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JeffUK 08-06-2012 01:14 AM

Possible naturual help for BP reduction .....
Posting this as my own personal experience that I'm simply passing on to any others wishing to reduce BP in the longer term, but also see immediate heart and breathing rate improvements but also as a possible exercise to reduce stress ..

As it happens some others may recall that I finally withdrew from Atenolol some 4 monmths ago and I am currently enjoying the ups but mostly downs of withdrawal symptoms and stress of that but I also realised that for me some sort of breathing exercise might be helpful for the stress of that but also more generally to help with BP reduction - but couldn't see myself enroling or learning any of the yoga type rituals.

So I bought myself a kinetic breathing training box which is supposed to help by training you to breath rythmically and therefore dilate the arteries and reduce BP. But the palaver of a chest strap and cheap earphones and ... anyway it didn't seem to work for me - and it was expensive - and it has gone back.

However, I did realise although I am normally quite cynical about these things that I felt really good after the relatively short breathing exercises.

So you can take your heart and breathing rates first, do a five minute breathing exercise and remeasure. You'll find both your heart rate and breathing rate has reduced and you will feel less anxious and more realxed. Over time - say if you did this daily or more I believe that it will also help to reduce BP. I actually feel quite good after the 5 minute exercise and can see both breathing and heart rate reduction, a feeling of relaxation .... and a very slight instant BP reduction. I think over time doing a short exercise each morning will help reduce BP over time.

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