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Lulu74 12-22-2018 11:52 AM

Perimenopausal no thyroid
I had thyroid removed in 2012 and just recently turned 44. I feel like my symptoms are peri menopause. Anxiety, digestion issues, depression and lack of appetite. Periods last 5 days but anxiety continues after. Had TSH checked. 2.9
T4 1.7 I have also be anemic for 6 months. Levels have just came back normal after taking iron but quit due to stomach issues. I canít get into gyno till March. Feel like Iím going crazy. The indigestion lasts for days feeling like my food gets stuck. After I calm myself down, then my stomach feels better. Iím on 40mg omereprazole once a day. Anyone else out there with no thyroid going through this?

STLouisgal 12-22-2018 04:29 PM

Re: Perimenopausal no thyroid
It's hard to say if it's thyroid or ovary related. Although your TSH is in normal range, it is on the hypo end of normal. Healthy people's TSH is typically in the 1.5 range or at least under 2.0. An underactive thyroid can cause mood disorders. I'm not sure how common digestive issues are with an underactive thyroid but they would seem to be a possibility since the thyroid is involved in every function to some degree.

Absorbing iron supplements can be difficult for hypothyroid patients especially. Some forms of iron are more absorbable than others. Taking them with vitamin C will enhance absorption. If your periods are heavy, of course, that makes it harder to maintain adequate iron levels. And your hypothyroidism may be to blame for heavy or prolonged periods. A medication dose increase may be in order.

Hope this helps!

Titchou 12-22-2018 05:25 PM

Re: Perimenopausal no thyroid
To check where you may be in peri, a test for your FSH level would be in order. A level of 34 or higher is considered menopausal. Keep in mind that is can fluctuate.

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