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VERY unique possible infection situation. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Red face VERY unique possible infection situation. PLEASE HELP!!!

Ok let me start from the beginning. PLEASE be patient and read through this I need as much feed back as I can get right now!!

Back in the summer of '03 I was 20 and I began smoking Black & Milds for a few months, even though I knew I was under the risk of developing cervical cancer cause I have HPV. After just a few weeks I lost about a good 10 lbs within a week. I started freaking out cause I thought I might of gotten HIV from the new person I was sleeping with who didn't look healthy but I ALWAYS used a condom with except on his b-day. Yes STUPID I know! So I get tested immediately and thank God I'm still clean. I've always gotten tested every 4 months for HIV anyway since I was 18.

So I go to the doctor though cause the symptoms don't stop there. After another week or so I start getting sharp pains in my long bones (arms, legs) and muscles too and in my stomach. So I got another HIV test after that summer and it too was negative. So reality sets in and I'm like I really could be developing cancer so I try to get some more invasive in-depth tests done by 2 different doctors and I try to tell them my story and convey my concern to them. They look at me as a seemingly healthy 20 yr old who's just paranoid about her body, test my blood and urine for any abnormalities and since they find none send me on my way. I'm feeling frustrated and misunderstood and give up on doctors at that time. The symptoms just keep coming every couple of months, something new shows up. My vagina starts stinking for a good 2 weeks or so. The doc looks at my vagina to see whatís causing the stink and finds that the cells on my cervix donít look right so he takes pieces of my cervix that he pinches directly off of it and tests them. He says itís nothing conclusive but heís concerned that something definitely isnít right and wants the bottom Ĺ of my cervix cut off. We do a blood test to make sure Iím not pregnant in order to go ahead with the surgery and what do you know, I am expecting!! This delays things but not my symptoms.

I go through the regular pregnancy tests including HIV and nothing else seems amiss. Well during my pregnancy my ears get stuffy as though Iím going deaf (I seriously thought I was!), I get black patches on the inside of my cheeks, my gums look as though theyíre receding off & on, Iím still steadily losing weight after my pregnancy every couple of months, smaller than I was before I got pregnant. At this point Iím convinced that Iím dying of cancer and NO doctor will believe me or give me the right tests in order to properly diagnose me and figure out whatís really happening to me. As for the surgery on my cervix that I was suppose to have I chickened out and never went back to that doctor. So now my hands & legs are going numb in í04, falling asleep on their own, my skin is looking not like that of a 21 yr old but that of some one whoís pushing or past 40 or 50. My skin has lost its fullness and elasticity. When I lean on my thighs with my elbows after getting up my skin remains depressed and red it doesn't bounce back up at all. My breasts sag more than ever and their plumpness are gone (Iím only a 38B but before these symptoms began my breast were pretty perky and full even after 2 kids). In í04-í05 I get chest pains of which I go to the doctor for and she treats me like Iím ignorant and donít know any better and gives me heartburn pills. As far as I know heartburn isnít felt under your breasts itís in the middle of your chest!!!! So Iíve really had it now and just tell myself to deal with things on my own. Iím still losing a little bit of weight here and there and my skinís getting worse. Then I get these weird bumps/blisters on the palm of one hand. They bubble up burst and leave some rough scabs on my hands as theyíre trying to heal. Itís embarrassing and scary at the same time. Iím thinking what the hell is wrong with me. Fast forward to í06-í07. Winter of í06 I lost my job and during the time between jobs I run into a new dude. Before ANYTHING I give him the ďHIVĒ talk to let him know that Iím serious about that disease and that I donít mess with anyone that has it. He claims that heís clean and that his last test was a month ago which was negative. How convenient. I start having protected sex with him which eventually turns into unprotected when I think I knew him just enough to start trusting him. Things moved very quickly between us and I thought his feelings for me were truly genuine. We start saying the I love yous and talk about possible marraiage and what not. Well in Jan í07 this imposter ended up running off with my I-pod which I had borrowed to him not gave and was no where to be found. 2 months later his baby moms runs into me and tells me that he has full blown AIDS!!! WHAT!!!! I was distraught. She told me on my way to work and I was so hysterical that I had to take the rest of the week off. My girlfriend and I immediately get tested together, an oral test on March 15, 07, negative. On April 19, í07 I got a blood test, negative. Iím thinking ok Ĺ way through the 6 month period after possible HIV exposure Iím negative thatís great but I still have 1 last test to be 100% sure, this month. Well I havenít always taken very good care of myself since I started developing cancer symptoms in í03. Earlier this year around March I started developing weird symptoms. Hands and feet would suddenly get warm, a weird tingling sensation would run through my body, I got regular head pains not headaches (very different!) which I had been feeling off & on since I was pregnant in í03 and my body was crazy itchy ALL OVER for a good 2-3 weeks for no reason. I looked up Diabetes which my mom has and I had EVERY single symptom of it which is what I just described. I also recently had a brief fever and weakness and slight soar throat as though the flu was coming but never fully developed. I also have a soar throat now without the other flu like symptoms where it feels like thereís a lump in my throat and blood comes out with the mucus from my throat. What scares and concerns me is that I was having unprotected sex with my now boyfriend before the other guyís ex told me that he was infected. I fear that he may have it too cause he has experienced just a few HIV symptoms but which may be related to stress cause weíre homeless now and he canít seem to find a job both of which are MAJOR stresses for anyone. He has lost weight, has had dizzy spells, headaches. Everything is just too closely related for me to know for a fact whether Iím infected or just feeling more of the possible cancer symptoms which Iíve had for 4 years now. Also, Iím STILL believe it or not losing weight and itís all just driving me insane. Can anyone tell me if I tested negative from an oral test 2 months after possible exposure and from a blood test 3 months after possible exposure is it most likely that when I get tested this month that I wonít have it??? There are 2 lives at stake here and Iím crazy paranoid and scared to death. Iím trying to keep my faith strong but itís a daily struggle. Please pray for me!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: VERY unique possible infection situation. PLEASE HELP!!!

no one can diagnose anyone from symptoms off the internet, what i can tell you is that a test for hiv at 3 months past exposure is considered conclusive,the tests are very it would be safe for me to say you don't have hiv. you can never diagnose hiv thru symptoms, what is wrong with you could be caused by many different things and it would be best for a doctor to determine that then someone off the internet.
good luck and if your current doctor does not satisfy you look for another opinion that will

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