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ninobrown26 09-15-2012 12:25 PM

rapid hiv blood test
I took a rapid hiv blood test 30 days after possible exposure, unprotected vaginal sex, how should i feel about these results?

SOTM 09-15-2012 09:02 PM

Re: rapid hiv blood test
A 4 week test is about 90% accurate, meaning 90% of the people that were actually infected from an exposure would test positive at that time frame. At 6 weeks it is about 99%. 3 months/90 days/ 12 weeks is still the official guideline for being 100% conclusive.

IMO....Add up the very low chances the woman you were with actually being infected, the quite low chance of being infected on a single exposure if she were infected, plus a 4 week test would be pretty reassuring to me. A 6 week would be extremely unlikely to change. After a negative 6 week, I would have close to zero worries with a follow up 3 month confirmatory antibody test.

ninobrown26 09-15-2012 09:19 PM

Re: rapid hiv blood test
tanks for that, it helps a lot. You no i have no real reason to think she has it, i actually have more reason to believe she doesnt, i mean the day we had sex we got tested together and everything was good, i no that may not mean much, but she says she hasnt been with anyone sense march plus shes in the army and she has been tested a couple time sense we had sex a she showed paper work for befor we had sex,its just my fear of her not telling me the truth.

joggen 09-16-2012 05:39 AM

Re: rapid hiv blood test
I know it can be hard not to paranoid about HIV, but try to look at your situation objectively. If it was a friend in your situation, would you think he had anything to really worry about? All the facts of the situation are telling you that you are safe. Try to view the situation factually rather than emotionally.

ninobrown26 09-17-2012 03:01 PM

Re: rapid hiv blood test
Is there any paticular reason someone would not creat the antibodies by than?

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