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greengweilo 06-20-2015 11:37 PM

Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
Okay, first post, sorry and thanks in advance -
I went to a doctor last year and got tested for low testosterone because I have lost muscle mass, and have been depressed for awhile. The depression does not seem to respond to antidepressant and mood stabilizer medications, and only marginally to exercise. I also often have very poor sleep, either too much or too little. I have extreme brain fog, and I haven't done drugs or alcohol in over three years. I'm a 28 year old male. These were the results of the testosterone test I had last year.

Ordered Date: 06/03/2014
Assessments: Hypogonadism, testicular
Test Name: Testosterone, Free and Total (includes SHBG)
Name - Value - (Reference Range)
Testosterone, Total 355 (300-890 ng/dL)
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 43 (13-71) nmol/L
Testosterone, Free (Calc) 60.1 (47.0-244.0 pg/mL)
Testosterone, % Free (Calc) 1.7% (1.6-2.9 %)
Result: Normal
Received Date: 06/04/2014, 3:48:03 PM

The doctor said that I was not testosterone deficient and that my results were totally normal, but after looking at charts of testosterone level by age, it seemed like I had the general hormonal levels of an elderly man. It would make sense to me, if my testosterone were low. I look at least 6 years younger than I am, I was the last kid to hit puberty, always one of the shortest and skinniest in the grade schools I attended. I'm a graduate student now but sometimes people ask me if I'm a freshman, and I find it kind of insulting that they think I'm 10 years younger than I actually am...I guess I'll like it one day, but right now it makes me feel like a freak or like I'm being disrespected. The other day I was at the doctors office and the receptionist gave me some paperwork to fill out and said that I would need a parental signature - I asked why, and then I felt pretty dejected when she told me that it was because she thought I was under 18.

So anyways, I am just returning to this because I am again feeling extremely scatterbrained, depressed, small and incapable of building muscle, and having low sex drive despite sexy girlfriend. I just wanted a second opinion...

52ken 06-21-2015 09:53 AM

Re: Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
I agree that at your age your total and free should be higher. The problem here is that most doctors will not put you on T replacement because of the so called normal range. It doesn't mean even with replacement it would help your depression but like you I agree it would be nice to at least give it a try to see. I don't see that herbs help for libido but Cialis may help performance if you need help there. Good luck.

neenus 07-16-2015 03:54 AM

Re: Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
My total testosterone was 406. I am 50 and was depressed as hell. I was foggy and my focus was terrible. I just started clomid and I feel great. I am going back to get my updated testosterone levels soon.

Your numbers are bad but you are in the USA and it has all to do with doctors covering their butts. You have to drop below 290 total testosterone. If I ever got that low, I would be in an insane asylum.

52ken 07-16-2015 06:52 PM

Re: Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
Everybody is different. Mine was in the low 300s and because of the number I tried testosterone injections for one year and it helped very little even though my numbers when up in the 900s. My red blood count went way up so I stopped cold turkey and went through a type of withdraw which wasn't fun. I wasn't hungry lost weight and felt like grap. It took a few months until I got everything back to normal. Now I'm good and hope to never go back on T treatment again. The low 300s are good for me but not for everyone. I think it is worth a try if you have low libido and aches and pains. :)

neenus 07-17-2015 06:03 PM

Re: Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
I agree that men react to different levels differently. It all boils down to how you feel.

I went for a testosterone test yesterday because I was feeling strange on Clomid after just a few days. My testosterone level had shot all the way up to 1600. The doctor said my reacting probably has to do with me to taking anabolic steroids for a short period many years ago,

Well, I'm not touching anymore clomid for the time being even though the doctor said I should just reduce my dosage and take it 2-3 times a week. I'm going back in a week to check my levels again and see where I am. I'm hoping the clomid jump started my testicles and I stay above the 500 level.

For me, the 400 level makes me way to anxious and nervous. I wake up at night and worry about possible future scenarios that will likely never happen. My confidence get slow and my focus is horrible. I get foggy and distracted. For the first time in 30 years, I got in trouble for my lack of focus and energy. I can't have that happen this year or I will lose my job.

So I am praying that I get a bump. I've also changed my diet from a 95% vegan diet to high protein diet full of egg whites, boneless chicken, and soy bean.

