, so my testing takes months.

soflsun 02-20-2012 03:33 AM

Re: What Non-prescription Drugs Have You Found Effective??
None, long term...

I thought cayenne pepper, but no luck.

I thought vitamin D, but no luck.

Niacin and red yeast extract were great for cholesterol and triglycerides though!

atengnr 02-20-2012 03:58 PM

Re: What Non-prescription Drugs Have You Found Effective??
Thanks alot for the information. My issue basically is there is only one prescription drug I can take for blood pressure - beta blockers, which I hate to take because of the lost exercise capacity. Any other drug which has vasodilatory activity (basically all other drugs of which I have tried 10+) causes severe loss of cognitive function. After years of being baffled by this, I went to a hypertensive specialist and he arrived at the theory that I have poorly compliant vasculature (wide pulse pressure) which causes altered brain perfusion when taking a vasodilating drug (CCB, ACEI, ARBS, hydralazine, etc, etc).

It is a bit of a scourge for me because beta blockers prevent me from participating in higher intensity sports anymore. Ive often considered just letting my BP stay at 160/90s and live with the consequence down the road....

What else could I do?

ftbwgil 02-22-2012 05:14 PM

Re: What Non-prescription Drugs Have You Found Effective??
I am 51 and had BP of 160/107 had a hypertensive crisis 1 month apart from amother one 185/115 and I did not want to do drugs therefore I am on the following natural products . Have been for 3 weeks . the readings are now 138/91 average. sometimes as high as 145/97
Smaller portions eat more often. Avoid all sugar due to potential insuline resistance if that is the case.
I take apple cidar vinegar 2 tbsp
hisbiscus tea 2x
detox with 1 tbsp lemon juice in tea

5,000 mg vit c
stress recue
omega 3 capsules 4-5 daily
Rhodiola for stress
Pomegrnate juice and beet juice
Virtuallly no salt
3 celery sticks daily
eat chicken fruit and vegetables no red meat or eggs
Do 2x 10 min deep breath meditation
stop thinking what if
stop complaining about anything
drink 8 glass water daily
avoid all restaurant foods other than salad witha slice of chicken

I hopeit will continue to decrease every one says its lifestyle decision.

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