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Kumar72 12-30-2019 09:42 PM

Possibility for HIV infection?
I'm a 47 year old Indian male. I was with a Sex Worker in Thailand. I didn't had any penetrative or oral sex. We both were nude. She massaged me. During massage, She sat on my genital area for about a minute. No rubbing, No insertion. I was wearing condom for safety. Then she sat on my stomach for about a minute. On my inner thighs and stomach I was having fungal infection like Jock's itch. Then she licked all over my upper Torso and sucked/licked my nipples for about 10 minutes. She planted a kiss on my Chin. This incident happened on 09.12.19 Night. On 8th day 17.12.19 evening I felt a Sore Throat with a white pimple like thing on the Tonsil but not so severe. I was able to eat. While drinking normal water little pain was there. Anal itching was there. Felt slight rise in temperature but I don't think it's fever. It might be due to chill weather outside. On 20.12.19 Night it got cleared. Please assess my risk of getting infected by HIV or other STIs. Can HIV pass through the skin with Jock's itch ? Are my symptoms due to ARS?

MSNik 12-31-2019 05:37 AM

Re: Possibility for HIV infection?
Jock Itch is a fungus....which is transmittable to your mouth and to others. Are you treating it with anti-fungals?

Your risk of HIV is extremely low if you did not have penetration and due to wearing a condom, however, if the sex worker was positive, the possibility always exists. Especially if you had broken skin or she kissed you.

See a doctor, get a blood test and make sure you are using an antifungal- at this point you may need prescription strength which your doctor can give you.

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