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JulieLynn 07-20-2003 08:09 PM

Bacterial Vaginitis? or Hormone imbalance? Help
Hi, firt time here... Need some imput please.Where to start... I had a sebucoucus cyst on my vulva, lasted 2 months,(tried everything under the sun from homeopathy, still isn't all the way gone but much smaller. Went to the Dr. who prescribed antibiotics, got major yeast infection, treated it homeopathically and with monistat. Now, 2 weeks later I still have a very pastey, thick, white nonoderous discharge. There is no pain, no itching, nothing just the abnormal embarrassing, discharge.I just had a clean papsmear before the antibotics. Anyone know what this could be? To top it off lately,don't sleep well, have many mood swings,get extreme blues, very low sex drive(even before first problem started), rarely get lubricated enough even when turned on,and as I read on another board I too have the swelling of my stomach, especially after eating, but generally it always feels bloated. Just don't feel my "normal" self. I appreciate any help.... Thank you

JulieLynn 07-20-2003 09:16 PM

oops wrong anatomy named... i'm so stressed and depressed about all this can't even think straight...
had the cyst on the outer labia... not that it makes much difference i guess......

Audrey-B 07-21-2003 04:04 AM

I can't stress enough how important it is to first have any unusual discharge cultured. So go to your doctor and have him take a swab so that you will know for sure whether it's normal discharge or as a result of yeast or BV. At least this way you will have peace of mind.

JulieLynn 07-21-2003 07:25 AM

Thank you Aubrey,appreciate the quick response. Peace of mind will definately be welcome. I was just hoping I could skip the Dr. since I was just there last month, actually twice, getting costly..... I prefer homeopathy but still have to know what to treat, so I guess off I go to set an appt again...
Anyone else going thru any of the other symptoms that feels like hormone troubles?

Myname84 07-21-2003 10:37 AM

I just posted a question concerning my yeast infection as well. I too did not go to the doctor, I just got Monistat myself. Going to the doctor is too inconvenient when you think you can treat it yourself. I think the discharge is normal. I have always had white discharge since I can remember. It's completely normal. As far as everything else, I think you are just noticing everything that is wrong with you or even normal and you are freaking out. I get like that sometimes too, which is what this healthboard is help you feel normal!

Audrey-B 07-21-2003 03:22 PM

Hi JulieLynn.....your discharge may be normal as it doesnt have any smell or itch, but yeast infections aren't always exactly the same, i've had them minus the itch a couple of times. Your other symptoms are a mystery, but the only thing i can think of is when i had yeast infections and had a major problem with candida in my stomach due to all the yeast. It wont just onfine itself vaginally, but can spread through the body and especially in your stomach. Then again your symptoms could be due to taking birth control. That's why it's good to have a sympathetic and knowledgeable doctor who can tie everything up and give you valid reasons why this is happening.

These boards are good, but when reading about another person we can think those symptoms are exactly like ours, but it doesnt always mean the cause is exactly the same. That's why it's always good to get a second opinion from a doctor and not just assume you dont have yeast or assume you do have yeast and buy an over the counter treatment. On the other hand if you are 100% sure it's yeast, treating it yourself without the doc is ok as there are so many ways of doing that and so much help on these boards.

Unfortunately women can have so many different types of discharge and if you have ever suffered from BV or yeast infections you can tend to get paranoid that it is happening all over again. Sometimes it is a repeat bout, but sometimes it's something entirely different and other times it's normal. Discharge can change according to your age and according to the time of your cycle, which i'd say is hormonal.

If i ever get worried i don't just go to the doc, but i make him take a swab of the discharge internally. Particularly since i once was about to treat myself with what i thought was only a yeast infection, but i went to the doc and it ended up being BV.

In the last couple of weeks i was a little concerned about some discharge i began to get and luckily this time i had just missed the pathology collection so the doc gave me the swab kit to take home and do the swab myself and then take it to pathology. I don't understand why more doctors don't do this. It's so easy!!

Anyway, last night i went to get my result and i don't have any BV or discharge, but after a pap smear 3 weeks ago they found my cervix to be a bit red an enflamed. So last night my doc told me that i'll have to get checked out for cervisitis and that my discharge is very likely a result of this. I'd never heard of cervisitis until recently and found out that women who suffer constant infections/unusual discharge could infact have cervisitis which he says is easily treated. I swear its a pain being female!!

AquaHarmony 07-21-2003 03:28 PM

I noticed your post title has bacterial vaginosis in it. Bacterial vaginosis is thick and pasty, but it also has an odor. Mainly a pesky fishy odor, mostly noitced during your monthly period. This can be treated with a antiprotozoal/bacterial medication, a name brand Flagyl can be used. As for the bump, I am not sure what that is because "a bump" is usually not associated with this discharge.

Audrey-B 07-22-2003 04:41 AM

AquaHarmony, the one and only time i had BV it wasn't thick, but was runny like water and the colour of rice water, but did smell VERY bad. Reading a lot of other people's posts on the boards, they haven't all had the same type discharge or the same type symptoms. It can vary, causing a wrong self diagnosis, especially if you have never experienced it before but have only heard another person's experience.

JulieLynn 07-22-2003 07:32 PM

Thank you everyone. I think just telling someone and listening to others helps the stress level some. : )
I decided to wait one more week to go to a Dr. I did go to an herb store got on some female balancing herbs,and for bacteria, ect. From what I have read online, and looking up in a book, it doesn't sound like BV so one more week can't hurt.I sometimes wonder if its perimenopausal symptoms cuz along with all the other symtoms I get hotflashes, mainly at night. I have thought maybe I'm being overparanoid, we'll see if these herbs help at all.I will go in maybe get hormone testing along with another pap because it is still abnormal for my body, I'm pretty tuned in to what each phase of the month is like for me,never quite been like this.
I do agree!! Its a pain being female.
The bump I had wasn't related the Dr did tell me it was a sebucocous cyst and put me on the anitbiotics to get rid of it which is what caused the yeast. But all my other symptoms I've been having for quite awhile now. Anyway thank you all for your input and help, it does make me feel a little more normal and not alone.: )

JulieLynn 07-25-2003 10:35 AM

Well, I went to the Dr. today. I do have a BV. Guess it just goes to show you; not all symtoms are alike, go with your gut feeling if u think something is wrong and getting diagnosed is the best thing.
On the hormone issue, been taking some things for that, I have been able to sleep nights for the last few days, no hot flashes in middle of the night, moods swings are getting better.....and its only been a few days, I imagine in a month I'll feel much more normal. : ) And after this bv is treated it will be even better.... Thank you ladies and hope this helps someone else too.

Audrey-B 07-25-2003 06:49 PM

Hi JulieLynn.....Good to see you have found out exactly what the problem was. These boards are excellent, but it's best for people to go see a doctor quick smart if they think something is out of the ordinary. As you said, not everybody has the same symptoms, but they may have the same infection.

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