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cantsleepscared 08-28-2012 06:13 AM

please help me! please i dnt know wat to do
i just wanna say first taht this website is amazing, and though ive been searching the int for 3 weeks now, it is the only place where i found some comfort. i havent been able to sleep to eat to do any of my normal activity and this has been going on for 3 weeks.
exactly 24 days ago, i went to have sex with a prostitute.
we got in, she offered a unprotected bj, i refused, she put the condom on, gave it to me for about 10 seconds, then we did it. during the entire relation that last for 15 mins, i couldnt get an eraction, i was too stressed, it isnt my first time but im not used to prostitutes, after trying many positions, my penis would still not eract. so she offered me a handjob, i accepted.during the entire process( protected vaginal intercourse), the condom remained on my penis like its supposed to be. when she offered me a handjob, she took the condom off, put her fingers on the tip of her tongue, and used her saliva to lubricate my penis. she did it twice, and then put the same condom back on my penis. she rubbed it until i came inside the penis; it was then that i noticed that the condom was still in tact and the semen was inside of the condom like its supposed to be. im afraid that she had put the condom back on my penis, but in reverse, thats my first concern. my second concern is that i had sme sort of small cut on my penis but it was healing and wasnt aching. no visible blood or anything(the so called cut was covered by the condom during vaginal intercourse).i left but i was really disgusted. the second day, i felt a burnign feeling inside my penis. i stayed for 4 5 days, i also noticed some fever but when i took it was not more than 37.6~37.7 C. i went to do blood test and all came back normal except for the lymphocytes which were 4400( normal range is 1500~4000). the second week, i developed enlarged nodes in my neck, neck pain, and some headache. fever also remained no more than 37.7c. i couldnt sleep, few days later i had a bump behind my hear. after about 2 weeks from the encounter my left armpit hurts so bad and the pain goes down to the entire hand and elbow. no visible swollen glands or nodes under arm pits. 2 days ago, my groins are also hurting me but its not that bad, it comes and goes. its been 24 days. i went to do an xray for my teeth to see if my wisdom teeth are coming out, it turned out that all 4 of them are coming out, two of them dont have enough space, 1 is normal, and one is coming out slightly vertically pushing the molars next to it. however my jaw barely hurts me, i brush my teeth regularly, and there is no pain or infection in my mouth or teeth. i dnt know what to do im scared to death. i havent been able to sleep, nor eat right. please please do reply. please dont disregard this post, im really scared.

blokecalledkev 08-28-2012 06:35 AM

Re: please help me! please i dnt know wat to do

Ok calm down mate, nothing you did put you anywhere near an HIV infection even if she actually had HIV which is not very unlikely.

There is a sticky at the top of this board detailing why listing your ailments on any HIV forum is pointless and will not be commented on. The only comment that can be made upon them is they are not in the slightest way related to an HIV infection because you were not at a risk of an HIV infection. And nothing you have described even remotely resembles the symptoms of a primary HIV infection, absolutely nothing.

If you have ailments that are of such concern please see a doctor, it has nothing to do with HIV.


cantsleepscared 08-28-2012 06:42 AM

Re: please help me! please i dnt know wat to do
Kevin, most of the replies that i read on this forum and actually helped me relaxed were from u. i rly dnt know how to thank you, im amazed that u actually replied so fast. i appreciate ur answer and ur feedback. thank you alot. however, as u know, when one is at this position, he starts imagining stuff and thinking about it so bad. i know that i could not have contracted hiv, all my senses tell me this, but i just cant help myself from thinking about it. anwz thank you very much dear kevin.

blokecalledkev 08-28-2012 06:49 AM

Re: please help me! please i dnt know wat to do
Thank you for your kind words. Buddy you cannot be helped because you keep imagining you have contracted HIV when the reality is you were nowhere near a risk of contracting it. All you can be advised here is to let this go and get on with your life, really. If you chose not to then sorry mate this is your call.

The only person that is allowing HIV into his life is you and you are doing so because you are playing out what ifs and worst case scenarios. The actual real reality is that HIV is not in your life and was never even close to entering your life.


cantsleepscared 08-28-2012 06:54 AM

Re: please help me! please i dnt know wat to do
thank you again kevin again. i appreciate it. regards

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