52ken 07-17-2015 06:26 PM

Re: Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
That sounds like a good plan. :)

neenus 07-18-2015 06:03 AM

Re: Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
I still feel very positive today and I have been off the Clomid for nearly 3 days. I know it has a half life for 5-7 days so I will have to see where I end up. I can feel that my testosterone has dropped from that 1600 level 2 days ago but it is certainly not at 400. I'm going in for a test on Wed. or Thurs. I'm in SE Asia and the test costs me just $20 and I am not required to see a doctor. I'm originally from the USA.

So 52Ken, what are doing now about your testosterone levels? Are things going well? What are your challenges?

52ken 07-18-2015 06:28 PM

Re: Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
I'm really not doing anything for my testosterone because it wasn't that bad to begin with. I do take 2 grams of L-arginine each day as a supplement. I keep my weight good, play tennis 3 times a week and eat right. My libido is OK and I pop a Cialis if needed. :) My lab tests are all good with good cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels. I also take vitamins and try to stay away from doctors. lol

You seem to be doing things right because you don't want to bring your T down too fast or it may cause problems. If you can get it to 500 that would be great.

neenus 07-19-2015 06:19 AM

Re: Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
What do you mean bring my T down too fast? Maybe I should take a small slice of Clomid tomorrow to wean off. But honestly, I only took Clomid for three days and I had that huge jump. If I crash back down to 400, I am going to try 12.5 mg two times a week. I go back to work on Aug. 7 and I honestly cannot afford to be in a low T state or I will lose my job. Over this past week, my focus and energy level has been great.

Clomid will stay in my system for about 18 more days and then it will be gone. I have not been feeling anxious at all and I woke up with an erection this morning so something is still happening.

Ideally, I want to be drug free with a decent T level. All the research shows that low T leads to health problems and you die earlier. So it is worth having higher levels of T.

52ken 07-19-2015 01:42 PM

Re: Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
As long as your T doesn't drop below 400 even if it comes down fast there should be no problem. In my case when I stopped T injections, which I had been on for a year, my testicles were not producing hardly any T so my numbers probably went down from the 900s to like the 100s until my testicles kicked back in. It took about 3 months to get back to my normal which was low 300s until I started feeling better. It was not a nice trip and I don't want to go back there. I really don't know how Clomid works but I hope it just tapers off not like the T did in my case. I was really surprised that my doctor didn't tell me just to taper off when I called him to find out if there would be any ramifications. He said do whatever I wanted to do. I was 57 when I went on T because I thought my libido needed a jump. A mistake!!!

neenus 07-19-2015 06:17 PM

Re: Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
You were a prime candidate for Clomid at that time. It would have kick started your testicles and got them working again. Actually, I took Oxodrolone like 5 years ago and the doctor said I could have been suppressed from that time. He said the dramatic jump in testosterone that we saw is likely an indicator of that. The steroid use shut down my own production and it needed to be turned back on. I still feel fine. I'm sleeping well and don't feel anxious.

I'm just gad I live in an era where male wellness centers exist. Just imagine those poor guys 20 years ago when none of this was recognized as a problem.

52ken 07-20-2015 02:24 PM

Re: Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
Clomid may have helped but my endo didn't tell me about it. I forgot to say that last year I did take progesterone which was supposed to help my hormones but after almost a year I didn't see any difference so I stopped it w/o any difficulties. Like you, I like natural products if I can. You have to be careful what you read because it can lead you down the wrong path and do more harm than good. I believe that a lot of medications are only needed in extreme cases. Your guess is as good as mine. :)

neenus 07-20-2015 07:41 PM

Re: Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
I agree that you need to be very careful and it is best to be drug free. There have been studies where men took Clomid and it increased their testosterone without any side effects. Actually, Clomid can cause side effects but it only occurs in very few people. Blurred vision is the main one and if you get it, you should stop. Other than that, there has not been a case where Clomid has harmed men at all. If it is used at low dosages, there is no evidence that it does any hard (unlike steroids). Doctors are now exploring Clomid as an alternative to TRT therapy. Some people respond to it while others do not. In the short time I took it, my globulin levels also improved and came into normal range. I'm going to get a new testosterone test tomorrow. Below is a study done with Clomid and testosterone.

52ken 07-21-2015 04:25 AM

Re: Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
I read the one about Clomid to treat low testosterone and it was interesting. I hope your T results are where you want them. :) Don't forget to post them. I haven't had my T tested other than saliva tests for a few years now. Since I'm feeling OK I probably don't want to know but last time it was 321.

movielover40 07-21-2015 08:28 AM

Re: Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
I think the normal range for T is far too big.

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