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Jewdee5 03-05-2012 12:44 PM

Right arm vs. Left arm.
I just can not stand going to Dr. I am in pretty bad need of an antibiotic if I go to the Dr. I am an overweight person and some Dr's out there are just RUDE. So, naturally I get the white collar syndrome (that some Dr's don't believe in) that causes my bp to rise. Then they try to use a cuff on me that is to small and don't believe that using the wrong size cuff will give off HIGH readings. I also tried to tell her to use my left arm and they therefore they got a 190/100 reading on me. They asked me about bp meds and I told them that I have a cuff at home and take on a regular basis just because I have OCD and that it normally runs 145/85. Then I was getting mad, because I did not go to argue about my bp, I went for an antibiotic.

My question is though, I have always heard bp readings are higher in one arm than the other and my right arm always, always, always reads about 10 more in it than my Left. My weight Dr. always checks my Left arm....

Just thought I would see if anyone had any answers to as of why, because the Dr. I went to today had no clue!

easygoingguy 03-05-2012 01:47 PM

Re: Right arm vs. Left arm.
it's normal for arms to have different readings due to the slightly normal irregular shape of the heart and arteries. A difference up to 20mmHG for the top number and 10mmHG for the lower number is fine. If the difference is greater then that, there could be a underlying problem.

It is recommended to use the arm that has the higher readings to take your BP. But seems like everyone, even DR's, get in the habit of always using left arm for some reason.

A lot of people have white collar syndrome and that's like taking your BP while driving a car in a traffic jam. If you check your BP regularly at home, and it's in normal ranges at home, then the DR's office is out of norm reading, it's because of being very anxious. If you go back home, relax, and daily BP is ok again, you're fine!

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