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Labile Blood Pressure - High BP due to emotions

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Old 09-15-2012, 01:36 PM   #1
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survivor334 HB User
Labile Blood Pressure - High BP due to emotions

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share my story, and gain some insight, hoping that there are others out there like me.

High blood pressure runs in my family, and it has had devastating consequences. My grandmother had it, had a stroke at a very early eage, was paralyzed, for most of her life, and later died. As far as I know, my father struggled with it as well. Medications didnt seem to work for him, although he continues to take meds, and now, he has complete kidney failure and is on dialysis.

My story, I've always had high blood pressure, even as a kid. In highschool I participated in sports, track, basketball, etc. was a size zero, ate very healthy, but even back then, high blood pressure was 140/90 consistently with each physical.

In college, same thing. It was a problem during both my pregnancies too.

It seemed it never came down, until I met my second husband, and was truly happy. For 10 years, between the age of about 24 and 34 I thought I had licked it.

But I was wrong. I have to admit, that we are going through a lot right now. Our business is bankrupt, our teenage son is not doing well, etc. My blood pressure is very volatile, all over the place.

The readings range from 150/111 to 140/90, and sometimes, 130/80 and then spike up to 150/120!!

I 've tried to control things with diet, to no avail. Now, my diet is that of a raw food vegan trying to get my blood pressure down. Exercise seems to help for a few hours afterwards, it will go down about 20 points.

They say that high BP is a silent killer, but not for me, I have symptoms. I know my blood pressure is high when I have blurred vision, a puffy face, and red itchy eyes.

I've gone to several doctors over the years, and none of the medications bring it down.

From what I am reading on the internet, high blood pressure due to angiotension always being present, (which is emotionally driven hormone) is the culprit. I found this out after researching the volatility in my readings. After two glasses of red wine, my numbers go from 150/111 to 130/80, or 140/90, and I start to feel better.

I've come to the conclusion that my environment is toxic, but there is nothing I can do about it right now. No doubt, I've come to the conclusion that diet and exercise, really havent helped my BP, nor have meds. (BTW I am completely off meds now, as they did absolutely nothing for me, and then my holistic doctor said that they CAUSE renal failure after a period of time).

I've tried taking red wine supplments, but they dont work, red wine does though, but I feel uncomfortable drinking that amount of red wine.

I dont know what to do.

I continue to exercise and eat raw food vegan, to keep my arteries clean and elastic. Its the bottom number that seems to be so troubling. Sometimes my readings are 120/111, etc.

Am I doomed like my grand mother and father? My father never exercised, and his diet was pretty horrible. He is a good guy, but lives in a very stressful situation, (the woman he married is a psycho path.. His home life must be horrible). He 's always been high strung, and never lived out his lifes dreams. He seems filled with resentment and rage.

I've come to the conclusion that since diet and exercise have not lowered my BP, or meds, that I have this same emotional condition.

Do you think if I keep a clean diet and exercise, that my body can actually handle this blood pressure? Or am I doomed.

Again, for most of my life it was 140/90, with snippets of it being in the healthy range. Now, that I am in my 40s, and very stressed out, its very typical for me to wake up and its 150/111.. That seems to be my new norm, and then after wine with dinner, gets down to 140/90s..

I am thinking that in about two years or less, who knows, permanent damage is going to result. I am scared. I dont know what to do. Doctors meds dont work. I've tried yoga, and meditation.. I will continue, (cant hurt), but so far, its just high.

anyone else have labial blood pressure?

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Titchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB User
re: Labile Blood Pressure - High BP due to emotions

Just to clarify, do you mean "labile" instead of "labial?"

Old 09-15-2012, 05:51 PM   #3
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survivor334 HB User
re: Labile Blood Pressure - High BP due to emotions

Originally Posted by Titchou View Post
Just to clarify, do you mean "labile" instead of "labial?"
Yes, Labile, I think labial is another body part, and thank god I dont have issues with THAT!

Whats the prognosis, am I doomed? There has to be another type of relaxer besides wine. I am not big on anxiety drugs, the side effects are worse. I talked to my husband, and we are thinking we need a vacation, a FREE one.

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survivor334 HB User
Re: Labile Blood Pressure - High BP due to emotions

And today its 121/60.... I seriously going to start taking some valerian. I cant beleive I respond to stress like this.

