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Losinggrip 02-25-2009 07:25 PM

HIV or Glandular fever?
I hope this doesnt sound very silly or ignorant, but I had a one off partner in the summer whom i used protection with but only at the end of sex (which i know is useless!) but aprox 4 weeks after i had glandular fever, my doctor gave me the blood test and confirmed this. What i am worried about now is that it was not glandular fever, but the signs of early hiv infection. I dont know what blood tests they carry out to determin glandular fever or hiv and whether or not there different and there is no chance it was hiv instead (would i have tested negative for glandular fever if it was infact Hiv?) Im waiting for blood test results to come back from a routine STI test, but im still worried and obsessing, its just i read that hiv can have glandular fever like symptoms.

help, thanks so much

Litts07 06-09-2010 05:18 PM

Re: HIV or Glandular fever?
Yh Im the same as worrie to much "I hate the internet becuse u look up stuff the bleve you have it) we all do it if the doc found out it was glander fever that's wat it is BUT you are not going to bleave what people say I done the only thing I can.... And I'm gunna get tested I'm nervious becuse to me HIV the end of my life deff for some 1 who wants kids also if you are male it's harder to catch HIV from a gal
1.if she's on-that's a main way
2.if from behind too thos our realy the only way

I'm gunna get tested then wait and see

Thanks and good luck and don't panic

asano 06-10-2010 05:42 AM

Re: HIV or Glandular fever?
The problem with HIV is that it is very similar to other virus. we won't really know for sure without a test.

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