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EXOFGIDEON 03-27-2012 06:31 AM

Living with hiv for about 18 years without knowing!
I've tested positive at the beginning of March 2012. I have three children - 21, 19 and 12. Im happily married for the past 14 years. Got divorced from first husband in 1994. I learned of his positive status only in 2007 and he died in 2009, he never told me about it before then. I have been healthy all these years. I do however have difficulties with my pregnancies (Rhesus incompatibility), so I was very surprised to learn of my status having regard to my difficult and closely watched pregnancy in 1999. Why was no HIV detected then? Apart from a seasonal cold or flu, I've not been sick. My weight has always been the same etc. I've never been much of a "health freak", but Im healthy and strong. How can my GP say that I've got this so many years ago? CD4 107 / VL10037. She's put me on Atripla immediately and Purbac antiobiotic. I hate every moment of it. I want to stop using it. Im taking colloidal silver and Moducare. There is so much info on the web about the toxins in ARV's - why are they prescribing it? And why do I feel "sick"since I started using it! Something's not right....

smiteler 03-27-2012 09:28 PM

Re: Living with hiv for about 18 years without knowing!
one thing i can say is if you had hiv that long,
you are extremely lucky you haven't had serious heath complications
along the way!
i have to wonder myself
did you ever have any bad fatigue
or a noticable loss of strength over the years?

the meds you are takeing will effect each person a different way.
all of the ones
i have taken have given me different side effects.
i have had to change my meds around a few times to find what me or
my body could best tolerate.

that would be best done by sitting down with the doctor and discussing
what options you have.
different meds will effect different parts of the body and organs
some are hard on the liver, others on the kidneys and so on.
so alot would depend on how your health is.
also give yourself some time.
i hated every thing with pills and still do.
i take mine once a day and slam them down at night
and don't think about them again
until i feel like crap waking up in the morning
i come out of the fog and get thru the day.
i'm just very thankful i still wake up and can do things i love to do
so its a small price to pay.

jake99 04-10-2012 02:38 PM

Re: Living with hiv for about 18 years without knowing!
I was diagnosed in '08 and never knew I was poz. From my counts (CD4 = 0, VL = 6M) the doctor determined I had probably be living with this for 10 years. I never exhibited any issues other than typical common colds. In fact, when I started taking Atripla, my energy level did not feel any different. The only reason I was tested was due to strange dark marks on my body that turned out to be KS. I was infected from a one-time encounter many years earlier that I had forgotten about.

Taking Atripla was tough for the first two weeks, with strange sensations immediately after taking the med and then being very tired the next day. Eventually, my body adjusted and now it's like taking a daily vitamin. I have no side effects whatsoever and have been on the meds for 4 years now. My CD4 = 280 and VL = undetectable.

Hopefully it helps for you to know that others have been in the same situation and are living a normal life. Just don't ever miss a dose or stop taking the meds as it will allow the virus to become resistant.

Know that everything will work out.....God bless you!

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