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djon750 07-24-2012 03:48 PM

Words of wisdom about HIV and HSV
Dear community, I am a young adult who is very scared about the future all due to one night with a sex worker. On July 6th I decided to have an adventure with a sex worker and during the act the condom broke, I believe I noticed it about 30 seconds later but I really cannot know. I asked her about her health status and she said she felt good and never had any problems, though her last test was 2 years ago. Right after that I started to freak out and think that I have caught something so on the 10th day after the sexual intercourse I got a STD panel test and on the 17th day I got a HIV DNA (pcr) test.
The STD panel showed that I was negative for HIV (which just shows me I had been infected from my previous sex activities), Syphilis, and Chlamydia, but it came up positive for Herpes 1 and 2 for my surprise because I never had a reaction or symptoms that would make me think I had such diseases. No need to say it upset me so much because 95% of my sexual encounters I wore protection and now I feel like I am so dirty inside. In addition to that I am still waiting on the HIV DNA test results.
Although I know that my chances of catching HIV is smaller than my chances of not getting it, I am freaking out because 1- I put myself at risk with a sex worker 2- I have HSV 3- I know that people with HSV and more susceptible to get HIV.
Please I need some words of wisdom: My Igg antibodies against HSV 1 were 1.5 and HSV 2 were 1.2 (normal 1.1 below). Based on what I read I could be considered an inconclusive diagnostic. Can someone tells me something about this particular case?
What are my chances of not getting HIV? What can I do to not let anxiety kill me because I am here wondering and thinking about that I am done and my whole life is doomed please can you comfort me?

joggen 07-24-2012 04:04 PM

Re: Words of wisdom about HIV and HSV
Herpes questions belong on the Herpes or STD forums.

While you do have a risk for HIV, it is extremely low. Most (99%+) CSWs in the United States are not infected with HIV, and if a partner is infected, on average the frequency of transmission is 1 in 2000 episodes of vaginal sex, and that is for several minutes of unprotected intercourse. The brevity of exposure lowers your risk further. When you combine all of the factors, your risk is close to zero.

The PCR test that you took is not used to diagnose HIV, but a negative result can be considered encouraging. After the PCR test, I suggest you not test again until 3 months after exposure, and just have an antibody test at that time (which will be conclusive). Your risk is so low that you didn't/don't really need early testing, and the more you test the more likely your going to get a false positive result (if your PCR test is positive, in all likelihood it will be a false positive result). Your risk is truly minuscule and you should not be concerned about it, so just try to keep your mind on other things for the next few weeks (i.e. stay off HIV forums)- it will make the time go much quicker.

Apollo123 07-24-2012 05:12 PM

Re: Words of wisdom about HIV and HSV
Well its unlikely you got herpes from her, because of the time scale of your test. A test at 3 months will be conclusive for hiv. in the mean time you should stop reading the net and get busy with other things to take your mind off your exposure.

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