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HIV risk and Swallowing Semen

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HIV risk and Swallowing Semen

This has been discussed ad nauseum, so apologies there. Yet something still leaves me wondering.

Some of the frequent posters on this site as well as the doctors on the (Site #1) site all seem to agree that oral sex, even when swallowing, is extremely low to almost no risk. Even with sores, cuts, etc., they'd have to be huge and gaping to allow for transmission. The moral of the story is, at least where HIV is concerned, there's no cause for worry.

Doctors on other sites, though, such as (Site # 2), state things like "oral sex is considered lower but it is still a risk, period" and also says that "no reputable medical source will tell you it's risk free, and with cuts/abrasions/etc., it becomes high risk."

What's up with the two wildly different conclusions? I'll ignore the CDC (which appears to be alarmist about everything), but I can't wrap my mind around doctors at (Site # 1) and those at (site # 2) saying two almost opposite things.

I tend to believe the (Site #1) side. One study on another site showed that 19,000 instances of oral sex, even with many of them involving swallowing and/or significant viral loads, between serodiscordant couples, resulted in zero infections. I'm much more inclined to believe that then the studies where "8% of gay men who seroconverted swore that they had only done oral" (those conducting the study seem to not understand that many people are less then truthful when confronted with things they knew they shouldn't have been doing, i.e., unprotected anal sex.

I ask this because as a sexually active gay man, I enjoy performing oral sex and, on occasion, swallowing. Note, I rarely swallow, and with a significant number of partners per year, I can say I only swallow once in a while (probably less than the number I could fully count on one hand over the course of a year).

I am careful to ask the status of men before I swallow, but they could lie or not know (and potentially have a high viral load). I would like to think I could engage in the occasional swallowing without thinking I am putting myself at risk. "Did I have a sore in my mouth that perhaps I forgot about or didn't realize it was there?" "Are my cold/flu-like symptoms indicative of acute HIV?" Etc.

I would like to have a healthy sex life and, if it is virtually safe, enjoy the occasional swallow. Yet, I can't get info from doctors like at (Site # 2) and other sites out my head, reminding me that I may not be as safe I'd like/hope.

Thanks for any feedback.

(NB: I edited this to remove the names of the sites, though both are considered "highly reputable" by HIV docs/educators I know).

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Re: HIV risk and Swallowing Semen

Maybe CYA statements. But it is still a theoretical risk, it could happen under the right circumstances. I wouldn't say go out and do it to your hearts content, but the fact that there have been no confirmed cases of transmission via oral sex would leave me not worrying too much at all. How many billions of BJs have happened in the last 30 years?

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Re: HIV risk and Swallowing Semen

the digestive tract is a harsh enviornment for hiv
the acids will destroy living virus to the point
that they will not be able to infected you.
the risk they speak of requires a special set of circumstances
to even have the chance of happening.
something like if you had open bleeding wounds
inside your mouth from dental work or injury
and under those circumstances i would doubt you
would be having oral sex in the first place.
that said you are leaving yourself open for other dangerous
std's that are easier to catch with just as bad or worse
consequences then hiv would give you.

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Re: HIV risk and Swallowing Semen

If you want complete risk free sex then you cannot. When you have sex your always going to have some kind of risk and the more people you have sex with the greater the risk your at.

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Re: HIV risk and Swallowing Semen

Buddy there is no such thing as absolute zero. All there is, is variables that led to absolute zero but never actually get there. If you what to have sex that carries absolutely zero risk of an HIV infection then the only way to do so is to go it alone. Any form of sexually contact carries a risk , whether that risk be high or very low but it is never absolute zero.

It is said often on this forum and many other HIV forums that HIV as never been transmitted via oral sex and to the best of my knowledge this is true . But it does not mean that it could not happen, it does not mean that oral sex carries absolute zero risk of an HIV infection. Just because it has never happened before does not mean that it can never happen. Please do not make the mistake of comparing impossible with improbable. It is not impossible that HIV could be transmitted through the acts you wish to commit but it is improbable. Do you see the difference? Do you really want to live with the doubt and the uncertainty that your user name implies? If you want to sleep easy, never play Russian roulette with HIV.

You could in all probability continue to engage in the acts you describe and it all probability you would never get infected with HIV but it is not impossible you would not get infected with HIV. This is your call, this is your health and well being you are talking about. It is entirely down to yourself as to what you judge to be a risk and not to be a risk. But you must do so before you commit any sexual act. there is no point in doing something and then wondering if it was safe after the event. the most effective way to prevent an HIV infection is to not engage in any act that where the possibly of an HIV infection exists. if in doubt, do not do it, it is that simple.

And please don't kid yourself that because you ask somebody's HIV status and they say they are negative you are being careful and completely safe. People lie, buddy, people sometimes don't even know. Judging whether as sexual act is safe just because the person you are with says they have not got HIV is naive to say the least. If you do not know somebody's HIV status , don't take their word. It is your status that is at risk, not theirs.


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