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atengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB User
Re: Labile Blood Pressure - High BP due to emotions

First of all, I am sorry youre having troubles in your life. To speak of your hypertension:

First off - relax. Your pressures really arent that bad. Systolics of 150 are no cause for urgent concern. Yes, you should implement a strategy to lower your pressure, but this can happen over time if need be. NO, you arent doomed at all.

Second, I urge you to reconsider your view on BP medications. They reduce BP quite well for the vast majority of folks, and I doubt that you cannot find medications that will work for you. Yes, they have side effects quite often, but thats unfortunately what we have to deal with.

BP drugs do not cause renal failure. ACE inhibitors and ARBs can cause your kidney function to decrease, but this is benign and is due to the effect the drugs have on the vasculature in the kidney. Any small change in kidney function is reversible when the drug is stopped, if desired...

Diet and exercise certainly will improve your health overall, but may not help your BP. I can attest to this personally - 9 yrs ago, I lost 35 lbs, changed my diet, and I have maintained it ever since, however, my low carb, almost vegetarian diet has not lowered my blood pressure at all.

If you are having trouble with medications, you should see a dr who is knowledgeable about the treatment of hypertension (some are not). There are more rigorous ways to get you on an effective regimen.

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survivor334 HB User
Re: Labile Blood Pressure - High BP due to emotions

Thank you for your response. I guess, the key is getting a good doctor. My issue is that you dont find out until its too late, doctors playing musical medications, you still have high BP , AND side effects, AND they dont tell you the side effects until YOU mention it.

Like everything else, I guess finding a good doctor is key. I dont know how to do that yet. Hopefully, I wont have to find one any time soon.

I think I've restricted my diet, raw vegan, to all that I can. Now only rigorous exercise works, at least for now.

You are right. I dont think I am doomed. I dont think my father took care of himself, and he left his destiny in the hands of doctors. He's had kidney issues, and high blood pressure for 35 years!! I dont think his doctor was that good or knowledgeable about it. All I can remember, is that he took a tray of medications and always had problems with it anyway.

I took medications for a short time, but after six months and useless doctors visits, I just gave up.

I am thinking since its so volatile, and emotionally connected,(which I will have to control somehow) as long as its not high for too long, I should be OK.

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piaandwessmom HB User
Re: Labile Blood Pressure - High BP due to emotions

Hi. I have the same symptoms. Have you found something to help?

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DixieDoodle78 HB User
Re: Labile Blood Pressure - High BP due to emotions

Just curious if you are premenopasual or going through menopause. How is your sleeping? Do you get palpitations? They could be tied into your higher numbers.

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rebecca70 HB Userrebecca70 HB Userrebecca70 HB Userrebecca70 HB Userrebecca70 HB User
Re: Labile Blood Pressure - High BP due to emotions

Have you looked into acupuncture?

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MsIsuzu HB User
Re: Labile Blood Pressure - High BP due to emotions

I was wondering if you've looked into possible mineral deficiencies.

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golfhat HB Usergolfhat HB Usergolfhat HB User
Re: Labile Blood Pressure - High BP due to emotions

you sound exactly like me! I never had BP problems until menopause tho. My bp has been all over the map and usually 150-170/80-90 in the doctors office. Since I am not obese but could lose 10 lbs, my doc never wanted to start me on BP meds.

But my endocrinologist wanted to. I only have 1/2 of my T-gland which also creates a prob with BP. So after trying 3 Bp meds, I finally said I want my internist to deal with this.

he tried me on two different meds, one didn't work, one did lower into the 130s but my feet swelled so bad we discontinued that one.

Now I am on HZT, a diuretic used to lower BP. And can you believe it, it works? my pressure is lower than it has been in years.
Also my doc said bp in the 140s/60-80 is like a hangnail. I am not gonna stroke out over that.

So I was worrying too much about it. Now that I have relaxed more with emotions I think my BP stays lower. But my daughter and her husband and boys came over for dinner last night and after they left I took my BP and it was 158/77.

So activity and stress will cause BP to go up. I agree with you, my BP responds to my stress level. If I am angry or running around working in the house, I am sure it goes up.

ask your doc if you could try just a diuretic. It addresses a different issue, most of the bp meds do something a little different in the body and that is why there are so many bp meds.

Good luck. It sounds like your lifestyle contributes to stress and you can't do much about that.

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