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djon750 08-28-2012 04:37 PM

Very depressed
Hey guys how are you today?
Well this is my little story: I had intercourse with a sex worker and the condom torn a little (half inch) exposing the inferior part of the head of my penis, her status unknown, on the 10th day mark I got an ELISA test done = negative, on the 17th day mark I got another ELISA = negative. Although none of those tests indicate I am infected, I am feeling pretty depressed and angry at myself. Sometimes I feel like I have a fever, body ache, and an inflamed nodes (all this start 6 weeks after exposure). My questions are: What do you think about my results? Is my 17 day PCR reliable (not meaning conclusive)? Is my 51 day ELISA reliable (not meaning conclusive, although I read that in MA they assume it to be conclusive)? Do you think my symptoms were too delayed to be related to ARS symptoms? What should I do to not let this consume my spirit?
Thank you for your help

smiteler 08-28-2012 06:23 PM

Re: Very depressed
go find something else to occupy yourself with!
with that brief exposure and tests
it would be very,very,very highly unlikely for you to have hiv.

if you still think otherwise,
go play the powerball that will give you alot better odds of happening....

djon750 08-28-2012 09:05 PM

Re: Very depressed
Hey buddy thanks for your reply but can you be more descriptive in your reply, like what you mean by low risk? My condom torn (half or a whole inch), on top of that she belongs to a high risk group (although I recognize she probably protects herself all the time), is it a low risk? how about the tests what do you thin?...thank you again

joggen 08-29-2012 12:45 AM

Re: Very depressed
Your exposure was low risk because:

1. Despite what you may have heard in scare campaigns, the vast majority of CSWs don't have HIV (99+%).

2. Again, despite what you may have heard, HIV is not transmitted efficiently compared to other STDs. The average frequency of transmission for vaginal sex is 0.1% (1 in 1000 exposures), and that is for a full episode of unprotected sex.

3. Your exposure was brief, lowering your risk further (you were protected up until the time the condom broke).

When you combine the above, your original risk is 1 in several million. When you add your negative test, which was over 99% accurate, the chance that you were infected becomes 1 in several hundreds of million = powerball odds.

The only other test that you need is a final confirmatory antibody test at 3 months, so that you are testing within the established guidelines. You can be sure that it will be negative. You really don't have any significant basis for concern at this point.

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