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Regretful911 05-02-2012 08:53 PM

I think I'm overreacting...but how likely that I may have contracted HIV?
So about a week ago I was out with some friends. I believe had my drink drugged (I know this because I went from being sober to black out, rather than the gradual black out that comes from just drinking). Apparently (learned from a friend later) I was stumbling everywhere and was kicked out of the bar, so my friend put me in a cab and sent me on my way home.
My fear is I have NO, NONE, ZERO memory of leaving the club or getting home, and the journey in between. What I do know, however, is at some point I was kicked out of my first cab for being sick and had to get in to a second one. I only this this because apparently I told my mother this when I arrived home, but I did not tell her anything else such as being kicked out of the bar, so it's clear I only had a select memory even at the time of black out.

I'm afraid. I'm having some (likely irrational) fear that something might have happened to me on my way home that I've blacked out. Rape by a cab driver, or abduction/rape while I was at some random street waiting for a second cab. I didn't have bruising the next day or anything, and I know this is probably an unlikely fear, but still not having the memory makes me VERY AFRAID of the unknown.

IF I had been raped.......and say that person was HIV+, what would my chances be of contracting HIV from a single sexual act? It is far too early for me to do a test, and at the 12 week mark I plan to get a test done, but right now I cannot stop having anxiety about this.

PLEASE do not lecture me about how I should watch my drinks/not drink so much/etc. I have already been telling myself that for the past week. Right now I am just (hoping) to put some axiety on the back burner until I can get a real accurate test done. I have read that the changes are low for one time HIV+ intercourse (yet still exist).....are they truly that low?

smiteler 05-02-2012 10:12 PM

Re: I think I'm overreacting...but how likely that I may have contracted HIV?
i think your imagination is being overactive

you think you maybe have been raped with no proof
and low and behold he happens to hiv on top of it and
on top of that you got infected on that one time exposure?
that sounds pretty far out there to me..
keep busy,collect your negative results and move on
good luck

Apollo123 05-03-2012 12:29 AM

Re: I think I'm overreacting...but how likely that I may have contracted HIV?
Im with smit on this, your imagination is over active. I think you would have know if you were raped, ie ripped clothes or certainly some brusing. Not to mention, most women can tell by their body is they had sex, so all i can say i dont belive this has happened but if you have mental condition and you need some peace of mind then just take a rapid test at 6 weeks.

Hope that helps

blokecalledkev 05-03-2012 01:46 AM

Re: I think I'm overreacting...but how likely that I may have contracted HIV?
Nobody here is going to lecture you on your behaviour, what is done is done and cannot be undone by being lectured about it online. Unfortunately what also cannot been done online is to establish whether you were raped or not. I do feel, personally, that it is very unlikely. But the question remains if you were raped what are the chances of you contracting HIV?

IF you were raped and I must stress the word [B]if[/B], the chances of you contracting HIV from a onetime exposure is low, actually very low. The chances also of the taxi drivers actually having HIV is also extremely low. This entire thing unfortunately revolves around ifs and maybe and unfortunately because of this you cannot be given a defiant answer. Most everybody that comes onto this board remembers every detail of their encounter and as such can be offered very accurate risk assessments but in your case this is not possible.

Basically if you were raped and if the person involved actually had HIV your risk is low. Ultimately this is your call but I see no harm in you testing out. As Apollo advised, have an HIV test at 6 weeks, the result will be very accurate. It is very very unlikely to be positive. In the mean time don’t let your mind run away with itself it is very unlikely you have contracted HIV here. Testing for you is strictly for peace of mind.


anxious27 08-20-2012 12:40 PM

Re: I think I'm overreacting...but how likely that I may have contracted HIV?
Hi Regretful911... just wondering how you're doing after your last post in May? I've been in a slightly similar situation recently and just seem not to be able to shake my fear of... so maybe you could give me some ideas on how you managed to get your anxiety to go away? Have you since then regained some memory? I was thinking that maybe some kind of hypnotherapy might help, althoug they say that if a person blacks out due to alcohol intoxication, the chance that your brain will save some memory is very low.


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