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?? about changing B/P meds

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?? about changing B/P meds

I am taking 5 mgs. of Lsinopril for about 3 years and my kidney function (GFR) continues to decrease. I mentioned this to my Dr, 4 months ago and she said Lisinopril is actually good for your kidneys. I see my DR. tomorrow and really want off the Lisinopril but don't know which drug class of meds to suggest to her. I do have a slow heart rate so that means beta blockers are out.

My GFR decreased 10 points in 6 months and is now at 42. Any suggestions for a med? I don't need anything strong, basically I have white coat styndrome.

Thanks, Linda

Myofascal pain syndrome
Arthritis, cervical and thorastic

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Re: ?? about changing B/P meds

If you have renal disease, it is very likely that lisinopril is beneficial for you. Sounds like you need to see a kidney doc to find out why your kidney function is declining. If you dont have renal artery stenosis, then ace inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blockers protect your kidneys, and slow progression of disease.

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Re: ?? about changing B/P meds

they are right, you need to check into your kidneys. But you take a BP med just for white coat syndrome? I think that's really unnecessary. Shows we are still an over-medicated society.

Dr's say lisinopril helps protect the kidneys because of the lower blood pressure. This is true. But true for anything that lowers BP- a med or a natural approach. I was taking lisinopril before I knew about natural approaches to lowering BP and then read about the potential side effects. Let's review these potential side effects:

Lisinopril potential side effects:
nasal congestion
sexual dysfunction
anemia (rare cases)
leukopenia (rare cases)
thrombocytopenia (rare cases)

Who wants to deal with this? Well, hypertension is such a health threat that it's expected that patients will tolerate these symptoms. But meds are chemicals that are unnatural to the body. The chemicals use 'brute chemical force' to create a desired blood cell reaction/effect. Thus the unwanted side effects. And I suspect (and many others do as well) that long term use of powerful chemical meds will cause OTHER new health problems to emerge. Then THOSE have to be 'treated'!

I wanted to get off lisinopril as soon as possible. But I took it, and another med, to keep my BP in check while I did constant research, and I then found out that high BP can often be brought down and even kept in normal ranges by diet and lifestyle. My diet and lifestyle was really poor. I wasn't even concerned about white coat syndrome. I had to take BP meds asap to get my BP down.

So I took the meds while doing research and I found there are many things that help lower BP naturally- diet (DASH), weight control, exercise, stress reduction, certain supplements, relaxation, etc. I started doing all these. In researching diet, I found there are foods that help lower BP and foods that raise BP! Foods that help lower BP are celery. Beet juice. Hibiscus tea. Foods rich in potassium, low glycemic, whole foods, etc.

I then discovered there was a super food for lowering BP: pomegranate juice.

Pomegranate juice relaxes the blood vessels, and it's so effective that the Mayo Clinic warns that it can be very dangerous to consume if also taking ACE inhibiting BP meds! Like lisinopril! Never take your lisinopril and then drink a big glass of pomegranate juice! It could be very dangerous.

Did your Dr warn you of this? Or maybe he forgot and called you later? If so, he is a superb Dr and I would keep that Dr.

So here I am taking lisinopril and only found afterwards on my own about pomegranate juice. And found it has significant health benefits. You go to a Dr thinking they know all about health. But what they know MOST about is meds.

Let's review what's in pomegranate juice that makes it so healthy:
highest fruit juice in antioxidants (even more then red wine and tea)
more flavonoids than those found in grapes
provides Vitamin C, B5, K, folate, and potassium

Now let's review the health benefits of pomegranate juice (70+ years of research):
stops the oxidation of 'bad' cholesterol LDL
reduce plaque in your arteries
decreases blood pressure
increases blood flow to the heart
protects against prostate cancer in men
protects against breast cancer in women
antibacterial benefits
antiviral benefits
helps control diabetes
helps maintain healthy skin (age fighter)

Now the potential side effects of pomegranate juice:
- diarrhea (get be severe if consumed too much)
- acts like an ACE inhibitor med and can multiply the meds effects to a dangerous level! (never consume pom juice if taking an ACE med!)

So here's this amazing healthy juice, that acts like an ACE med but my Dr didn't tell me about it. He started me immediately on meds. Didn't even TRY natural approaches. Why? He's not trained or authorized by the pharmaceutical/medical/FDA complex to do so. Any Dr doing so is doing so on their own and deviating from 'standard' practice.

Well I decided to stop taking lisinopril on my own and use pomegranate juice as my 'natural ACE med'. I understand that the medical establishment can't recommend foods as 'medicine'. So I was on my own to do this. Because I was 40 lbs overweight and just starting to change my diet/lifestyle I decided I had to continue lisinopril and another med for a while, until I had self-obtained health improvements from diet/lifestyle.

Well, I did. I starting losing weight fast. In 2 months I finally stopped lisinopril. I took less and less and then finally stopped. I then was SO excited I could now drink pomegranate juice. I had never had it before, so it was exciting to taste a new fruit juice, and start receiving health benefits as well. I now drink it daily. My BP was 190/100 5 months ago. Now I have late morning readings in the 119/70 range. Sometimes lower. That's not just from POM juice, but from all my changes.

I wouldn't recommend just stopping an ACE med and switching to POM juice flat out. That might even work, I don't know, but I didn't do it that way. I worked on my diet/lifestyle first for 2 months, then I did the switch to POM juice. But remember to never take both together.

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Re: ?? about changing B/P meds

ace inhibitors and ARBs slow the progression of kidney disease well beyond their antihypertensive effect.

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